Friday, 3 August 2012

[VIDEO] 비~Utiful sight from Yeosu Expo

RAIN brought more than 150,000 people to Yeosu Expo last Saturday, July 28th. According to the Expo Organizing Committee, it was the first time for Yeosu Expo to have 155,304 visitors in a day.

RAIN performed 7 songs that evening. Really love it when he ask: 제가 누구요? (jega nuguyo? Who am I?)  How could we forget ^^

Below is RAIN's complete performance. Thank you chingu, for letting us post your videos ^^

Fancam by miyupi . Do visit her channel and like the video.

It's Raining

Touch Ya

How To Avoid The Sun

Love Song

I Do

Hip Song

Instead of Saying Goodbye

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