Tuesday, 14 August 2012

R2B Global Preview

R2B Gobal Preview is today! We have been getting text messages from friends in Seoul They are in Korea since yesterday for R2B Global Preview and RAIN The Best Show 3D. So very excited!!!

Below are the pictures shared by

The Cloud welcome banner:
The screening schedules for global fans
Cloud goodies for all participants:
These are the goodies for all participant: Promotional poster, Main movie poster, R2B fan, R2B mouse-pad.

The Display at CGV:
Want to take picture with the man?
R2B Fan:
Can't stand the R2B hotness? Worry not! Here is the R2B fan to cool you down ^^
R2B Mouse-pad:
To keep you company while browsing the net.
Asia Premiere Booth:


  1. do you want me to translate this for you? I have tanlsated this for my blog with all the credits needed

  2. Dear Myriam,
    Due to the nature of this post, we don't feel the need to translate this entry at the current moment as the images are self explanatory. Further, there are no new information in here that has not been translated in earlier posts already. However, thank you very much for your generous offer and concern. Take care and have a great day ahead!