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[Eng.Trans] Rain's handwritten letter to his co-stars and the director.

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Rain's handwritten letter to his co-stars and the ditector.

클릭하시면 확대된 이미지를 보실 수 있습니다.
클릭하시면 확대된 이미지를 보실 수 있습니다.

My dear fans!

This is "Jung Ji Hoon" who plays the character, Lieutenant "Jung Tae Hoon" in movie
"R2B : Return To Base".
"R2B : Return To Base", a long-awaited movie, will finally arrive in the stores on August

It seems like just yesterday that I was filming the movie while going through all kinds of
hardships at an air base, at Air Force Academy, etc. even on hot summer days for one
year and four months, so I find it hard to accept that it is already coming out.

I do have a few worries about how the film will be rated, but I believe our efforts will be
The film has been achieved with the blood, sweat, and tears of co-stars including me,
director, crew staffs, etc.
We've done our best to make the film better, so please just enjoy it.

I'd like to chat with them about the film while promoting it, but I am sorry I can’t be with
them in person because of my military service ㅠㅠ but I think my co-stars will sub for me.

Please give "R2B : Return To Base" which is due for release on August 15th, your interest
and support.
I'm sorry that I'm not able to be with our director, my co-stars, etc.

Dear director, if the movie is released, I'll buy the ticket and watch it.

Dear 'Joon Sangy' hyung (Yu Joon Sang), you are popular these days! I think you've
made some money, so please treat me to something special~

Dear 'Sung Soo' hyung (Kim Sung Soo), I heard you said in an interview that I don't
adjust in the army. But I'm good at acclimating myself to the circumstances as I'm
thinking of keeping on serving the army!

Dear 'Se Kyung' (Shin Se Kyung), you must be having a hard time promoting the film
during my absence. I'm just so very very sorry. I'll buy you delicious food later.

Our cute friend 'Hana', are you still seriously? Please don't take a lot of things too
seriously any more. And, I don't care about you at all.

Dear 'Jong Suk' (Lee Kong Suk), I think I like you. kekeke.

Dear 'Suk Won' (Jung Suk Won), I like someone who is passionate about his work like
you. I hope you will always be enthusiastic!

Please visit me if you all (my co-stars, the director, the crew staffs, etc.) are not busy
after the release of the film!
I'm sorry I have a bad handwriting, but that's just the way I am~~
"R2B : Return To Base", fighting!!!

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