Saturday, 27 July 2013

RAIN about Sonic Bang

The drought is over! RAIN makes a promotional video for his performance at the Sonic Bang Festival in Thailand on August 24, 2013.

Hello! This is RAIN.
It's been a long time.
I'm going to perform at Sonic Bang festival at August 24th.
I really look forward to see you all there.
And hoping you all the best!
See you soon! *SMILES*

Indonesian translation by RLC

Kemarau panjang telah berlalu! RAIN telah merilis video promosi untuk penampilannya di Sonic Bang Festival pada tanggal 24 Agustus 2013.

Saya RAIN.
Rasanya sudah lama sekali.
Saya akan tampil di Sonic Bang Festival pada tanggal 24 Agustus nanti.
Semoga kalian semua dalam keadaan baik.
Sampai jumpa! *SMILES*

Romanian translation by Benghi

Seceta a luat sfarsit!Rain realizeaza un video promotional pentru performanta lui la Festivalul Sonic Bang in Tailanda pe data de 24 August,2013.

Sunt Rain!
A trecut foarte mult timp!
Voi performa la Festivalul Sonic Bang din 24 August,astept cu nerabdare sa va vad pe toti acolo,si sper toate cele bune pentru voi!
Ne vedem in curand!*ZAMBET*

Spanish translation by Benghi

La sequía ha terminado! Rain hace un video promocional para su actuación en el Festival Sonic Bang en Tailandia en el 24 de Agosto,2013.

Soy Rain!
Ha pasado mucho tiempo!
voy a dar una performancia en el Festival Sonic Bang en el 24 de Agosto, quiero verlos a todos allí, con la esperanza de lo mejor nos vemos pronto! *SONRIE*

Friday, 19 July 2013

[19-Jul-2013][StarNews]Rain'll put on a great joint show in Thailand in August.

Posted by  화니 @The Cloud
Credit to My Daily's Star News :
English translation by   화니

Singer and actor Rain will put on a great joint show in Thailand upcoming August.

According to his management agency 'Cube Entertainment' on the 18th, Rain will have a performance at Sonic Bang, the best music festival in Thailand, on August 24th, which features many famous Korean and foreign musicians including Korea's Epik High, the U.S.'s top hip hop group 'Far East Movement' where a Korean-American member belongs, Jason Mraz, etc.

This will be Rain's first performance after his two years of military service last 2nd, which attracts fans' attention. However, Cube Entertainment said, "The schedule of the concert was set out before Rain's contracts with Cube, so this concert doesn't have very much to do with what he makes his comeback."

Continuing, "He hasn't even started working on an album yet. He'll begin to work in earnest after getting some rest as it hasn't been long since he was discharged from the army."

Cube Entertainment officially announced that Rain had newly signed on with the agency at the end of May.

Turkish translation by oluperigelin

Şarkıcı ve oyuncu Rain, Ağustosta Tayland’da büyük bir festivale çıkıyor! /// 19 Temmuz 2013

Bağlı olduğu şirket olan “Cube Entertainment”ın 18 Temmuzda yaptığı açıklamaya göre, Rain 24 Ağustos tariginde Tayland’ın en büyük müzik festivali olan Sonic Bang’de sahne alıcak. Bu festivalde bir çok Koreli ve yabancı dünya starları yer alıyor. Kore’den Epik High’ın da yer alacağı festivalde, Amerikalı hip hop grubu Far East Movement, Jason Mraz, Placebo, Pitbull gibi isimler yer alıyor.

Bu Rain’in 2 senelik askerliğinden sonra vereceği ilk konser olacağı için tüm hayranların ilgisini çekiyor. Cube Entertainment ise şöyle söyled: “Bu konserin planı Rain Cube Entertainment ile sözleşme imzalamadan önce yapılmıştı. Bu yüzden bu konserin Rain’in yapacağı comeback ile bir ilgisi bulunmuyor.”

Ve şöyle devam etti: “Yeni albümü üzerinde çalışmaya henüz başlamadı. Askeriyeden terhisi henüz daha yeni olduğundan dolayı, bir süre dinlendikten sonra çok yoğun bir şekilde çalışmalarına başlayacak.”

Cube Entertainment resmi olarak Rain’le anlaşma imzaladıklarını Mayıs ayında duyurmuştu.

Kaynak: nate news
İngilizce çeviri:화니
Türkçe çeviri: oluperigelin

Romanian translation by Benghi

[19-Iulie-2013][Star News]RAIN va avea un show fabulos in Tailanda in August.

Solistul si actorul RAIN va arata un show fabulos in Tailanda in August.

Conform agentiei de management a lui Rain 'Cube Entertainment' pe data de 18,RAIN va avea o performanta la Sonic Bang,cel ami bun fastival de muzica din Tailanda,pe 24 August,care figureaza multi solisti coreeni si straini,incluzind 'Epik High' din Coreea de Sud,grupul de hip hop al U.S.A. 'Far East Movement'unde un membru este de origine coreean-american,Jason Mraz,etc.

Acesta va fi prima performanta a lui RAIN dupa cei doi ani in care a servit in armata,lucru care atrage atentia fanilor.Totusi,Cube Etertainment a spus:"Orarul concertului a fost stabilit inainte ca Rain sa semneze cu Cube,asadar acest concert nu are nimic in comun cu modul in care el isi va face intoarcerea."

Continuand,"El inca nici nu a inceput sa lucreze la un album.El va incepe sa faca acest lucru dupa ce se va odihni,pentru ca nu a trecut mult timp de cand el a fost eliberat din armata."

Cube Entertainment a anuntat oficial ca RAIN a semnat cu agentia la sfarsitul lui Mai.

Sunday, 14 July 2013


We have been receiving questions regarding whether or not RAIN will be performing
August 24, 2013 at the Sonic Bang festival in Thailand.

In more than one news article in the last couple of days Rain's new agency, CUBE Entertainment, has said through official staff:

     "As of yet, no concrete schedule has been outlined."

     “There isn’t any special schedule yet. We will consider his activities after his break.”

     "Instead of beginning working right now with a renewed mind, he needs to  consider various
     proposals, and to throw his future plans into shape."

Investigating more into Sonic Bang and Bec-Tero what we discovered July 13, 2013, was that reference to Rain in tweets and at Facebook by Sonic Bang have been removed.  Videos that had been up at youtube announcing that Rain would be at Sonic Bang are now set to private.  A video that appeared to be a news program showing footage from Rain's discharge and then showing footage of Rain performing with a voice over announcing Rain to be performing at Sonic Bang can no longer be accessed.  Attempts to load that site have an error message of "This webpage is not available."    

What does all of this mean?  It means we all need to be very careful.  As hard as it may be, it is safer to wait for CUBE Entertainment or RainyEnt to make announcements on Rain's behalf. 

For now we are willing to list it in the "maybe" column.  

Thursday, 11 July 2013


[11-Jul-2013]  Rain's visit to the US as his first step since his discharge, has not yet been determined.

Credit:  Star News 

English translation by 화니 at The Cloud

Some say that singer Rain (his real name, Jung Ji-Hoon) will go to the U.S. as his first step since he was discharged from the army, but Cube Entertainment representing him expresses regarding this, "It has not yet been determined."

Cube Entertainment, Rain's management company, told Star News on the 11th, "As of yet, no concrete schedule has been outlined. As Rain has received offers from various entertainment agencies, he is available to go to the U.S., but contrary to the rumors that he is going to go to the U.S in August or September, the date of the visit has not been definitely decided yet."

Before this, Rain was discharged from the Defense Media Agency located in Seoul's Yongsan-gu last 10th after making it through his 21-month military service.

As Rain has been discharged from military service, there is an extreme amount of focus on his future moves. Some say that he will go to the U.S. sometime around August or September, as part of his first step since his discharge.
Their claims are plausible because it has been known that Rain has already been received an offer from international artist 'Jay-Z's record label 'Roc Nation'.

However, one of Rain's allies said, "Rain has been in a situation where it's been just a day since he was fresh out of the army yesterday, and therefore there has not been any further discussion or any further movement on that. Instead of backing to the basics and immediately beginning working, he'll discuss future plans with his agency, looking over various proposals."

Meanwhile, after leaving the army base in which he had been serving around at 8am on the 10th, Rain gave his concise and clear thoughts in front of reporters and fans, saying, "I'll try harder from now on."

Although his look of stiffness was apparent due to a current controversy over entertainment soldiers' neglecting their duties, he was an imposing figure on the scene. which attracted attention.

Rain visited his mother's grave at Byukje Memorial Park, in Kyungki-do's Goyang city soon after his discharge. He plans to spend time with his family for the time being.

2013.07.10 RAIN visits Mother's grave....

2013.07.10   ‘Discharge’ Rain visits Mother’s grave and meets Father at home

Source:  OSEN, Star Today
English translation by 

Singer Rain who has concluded his compulsory military service visited his mother’s grave and had gone back home  that is situated in Samsung-dong. It was revealed that this is his first time meeting his father face-to-face after his discharge.

Discharged on July 10th with 100 local and foreign reporters waiting in front of the Department of Defense, Rain saluted and expressed his thoughts on his discharge, “I will do the best I can”.

He went straight to the memorial park to visit his mother’s grave. Rain gave a deep bow in front of her grave. He stood silently as he expressed his discharge news to his mother. Rain visited his mother’s grave on the day of entering the military in 2011 October 10th, and also on his discharge day.

After that, Rain went to Samsung-Dong to meet up with his family. During a teleconversation with Rain’s management company, Cube Entertainment told Star Today, “There isn’t any special schedule yet.  We will consider his activities after his break.”

In order to meet up with Rain after these long while, fans from Japan, China, Malaysia, Turkey and America as well as local fans of 700 came to the discharge venue. Some fans even followed Rain to the memorial park, as they took pictures of Rain.

10 or more fans even waited at Cube Entertainment, Cube Cafe. They wrote Rain’s name on placards as they wait for Rain’s uncertain arrival.

Meanwhile, Rain’s overseas activities that are expected to start in the second half of the year, have been moved to next year. He is currently excluded from official activities and is now spending time with his family.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


[10-Jul-2013][Star]Rain gives a 20 second-long, concise, and clear greeting at the discharge scene.

Credit:  Star News
English translation by 화니 at The Cloud

Singer Rain greeting reporters after being discharged from the army on the 10th.

The site of the discharge was packed with masses of fans and reporters who had been waiting for him since early in the morning.

Singer Rain (aged 31, his real name is Jung Ji-Hoon) was discharged from the army on the 10th. He has been roiled by controversy since the actual status of the management of entertainment soldiers caused a stir, but his popularity and position as a "top star" have still been the same.

Completing 21months of active military service, Rain was discharged from the Defense Media Agency located in Seoul's Yongsan-gu at around 8am this morning.

More than 800 fans from home and abroad and more than 200 reporters gathered in the discharge site to see Rain being discharged from the army. And, police were even called to prevent possible accidents.

Particularly, it was a situation where there was an extreme amount of focus on what Rain would say as there was a recent controversy over the poor management of entertainment soldiers. After dashingly stepping out, he came to the salute in front of crowds of reporters, saying in a loud voice, "Loyalty!"

They could tell from his face that he was standing clearly with a stiff expression on his face, but he briefly greeted them soon after, "Thank you for coming here, and I'll always push myself to do my best." He got into the car that was waiting for him after making the statement. It was a discharge celebration which lasted only about 20 seconds.

There weren't any press interviews or celebration events. However, he asked the driver to pull over for a while and again appeared to his cheering fans on the scene to greet them. Some of his fans welcomed him warmly by holding placards saying '비의 제2막을 함께 하겠습니다' in their hands. ("We want to be with you who come back with a new second act" in English)

Fans who were there to meet Rain at the scene of his discharge on the 10th.

Meanwhile, actress Kim Tae-Hee who is openly considered as Rain's lover, didn't attend the discharge because of her busy schedules.

Rain who completed the short discharge, plans to spend time with his family for the time being after visiting his mother's grave at Byukje Memorial Park. He visited his mother's grave on 10 October 2011, one day before his enlistment.

Rain and Hong Seung-Sung, the representative of Cube Entertainment representing him, will discuss his future plans after having some quality time with his family.

During a phone call with Star News this day, an official from the company said, "Instead of beginning working right now with a renewed mind, he needs to consider various proposals, and to throw his future plans into shape."

Meanwhile, Rain was enlisted at 306 Supplement located in Uijeongbu City on 11 October 2011 and underwent basic military training for 5 weeks, and then he served as an assistant instructor at the 5th Division. In March last year, he had a change of assignment into an entertainment soldier by being transferred to the service support troop in the Defense Media Agency, part of the Defense Ministry.

Recently, SBS TV's June 25 current affairs TV show's in-depth coverage of entertainment soldiers neglecting their duties out of control, shocked a lot of people.

The Defense Ministry made an announcement at a regular briefing last 5th, "Rain'll be discharged from the army as previously arranged, and any disciplinary action won't be taken against him."  [NOTE: The Defense Ministry ruled that Rain violated no rules.  See  RLC]

Rain leaving the building of the Defense Media Agency after his discharge on the 10th.


[10-Jul-2013][SportsSeoul]Rain gives a short greeting at the discharge scene

Source:   SportsSeoul  
English translation by 화니 at The Cloud and tweaked by RLC staff

Singer Rain (his real name, Jung Ji- Hoon, age 31) has made it through his 21-month military service.

Rain, discharged from the Defense Media Agency which is part of the Defense Ministry on the morning of the 10th, came to the salute saying "Loyalty! Army sergeant Jung Ji-Hoon has been ordered to be discharged from the army on July 10th. Loyalty!"

Following with a short greeting, "I thank all of you for coming out to see me.  I am always thankful and I will continue to do my best," he got into a car arranged for him and drove off, not answering any further questions.

Rain's discharge area in front of Defense Information Service on the evening of the 9th until the 10th had more than 800 fans from home and abroad waiting over night for him and reporters had gathered.  Many fans showing their love on the discharge event by holding up signs saying, "I love you RAIN," "Now is the time to work hard."

Rain had been serving in the service support troop, part of the Defense Ministry, since he was transferred to the troop last March after he was enlisted into the army on October 2011.

[Note: The discharge scene was crowded with fans from Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Turkey, Europe, USA, etc. and more than 100 reporters from Japan, China, Taiwan, etc. Also, police were brought in for the safety of people at the scene, which attracted attention. ]

Tuesday, 9 July 2013


[09-Jul-2013] Rain'll never forget to give a greeting at the discharge scene scheduled for the 10th.

Source:  Star News
English translation by 화니 at The Cloud
Additional editing by RLC team

Cube Entertainment which is supposed to represent Rain expressed on the 9th, "Rain will be discharged from the Defense Media Agency located in Seoul's Yongsan-gu on the morning of the 10th "

Considering Rain's first public appearance since the actual management status of entertainment soldiers recently came under controversy, crowds of reporters are expected to swarm the scene of the discharge.

According to the management company, Rain'll give a brief greeting to reporters and his fans, but there won't be any celebration and press interviews. This measure seems to be attributed to a recent controversy over the slack military discipline at the public information support services in which entertainment soldiers are serving.

Meanwhile, the Defense Ministry said that they would take decisive action after finishing up their inspections throughout the Defense Media Agency and the military public information support service this week, and that Rain would be discharged from military service as previously arranged.

Army colonel Wui Yong-Seop, the press officer of the Defense Ministry, said at a regular briefing last 5th, "The military has concluded that no disciplinary action will be taken against Rain in connection with the controversy, and that he'll be discharged from the army on the 10th as arranged."

Wui added, "After a concert at that time, Rain had dinner with military officials, not with other entertainment soldiers, and then he went back to the lodge to sleep." "Even though he drank at the dinner table, it is easy enough to see how it happened, in a sense of deriving encouragement under the supervision of the officers."  [Please see ]

RAIN Declared Innocent of Any Violations

Source:  Innolife

Rain will be discharged from military as planned on 10th… Ministry of National Defense would give him no punishment.

Among the controversy around the reality of the military services done by entertainment soldiers, the singer Rain (Jung Ji-Hoon) will be discharged from the military as previously arranged on coming 10th.

Colonel Wi Yong-Sup from Ministry of National Defense talked about the situation of the progression of the specialized investigation about the reality of entertainment soldiers’ military services which became the controversy through the recent report given by SBS ‘Site 21’, in the Cabinet meeting held in the briefing room of the Ministry of National Defense in Seoul, Yongsan-gu, on 5th. According to Ministry of National Defense, the soldier Jung Ji-Hoon has nothing related to the controversy surrounding the entertainment soldiers’ military services, and he will be discharged on 10th as previously arranged without punishment.

Rain had been in the center of controversy when SBS ‘Site 21’, which was broadcast on 25th of last month, reported the scene of him having meal and drinking alcohol outside after the performance of consolation for soldiers. About this, Ministry of National Defense said “Rain came back later after the consolation performance, and couldn’t have a meal with other soldiers. Therefore, after he had meal with the executives, he came back to his lodgings and went to sleep.” About the suspicion toward drinking alcohol, it was explained that “even if Rain had drunken alcohol, it was caused by the order given by the executive. The commanders could have offered him to drink in terms of encouragement.”

The result of other entertainment soldiers’ specialized investigation will be notified on next week. According to the Ministry of National Defense, the investigation of other entertainment soldiers, excluding Rain, and the commanders in charge of those will be proceeded as scheduled, and the investigation will be finished in next week, followed by strict action.

Thank you to Cloud USA for spotting this article!

Additional languages coming soon

Friday, 5 July 2013

‘Discharge D-5′ Rain signs ’0 Won’ contract with Cube Entertainment

2013.07.05 ‘Discharge D-5′ Rain signs ’0 Won’ contract with Cube Entertainment

Source:  My Daily
English translation by

Singer Rain will be returning to his original intention.

Cube Entertainment representative spoke to MyDaily on the 5th, “Rain who has decided to go with Cube, had signed the contract without any down payment.  He has shown a strong will to return to his original intention with all the best efforts,” he revealed.

The representative continued, “Rain and Representative Hong SeungSung knew each other for quite a long time. There were talks about working together and so it was decided (that he joins Cube)” and, “Representative Hong will be assisting Rain’s activities actively,” he added.

Representative Hong was a person who played an important role in debuting Rain in JYP Entertainment in May 2002, and had been assisting Rain’s progress then. Despite Rain’s enlistment in 2011, the two remain in close contact and Rain will soon be drawing futures with his new agency.

Meanwhile, Rain will be discharged on July 10th.

July 4, 2013 Official from Defense Ministry states RAIN will leave on the 10th as scheduled

[04-Jul-2013]  Rain to leave the army on the 10th as scheduled. The inspection of entertainment soldiers is extended.

Source:  Yonhap News
English translation by 화니 at The Cloud

The Defense Ministry judges that Rain had no problem of his whereabouts on that day when entertainment soldiers were embroiled in controversy.

On the 4th, the Defense Ministry decided to prolong the special inspection of the operation status of entertainment soldiers by another week.

Defense Department Spokesman Wui Yong-Seop (Army Colonel) said at a regular briefing today, "There is more yet to be confirmed and, therefore, we have decided to extend the inspection because we'll have to make sure that the soldiers and working-level officials of the Defense Media Agency have done their jobs right."

Continuing, "We've been investigating the allegations that the persons in charge have been entertained regarding the business affairs of military broadcasting 'Consolatory Train' run by the Defense Media Agency." and "When the results of the inspection are in, the relevant soldiers will strictly be disciplined in accordance with law."

Since the testimony of the relevant soldiers who held a drinking party and who visited a massage parlor and that of witnesses are not consistent, the special inspection team is known to have done a lot of legwork in an effort to find an eyewitness regarding the soldiers' whereabouts last (June) 21st when the incident occurred.

In particular, it is known that Rain went back to the lodge after he arrived at the place and checked in, went to his room, unpacked, had dinner when a local concert featuring those soldiers including him ended after 9:00 p.m. at that time.

An official from the Defense Ministry said, "We judge Rain had no problem of his whereabouts on that day. He'll leave the army on the 10th as scheduled."

It has been known that serious problems have surfaced as a result of the inspection of the status of the management and operation of the service support troop.

The Defense Ministry says that when (if) they find there is a severe problem with the service support troop, the entertainment soldier system could be abolished.

Tweaked by RLC team

Spanish translation by Benghi

[04-Jul-2013] Rain dejara el ejército en el 10 como estaba previsto.La inspección de los soldados de entretenimiento se amplía.

Los magistrados del Ministerio de Defensa resultaron que Rain no tenía ningún problema de su paradero en ese día cuando los soldados de entretenimiento estaban envueltos en la controversia.

En el 4,el Ministerio de Defensa decidió prolongar la inspección especial el estado de funcionamiento de los soldados de entretenimiento por una semana más.

Portavoz del Departamento de Defensa Wui Yong-Seop (Coronel del Ejército),dijo en una conferencia de prensa habitual hoy en día,"Hay más aún por confirmar y, por lo tanto,hemos decidido ampliar la inspección porque vamos a tener que asegurarse de que los soldados y de trabajo de funcionarios de nivel de la Agencia de Defensa han hecho su trabajo bien "

Continua,"Hemos estado investigando las acusaciones de que los responsables han sido entretenidos con respecto a los asuntos de negocios de gestión de radiodifusión militar "Consolatory Train" por la Agencia de Defensa de los medios de comunicación." y "Cuando los resultados de la inspección se encuentran, los soldados pertinentes estrictamente serán sancionados de conformidad con la ley."

Dado que el testimonio de los soldados pertinentes que tenían una fiesta para beber y que visitaron una sala de masajes y la de los testigos no son coherentes,es conocido que el equipo de inspección especial de haber hecho un montón de trabajo de campo,en un esfuerzo para encontrar un testigo ocular sobre los soldados " el pasado 21 (Junio),cuando ocurrió el incidente.

En particular,se sabe que Rain se fue de regreso al motel después de llegar en el lugar y el ingreso,se fue a su habitación,desempaqueto,tomo la cena,despues de un concierto local, en que el y esos soldados participaron y que terminó después de las 9:00 p.m.,en ese momento.

Un funcionario del Ministerio de Defensa dijo: "Juzgamos que Rain no tenía ningún problema de su paradero en ese día.Él va a dejar el ejército en el 10 como estaba previsto."

Se ha sabido que los problemas graves han surgido como resultado de la inspección del estado de la gestión y el funcionamiento de la tropa soporte de servicio.

El Ministerio de Defensa dice que cuando (si) encuentran que hay un problema grave con el apoyo de tropas de servicio,el sistemo de los soldados de entretenimiento podría ser abolida.

Romanian translation by Benghi

[04-Iulie-2013] Rain va pleca din armata pe data de 10 cum a fost stabilit.Inspectia asupra soldatilor de divertisment continua.

Judecatorii Ministerului Arararii au stabilit ca RAIN nu a avut nici o problema in locul unde se afla in ziua in care soldatii de divertisment au fost implicati in controverse.

Pe data de 4, Ministerul Apararii a decis ca sa prelungeasca cu o saptamana inspectia speciala in legatura cu statusul soldatilor de divertisment.

Purtatorul de cuvant al Ministerului Apararii Wuy Yeong-Seop (Colonel in Armata) a spus la scurt sumar astazi :"Mai sunt inca multe de confirmat,si de aceea am decis sa prelungim inspectia pentru ca va trebui sa fim siguri ca soldatii si oficialii DEMA au procedat corect."

In continuare," Noi am investigat acuzatiile ca persoanele responsabile au fost distrati cu privire la transmisiunile militare "Consolatory Train" conduse de Agentia Media de Aparare" si "atunci cand rezultatele inspectiei vor sosi,soldatii in cauza vor fi disciplinati conform legii."

Odata ce declaratiile soldatilor in cauza care au tinut o petrecere cu bautura si care au vizitat un salon de masaj,si a martorilor nu sunt consistente,echipa speciala de inspectie a muncit foarte mult in a gasi martori oculari cu privire la locul unde se aflau soldatii pe data de 21 Iunie cand incidentul a avut loc.

In particular,este stiut ca Rain s-a intors la motel dupa ce a ajuns acolo si s-a cazat, a fost in camera lui,a despachetat,a avut cina dupa un concert local care a avut loc in care el si ceilalti soldati au participat si care s-a sfarsit dupa ora 9 seara.

Un oficial al Ministerului Apararii a spus :"Am judecat ca Rain nu a avut nici o problema in locul unde se afla in acea zi.El va pleca din armata pe data de 10 cum a fost stabilit."

S-a aflat ca probleme serioase au iesit la suprafata ca rezultat al inspectiei al statusului de management si operare al echipei serviciului de suport.

Ministerul Apararii spune ca atunci cand (daca) ei afla ca exista o problema severa in echipa serviciului de suport,sistemul soldatilor de divertisment ar trebui desfiintat.

Additional languages will be added.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Overseas Fans Urged to Attend RAIN's Military Discharge

2013.07.02 Message to Overseas Fans from The Cloud

A message from the Cloud executive board to overseas fans has been sent from The Cloud, RAIN's official fan community.

The message states that RAIN will be discharged from military service on July 10th as scheduled.  He will go out the west door of the Defense Ministry building at 8:30 a.m. on that day.

They further state that they hope that there are many of you who will participate in the scene of his discharge.

RAIN's Little Cloud earlier shared a message from The Cloud about events for Rain's discharge being cancelled.  These were Cloud events that were cancelled.  Fans are encouraged to attend the discharge itself.  

More information on how to get to the discharge site

Indonesian translation by RLC

2013/07/02 Pesan untuk para Fans di luar Korea dari The Cloud

Pesan dari dewan eksekutif Cloud untuk para fans di luar Korea telah dikirim dari fan club resmi RAIN, The Cloud.

Pesan tersebut menyatakan bahwa RAIN akan menyelesaikan dinas militernya pada tanggal 10 Juli sesuai jadwal. Dia akan keluar dari pintu barat gedung Departemen Pertahanan pada pukul 8:30 pagi pada hari tersebut.

Lebih lanjut mereka menyatakan bahwa mereka berharap akan ada banyak dari Anda yang akan berpartisipasi dengan hadir di sana.

RAIN's Little Cloud sebelumnya memuat pesan dari The Cloud tentang dibatalkannya event untuk merayakan selesainya masa wamil RAIN. Yang dibatalkan adalah events dari Cloud. Fans dihimbau untuk menghadiri acara pelepasan tersebut.

More information on how to get to the discharge site

Spanish translation by Benghi

02/07/2013 Mensaje por los Clouds del extranjero desde The Cloud

Un mensaje de la junta ejecutiva The Cloud por el clouds del extranjero ha sido enviado desde la comunidad de fans oficial de RAIN, The Cloud.

El mensaje indica que RAIN será dado de alta del servicio militar en el 10 de Julio como estaba previsto. Va a salir por la puerta oeste de la cartera del edificio de Defansa a las 8:30 en la manana de ese día.

Además afirman que esperan que hay muchos de ustedes que van a participar en el escenario de su descarga.

Rain's Little Cloud antes compartió un mensaje desde el Cloud sobre los eventos para la descarga de RAIN se cancelaron.Estos fueron los acontecimientos Cloud que fueron cancelados. Los fans están invitados a asistir a la misma descarga.

Más información sobre cómo llegar al lugar de descarga

Romanian translation by Benghi

02.07.2013 Mesaj pentru Clouds de peste ocean

Un mesaj de la Cloud Executiv a fost transmis de la The Cloud,site-ul oficial al fanilor.

Mesajul transmite ca RAIN va fi eliberat din serviciul militar pe data de 10 Iulie cum este programat.El va iesi pe usa din vestul cladirii Ministerului Apararii la orele 8.30 dimineata in acea zi.

Ei transmit mai departe ca spera ca multi dintre voi vor fi acolo pentru a participa in scena eliberarii sale.

Rain's Little Cloud a impartit un mesaj de la Cloud despre evenimentele pentru eliberarea lui RAIN fiind amanate.Acestea au fost evenimentele Cloud care au fost amanate.Fanii sunt incurajati in a participa la eliberare.

Mai multe informatii cum sa ajungi la locul eliberarii

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Defense Ministry, "Rain is in a situation where he can't actually get any vacation."

2013.07.02   The Defense Ministry, "Rain is in a situation where he can't actually get any vacation."

Source:  Daily Sports
English translation by 화니 at The Cloud

The Defense Ministry has admitted that singer Rain (his real name, Jung Ji-Hoon), who is about to leave the army on the 10th, has voluntarily given up his vacation and at the same time he has also become the focus of an investigation as they are working on a recent case involving entertainment soldiers including him. Therefore, he is in a situation where he can't actually get any vacation.

During the phone call with Daily Sports in the afternoon of the 1st, an official from the military said, "We knew that Jung Ji-Hoon voluntarily gave up his vacation before the controversy got bigger. We'll state our official position on the issue soon."

Meanwhile, some entertainment soldiers' attempt to violate military rules - they entered a massage parlour, etc. - was shown by SBS TV's 'The World Reporters View, The Site 21' : 'The Fancy Outing of Entertainment Soldiers' aired on the 25th of last month. Since then, the whole of the entertainment soldiers who are serving in the army, has been put on emergency alert.

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Monday, 1 July 2013

Rainy Ent Office Relocation Notice

2013.07.01 Notice from Rainy Ent advising of office relocation

Source:  RAIN Official Website

Hello, this is Rainy Entertainment
Rainy Entertainment has moved its office to a new location.
Please note our new office address when sending fan letters etc.:

Postal code: 135-949
Address: Rainy Entertainment
3/F Cheongdam Village 6-9 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

(please also refer to address in Korean)
서울시 강남구 청담동 6-9 청담마을 3층 레이니엔터테인먼트앞


레이니엔터 이전으로 인한 새주소 안내 2013-07-01

안녕하세요. 레이니엔터테인먼트 입니다.

레이니엔터테인먼트의 사무실이 새로운 곳으로 이전하여 주소가 변경되었음을 알려드립니다.

팬레터 등을 보내실 때 참고하시기 바립니다.

우편번호: 135-949

주소: 서울시 강남구 청담동 6-9 청담마을 3층 레이니엔터테인먼트 앞


RainyEntertainmentの移転に伴う新住所のご案内 2013-07-01




住所:서울시 강남구 청담동 6-9 청담마을 3층 RainyEntertainment앞


Rainy Ent 公司搬遷公告 2013-07-01
大家好,這是 Rainy Entertainment 公司。

Rainy Entertainment 公司已搬遷到新的地址辦公。

地址:Rainy Entertainment 公司

서울시 강남구 청담동 6-9 청담마을 3층 레이니엔터테인먼트앞

RAIN Gives Up His Earned Vacation Time

2013.07.01 RAIN gives up his earned vacation time of 10 days

Source:  Star News
brief English translation by  화니 at The Cloud

[01-Jul-2013]Rain expresses his willingness to give up a vacation granted to sergeants with little time left in the army. He is due to leave the army on the 10th.

Multiple authorities and military officials told Star News on the 1st, singer Rain who is currently serving as a public information services support soldier in the Defense Media Agency, has willingly given up a third vacation which is available to sergeants with little time left in the army. This shows that Rain expresses his determined will to be faithful to his duties during his military service.

While suspicions have risen about a recent case believed attributable to slack military discipline, Rain's move could raise suspicions that he may settle a controversy. But apart from the situation, Rain has been planning to give up his vacation of 9 nights of his own accord, according to his closest advisers.

It has been said that Rain has taken time for self-examination since he caused controversy due to the excessive outing for dating his lover Kim Tae-Hee last January.  [ Read more on DEMA's findings. ]

Military officials said, "Vacations granted to the relevant soldiers who have recently violated military rules, have temporarily come to a stop during the inspection period, but Rain can take the rest of his regular vacation because he is about to leave the army. However, he has willingly given up his vacation and decided to be inspected by the Defense Ministry."

Another military official added, "Sergeant Jung Ji-Hoon is very careful in everything not to cause trouble because the discharge date is not far off." and "Jung will not be directly affected by a controversy surrounding the current situation of entertainment soldiers' military service because he gets out of the army on the 10th."

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