Monday, 1 July 2013

RAIN Gives Up His Earned Vacation Time

2013.07.01 RAIN gives up his earned vacation time of 10 days

Source:  Star News
brief English translation by  화니 at The Cloud

[01-Jul-2013]Rain expresses his willingness to give up a vacation granted to sergeants with little time left in the army. He is due to leave the army on the 10th.

Multiple authorities and military officials told Star News on the 1st, singer Rain who is currently serving as a public information services support soldier in the Defense Media Agency, has willingly given up a third vacation which is available to sergeants with little time left in the army. This shows that Rain expresses his determined will to be faithful to his duties during his military service.

While suspicions have risen about a recent case believed attributable to slack military discipline, Rain's move could raise suspicions that he may settle a controversy. But apart from the situation, Rain has been planning to give up his vacation of 9 nights of his own accord, according to his closest advisers.

It has been said that Rain has taken time for self-examination since he caused controversy due to the excessive outing for dating his lover Kim Tae-Hee last January.  [ Read more on DEMA's findings. ]

Military officials said, "Vacations granted to the relevant soldiers who have recently violated military rules, have temporarily come to a stop during the inspection period, but Rain can take the rest of his regular vacation because he is about to leave the army. However, he has willingly given up his vacation and decided to be inspected by the Defense Ministry."

Another military official added, "Sergeant Jung Ji-Hoon is very careful in everything not to cause trouble because the discharge date is not far off." and "Jung will not be directly affected by a controversy surrounding the current situation of entertainment soldiers' military service because he gets out of the army on the 10th."

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