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[11-Jul-2013]  Rain's visit to the US as his first step since his discharge, has not yet been determined.

Credit:  Star News 

English translation by 화니 at The Cloud

Some say that singer Rain (his real name, Jung Ji-Hoon) will go to the U.S. as his first step since he was discharged from the army, but Cube Entertainment representing him expresses regarding this, "It has not yet been determined."

Cube Entertainment, Rain's management company, told Star News on the 11th, "As of yet, no concrete schedule has been outlined. As Rain has received offers from various entertainment agencies, he is available to go to the U.S., but contrary to the rumors that he is going to go to the U.S in August or September, the date of the visit has not been definitely decided yet."

Before this, Rain was discharged from the Defense Media Agency located in Seoul's Yongsan-gu last 10th after making it through his 21-month military service.

As Rain has been discharged from military service, there is an extreme amount of focus on his future moves. Some say that he will go to the U.S. sometime around August or September, as part of his first step since his discharge.
Their claims are plausible because it has been known that Rain has already been received an offer from international artist 'Jay-Z's record label 'Roc Nation'.

However, one of Rain's allies said, "Rain has been in a situation where it's been just a day since he was fresh out of the army yesterday, and therefore there has not been any further discussion or any further movement on that. Instead of backing to the basics and immediately beginning working, he'll discuss future plans with his agency, looking over various proposals."

Meanwhile, after leaving the army base in which he had been serving around at 8am on the 10th, Rain gave his concise and clear thoughts in front of reporters and fans, saying, "I'll try harder from now on."

Although his look of stiffness was apparent due to a current controversy over entertainment soldiers' neglecting their duties, he was an imposing figure on the scene. which attracted attention.

Rain visited his mother's grave at Byukje Memorial Park, in Kyungki-do's Goyang city soon after his discharge. He plans to spend time with his family for the time being.

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