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[10-Jul-2013][SportsSeoul]Rain gives a short greeting at the discharge scene

Source:   SportsSeoul  
English translation by 화니 at The Cloud and tweaked by RLC staff

Singer Rain (his real name, Jung Ji- Hoon, age 31) has made it through his 21-month military service.

Rain, discharged from the Defense Media Agency which is part of the Defense Ministry on the morning of the 10th, came to the salute saying "Loyalty! Army sergeant Jung Ji-Hoon has been ordered to be discharged from the army on July 10th. Loyalty!"

Following with a short greeting, "I thank all of you for coming out to see me.  I am always thankful and I will continue to do my best," he got into a car arranged for him and drove off, not answering any further questions.

Rain's discharge area in front of Defense Information Service on the evening of the 9th until the 10th had more than 800 fans from home and abroad waiting over night for him and reporters had gathered.  Many fans showing their love on the discharge event by holding up signs saying, "I love you RAIN," "Now is the time to work hard."

Rain had been serving in the service support troop, part of the Defense Ministry, since he was transferred to the troop last March after he was enlisted into the army on October 2011.

[Note: The discharge scene was crowded with fans from Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Turkey, Europe, USA, etc. and more than 100 reporters from Japan, China, Taiwan, etc. Also, police were brought in for the safety of people at the scene, which attracted attention. ]

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