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SUBBED VIDEO from RAINY ENT ~ 2013 The Cloud Fan Meeting "To You" Fan Event

This is the subbed version of the video that Rainy Ent provided to The Cloud on October 25, 2013.  It is from the  RAIN & THE CLOUD 8th FAN MEETING “TO YOU” event held on October 12, 2013.

Source:  Rainy Ent 
English translation by 화니 at The Cloud

English subbed video

ROMANIAN subbed video

SPANISH subbed video

Original blog post can be seen here .

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

RAIN and Golf

2013.10.28 Rain seems to be learning to play golf.  Fan accounts from three who saw him this date at a golf course in Kyungki-do.

Source:  @thanksto6 via twitter & benamoo (비나무_벼사랑님 )
English translation by 화니 at The Cloud

[Fan account 1]
It is said that Rain came to a golf club in Kyungki-do.
He just started to learn how to play golf but he can't hit the ball yet.
He was very kind~
[Source : benamoo's 벼사랑님]

[Fan account 2]
With the appearance of Rain, there was a big commotion among the golf club employees.
As he appeared, caddies went hysterical by screaming his name.
Whenever he exchanged golf clubs with others, he greeted them every single time.
According to a caddie, he was very kind and a nice man ^^

[Fan account 3]
Playing golf reveals much about one's personality.
He had wonderful manners~
He smiled a lot and was very friendly, and he went home after enjoying rounding the course~ He even gave people his signature on the golf ball as if he was a golfer. keke.

Korean text

[후기] 경기 모 골프장에 비님 오셨데요~
이제 막 배우시는 중 이라 볼은 못치시는데
엄청 친절했다고~
(출처: 비나무_벼사랑님 )

 [후기2] 골프장 직원들 난리났었다고..
캐디분들 안에서 소리지르고..
클럽 주고받을때
감사합니다~라고 꼭꼭 인사하시며
캐디님이, 비님 너무 친절하고 좋았다고 하시네요^^

[후기 펌3]
골프치는 거 보면 그사람 인격이 나오는데 울비님 매너짱~
마니 웃으시고,,엄청 친절하시고..즐겁게 란딩 하고 가셨다네요~

골프공에 선수처럼 싸인도 해줬다네요 ㅋㅋ

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VIDEO from RAINY ENT ~ 2013 The Cloud fanmeeting "To You" Fan Event

2013.10.25  Rainy Ent shared this video of RAIN with Clouds.  Some Clouds are unable to access it in their countries.  Also, eye0rain has provided the Japanese version of Rainy Ent's video.  RAIN's Little Cloud™  is sharing both videos here so that all can enjoy it together.
Thank you Rainy Ent and eye0rain for sharing this with all of us.*

*If you share these videos, please do give credit to Rainy Ent as the original owner of the video that some may be able to access at and to eye0rain for her file of the video that some may be able to access at  Thank you, RLC.

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RAIN's message regarding his Zepp tour in Japan has been English subbed. Additional languages will follow soon. [Romanian and Spanish now up]

source: + RAIN JAPAN and turkishclouds at youtube
credit:  RAIN JAPAN ~ Japanese subs Zepp Tour
credit:  turkishclouds ~ Turkish subs Zepp Tour

The staff of RAIN's Little Cloud thank the group turkishclouds.  The English subs of Rain's message are based on the Turkish subs provided by turkishclouds.  For more subbed videos by them please visit: turkishclouds channel




Zepp Nagoya // November 14 and 15
Zepp Fukuoka // November 18 and 19
Zepp Namba (Osaka) // November 20 and 21
Zepp Tokyo // November 25, 26, 27 and 28



Thursday, 24 October 2013

SUBBED ~ RAIN Walks Red Carpet at The 1st Qian You Zi Yunnan's Most Influential Awards

[NEWS/Rain Edit]  English/Indonesian/Romanian/Spanish subtitles for RAIN on the red carpet at The 1st Qian You Zi Yunnan's Most Influential Awards in Kunming, China on 2013.10.18.





Monday, 21 October 2013

SUBBED FANCAM ~ 2013.10.18 RAIN performing Rainism at awards show in China

The short speech that Rain gave following his performance of Rainism at The 1st Quian You Zi Yunnan's Most Influential Awards program in Kunming China has been subbed in English, Spanish, Indonesian, Romanian and Turkish.






[19-Oct-13] [Rain-Jihoon Notice] Regarding a news report on a concert in Taiwan

[19-Oct-13][Rain-Jihoon Notice]Regarding a news report on a concert in Taiwan. [19-Oct-13][Rain-Jihoon Notice]Regarding a news report on a concert in Taiwan. Hello, Cloud members. Yesterday, Taiwan's news report incorrectly reported about RAIN. Thus, we're trying to put right a wrong. According to the report, "UK's music band 'Blur' cancelled their concert in Taiwan in May of this year. but most of tickets were non-refundable because the organizers were in financial difficulties. Tickets for Rain's concert planned for next May in Taiwan can be substituted for the non-refundable tickets." [The article about it] : The rumor couldn't be further from the truth, and Rain's management agency says that he doesn't have any intend to hold a concert next May. Please don't be fooled by the unconfirmed information. Thank you. Source : English translation by 화니 @The Cloud
Romanian translation by Benghi

[19-Oct-13] [Rain-Jihoon Notice] In legatura un raport despre un concert in Taiwan.
Hello,membrii Cloud.
Ieri,un raport din Taiwan l-a mentionat incorect pe RAIN.Incercam sa reparam greseala. Potrivit raportului,"trupa de muzica Blur din Anglia au anulat concertul lor din Taiwan care ar fi a vut loc in luna Mai anul acesta.Dar biletele nu au fost returnabile pentru ca organizatorii au fost in dificultati financiare.Bilete pentru concertul lui RAIN,planuit pentru urmatoarea luna Mai in Taiwan pot fi inlocuite cu biletele nereturnabile."
Zvonul nu este adevarat,si agentia lui RAIN a spus ca el nu are nici o intentie sa tina un concert in luna Mai,anul viitor. Va rugam sa nu va lasati mintiti despre un asemenea zvon neconfirmat. Va multumim.
Spanish translation by Benghi
[19-Oct-13] [Nota de Rain-Jihoon] En cuento a una noticia sobre un concierto en Taiwan. Hola,los miembros de Cloud. Ayer,un informe de noticias de Taiwán informó incorrectamente sobre RAIN.Por lo tanto,estamos tratando de corregir un error. Según el informe,"'Blur' banda de música del UK canceló su concierto en Taiwan en Mayo de este año.Pero la mayoría de los boletos eran no-reembolsables porque los organizadores se encontraban en dificultades financieras.Las entradas para el concierto de RAIN para el próximo mes de Mayo en Taiwan puede sustituir a los billetes no-reembolsables."
[El artículo sobre el tema]: El rumor no podía estar más lejos de la verdad,y la agencia de RAIN dice que él no tiene ninguna intención de tener un concierto en el próximo mes de Mayo.Por favor,no se dejen engañados por la información no confirmada. Gracias.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Additional Rice Garland donation to commemorate the 8th Cloud Fan Meeting

[Cloud Notice] Additional Rice Garland donation to commemorate the 8th Cloud Fan Meeting

Posted by  huhuhuhu

Link to notice:

English translation by  화니

☆We start a drive to raise funds to buy 'Dreamy' to be used to help the unprivileged in celebration of the fan meeting.☆

Hello, I'm Cloud executive board's member.

Before the last fan meeting, we informed you of a change from flower garlands to rice garlands in plans so late that a lot of applications got rejected.

On a global fandom scale, we're trying to launch a charity race to raise money to buy rice garlands called 'Dreamy' for the poor, and then these rice garlands purchased and the other rice garlands collected at the last fan meeting will be together given to a charity that helps the poor.

This fundraiser to celebrate the fan meeting is open to any Rain fan or any Rain fan site at home and abroad, going on in the name of Global Rain fandom.

The deadline for the fundraiser is October 23rd.
The following bank account has been opened to accept donations.

*The term of the fundraiser : until midnight on October 23.
*Donation account : 우리은행 (Worri Bank) 1002-448-588628

To donate more donations,the funds raised will be generated with the other funds supplemented from the Cloud membership fees.

We hope that many of you will participate.

Thank you.

Source :

RAIN's Little Cloud's LED garland on Fanmeeting

Note from Heidi to overseas fans: 

“I know many overseas fans would like to do a rice garland donation but were not able to do so because of the last minute notice.  If you wish to participate in this event you could send in your donation via paypal to me and I will collect the funds and then pass onto the Cloud Executive.  My paypal account is  As we will be making a collective donation we will not be making rice garlands under individual names, but the names of the individual and/or fan sites will appear in the Cloud’s full list of fans/fan sites who participate in the donation.
[Any amount is appreciated, please remember to choose to pay for the paypal charges. Thank you - RLC]

For those who already participated, the basic price of a LED garland and a rice garland is the same at US$95.  Some remitted US$80, which was the previously advised price.  Some did not choose to pay for the Paypal charges.   I have marked the shortfall in below, and I would be grateful if you could send the shortfall amount (net) back to me, to my Paypal account.  Really sorry about this.

For your information, the following is the split of the LED and rice garland donations on the day of the fan meeting:*

LED garlands:

1.  Rose Hoong Malaysia
3. OnlyRain_THAILAND
4. Stephe & Terri at Cloud USA 
5. 비느님의 베트남 여자 Thy Nguyen 
7. Emily, Alice, Amy, Shelley
8. Rainstorm is back!! RAINholicHK 홍콩
9. Kit Sung, Hong Kong
10.Your Taiwan Cloud
12. China cloud Lucy Lim, kuang shayun
13. China cloud Arielchan.dengyiwen
14. China cloud yhfay625, zhang lili
15-18  Hawaiian Cloud
19. Dulcie, Canada and Patsii, Vickie, Cloud USA
20. Your Cloud USA fan Diana 

Rice garlands

1. Clouds from France 
2. Alisa, USA
3. Rain Cloud Chile  
4. Peruvian Clouds 
5. Mexico Uruguay & Spain  
6. Maria NY USA 
7. Michele DeMarco Chicago USA 
8. Talitha Brown, Houston USA 
9. Tammyyams USA 
10. Odette Santos Manila Philippines 
11. Cloud USA's clouds 
12. Rain's Cloud Thailand 
13. Lee24 USA 
14. Rain-Malaysia 
15. 터키 구름 & Rain for World 
17. abcann + skshirley@raincloudhk
18. Amy, Alice, Bonnie, Man, Milk & Peggy
19. Winnie, Catherine, Jolene from Hong Kong
21. China cloud he lin,yu xianghui
22. China cloud shaoyan8,qin jie,lu fenglan
23. China clouds zheng shiqi, runyu13
24. 비with Rain  대만구름
25. 베트남 구름들 RAINVIETNAM FanClub 
26. China Baidu Rain Bar clouds
27-30.  Hawaiian Cloud

*If you are uncertain if you have a shortfall, please check the list with amounts at The Cloud 

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FANCAMS! RAIN at Rain & The Cloud 8th Fan Meeting To You/Talk + Hip Song, Love Song, How to Avoid the Sun

Fancam of RAIN receiving his cake & talking to his Clouds at the Rain & The Cloud 8th Fan Meeting To You held on October 12, 2013 at Kyunghee University Grand Peace Palace.
credit: rainalu at

RAIN performs "Love Song" at the Rain & The Cloud 8th Fan Meeting To You held on October 12, 2013 at Kyunghee University Grand Peace Palace.
credit: rainalu at

RAIN performs "How To Avoid The Sun" at the Rain & The Cloud 8th Fan Meeting To You held on October 12, 2013 at Kyunghee University Grand Peace Palace.
credit: rainalu at

RAIN performs "Hip Song" at the Rain & The Cloud 8th Fan Meeting To You held on October 12, 2013 at Kyunghee University Grand Peace Palace.
credit: rainalu at

RAIN talks after his performance with Clouds at the Rain & The Cloud 8th Fan Meeting To You held on October 12, 2013 at Kyunghee University Grand Peace Palace.
credit: rainalu at

For additional fancams:

Power Couple ~ A Fan's Humorous Blog Entry

it’s business as usual for power couple kim tae hee & rain

Source and credit:  breathlesssurvival

Lovebirds Kim Tae Hee and Rain spent the previous weekend clocking in public appearances…separately, of course. I suspect a stampede would arise if they ever attend an event together.
Rain made a whirlwind trip to Singapore last Friday to attend the flagship boutique opening and runway show of MCM, a brand he is closely associated with. The next morning, he was whizzing back to Seoul, where he held a fan meeting later in the evening. It was his first official fan meeting since getting discharged from the army. I have seen quite a number of pictures and videos for both events and it is evident that Rain loves his fans much more than the glitzy glam of fashion extravaganzas.
He appears terribly stoic and resigned in those front row snaps and it looks as if he spent most of his [time] twiddling his thumbs and surreptitiously checking his watch. Heh. But that being said, he is ever considerate of his fans, always smiling and waving when they holler his name. Sweet.

His fan meeting was a different thing altogether. He was beaming and genuinely in high spirits, getting the crowd high with his brand of sexy, cute antics. Seeing the stills has me itching to catch him on stage again.

On the other hand, girlfriend Kim Tae Hee positively glowed when she graced a charity bazaar for OHUI, the beauty brand she endorses. I love Kim Tae Hee to the stars, but to be brutally honest, I don’t love her fashion choices half the time. But I’m really liking her outfit this time round. Love the cinched waist of the top, the navy and black combi, the leather detailing on her skirt and those are some cool, strappy heels.

As usual, she is all warmth and natural charm, and I’m pretty sure the media was swooning over her. Back to the superficial, I like her figure because she’s always healthily slim, and never a bag of bones. Her eyes rightly crinkle every time she flashes that easygoing smile of hers and her facial muscles don’t look frozen in place.

The power couple hasn’t been seen together at all since Rain’s military discharge, but I figure they should be doing fine. They must be employing some serious stealth and avoidance tactics. Rain is inscrutable and trying to squeeze any happy-in-love hints from him would be like juicing a rock.  But just looking at how relaxed and cheerful Kim Tae Hee is [is] pretty much solid proof that all things are in order on the romance front.
The woman always gives it away, no?
Video credit:  Elsie See/Rain  dorama456/Kim Tae Hee

FANCAMS ~ RAIN & THE CLOUD 8th FAN MEETING “TO YOU”/Making Gift + To You & Rainism

RAIN performs "To You" at the Rain & The Cloud 8th Fan Meeting To You held on October 12, 2013 at Kyunghee University Grand Peace Palace.
credit: rainalu at

  RAIN shows how he made his gift to Clouds at Rain & The Cloud 8th Fan Meeting "To You" held on October 12, 2013 at Kyunghee University Grand Peace Palace.
credit: rainalu at

  RAIN performs "Rainism" at the Rain & The Cloud 8th Fan Meeting "To You" held on October 12, 2013 at Kyunghee University Grand Peace Palace.
credit: rainalu at

For additional fancams:

Monday, 14 October 2013


[13-Oct-13] 3,000 Fans Enthralled by Rain

Credit:  Kpop Planet

The singer and actor Rain held his eighth fan meeting with 3,000 Korean and foreigner fans from his official fan club The Cloud. The meeting was titled the 2013 Rain With You Fan Meeting RAIN & THE CLOUD 8th FAN MEETING “TO YOU” [RLC staff] and held at the Kyunghee University Grand Peace Palace at 1600 (GMT+9) on October 12.

Fans gathered early in the morning with placards in their hands for Rain’s fan meeting in four years, and were as happy as if they were going to a festival as they clustered at the photo zone before the entrance.

This fan meeting was Rain’s first official event after his discharge from the army this July, and 1,300 translator devices set for three languages were brought in for the fans from Asia, the Americas, and Europe.

The comedian Yoon Jeong-soo, who first met Rain around the time of the latter’s debut and was the MC for a previous fan meeting in 2005, was the MC for this meeting and proceeded in a warm, family-like manner. Rain stepped onto the stage with a smile on his lips and a well-cut suit draping his firm body as he gave a low bow to his fans.

When asked what he was doing these days, he said, “I’m on a hectic schedule of training and practice, but I’m also doing a bit of reading and watching movies so I can show you my best. After my concerts in Japan, I want to have some concerts here in Korea so I can see you all from up close and have a great time together. Let’s meet again elsewhere in Asia and around the world at concerts.”

After the talk time was over, the music of “Rainism” rang out and a concert composed entirely of hit songs began, as the jam-packed audience stood up as one and cheered for Rain. Halfway through, he took a breather and announced he was working on a new album. “I’m formulating songs and stages, imbuing them with a variety of attractions. I want to show you what I do best and also challenge myself with new ideas. But the only thing I can promise you is that I’ll give not only Korea but the world the music and stages it will love.”

This fan meeting ran for 2 hours and 30 minutes and Rain gave thanks for the support from the fans gathered from all over the world and promised to prepare as best he can for future activities.

Meanwhile, Rain is starting a ten-concert Japanese tour, the 2013 RAIN ZEPP TOUR – STORY OF RAIN. Starting on November 14, he will tour Nagoya, Fukuoka, Osaka, and Tokyo until November 28.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

RAIN's plans for comeback revealed at 8th Cloud Fan Meeting 2013.10.12

[13-Oct-13][Osen]Rain will make a comeback with a new song, not a film?

credit:  news nate
English translation by 화니 at The Cloud

The time singer Rain, who hasn't started his official activities since his discharge last July, will make a comeback with a new album, has come to public attention since he directly referred to his working on his next album.

Rain's management agency Cube stated on the 13th, "Rain has been already working on his next album, but the time of his comeback has not yet been decided. As of now, he is only concentrating on working on his next album."

Rain mentioned the album during the fan meeting last 12th, "I'm coming up with charming music and stage that can appeal to everyone. I want to try new things and challenge myself. But obviously I'll show music and stage for everybody in the world."

As it is not hard for Rain to do activities globally, not just locally, it appears that he is more focused on concentrating on working as a singer rather than as an actor. He has had many movie roles offered to him recently, but the situation could be affected by a number of external variables. His name has been bandied about in connection with whether he appears in several dramas next year, but nothing at all has been decided.

Meanwhile, when asked what he had recently done during the fan meeting, Rain said, "I'm trying to accumulate a variety of experiences, including reading books, seeing movies, etc, whenever time allows from work, giving myself a little more time than usual in order to achieve a better result.

He added, "I'll be holding a concert - where I can communicate with fans - in Japan as the first leg of the tour, and I'd like to go on to hold such a concert even in Korea. We can see each other when I perform concerts around the world, including Asia. You can see more of what I can do in the future."

Rain is planning a concert tour entitled "2013 RAIN ZEPP TOUR STORY OF RAIN" in a total of 4 cities like Fukuoka, Osaka and Tokyo starting in Zepp Nagoya on November 14th. He'll perform a total of 10 concerts and the tour will finish on November 28th.

Reporter's Fan Account ~ My dinner with Rain

(photo by FIDe Fashion Weeks)

Source: todayonline 2013.10.13
Author:  HON JING YI

SINGAPORE – Friday night was a pretty special night. Because I had dinner with Rain.

Sure, we were seated several tables apart, so cruelly separated at Fashion Week 2013’s MCM Gala Dinner at Marina Bay Sands.

But I am not going to nitpick.

Our evening together began quite dramatically, at approximately 9pm, right after I’d gobbled my appetiser and a particularly tasty bun.

He marched right into Hall F at the Sands Expo for the Gala Dinner. All heads turned, probably to memorise every step he made.

As he took his designated seat, women in shiny gowns and grown men in expensive suits hurried over, aiming their cameras and phones at his face.

He smiled - awkwardly, politely, and a little resigned. I am not sure if our eyes met, but I am going to remember that they did.

Half a dozen bodyguards stood menacingly behind him, forming a semi-circle of muscle.

I know some people wanted to go close – to ask him for autographs, photos, a marriage proposal. But no one challenged the Muscles.

A minute later, the women were shooed back to their seats, while the men were (probably) told to have some self-respect.

And he finally settled in enough for a short chat with the people at his table.

I wondered what came up during their conversation. How was the flight? Did he enjoy the fashion show? Wasn’t he dying of heat under that pea coat?

I was sure he would have more fun talking to me. About our favourite movies. Our childhoods. Where our kids should go to school.

Soon, it was, of course, time for him to make a trip to the bathroom. And so he did. A dozen of his people followed. I motioned to say that I would wait at my table.

Then, he probably thought it would be nice to take a photograph against the backdrop, right next to my table. More cameras and smartphones came out, and more people were shooed. I tried to tell him that I was camera-shy.

He went back to his table for a few more minutes, and then back to the backdrop. It had been too dark.

Two bodyguards fished out their torchlights so he could have enough light for a good photo.

Pose, and snap.

Then, about half an hour after he entered the room, while they were serving squash soup, he left.

Without even a goodbye kiss.

He marched out the way he had marched in, with a long train of people behind him.

Not unlike Pied Piper, I thought. If Pied Piper were unusually good-looking, and one of Korea’s biggest pop stars.

And, just in case you were interested, I finished my soup. It was quite good.

So what did you do on Friday night?

(photo credit:  Hon Jing Yi)

Romanian translation by Benghi

SINGAPORE-Vineri seara a fost o seara foarte speciala. Pentru ca am luat cina cu RAIN.

Desigur am stat la o distanta de cateva mese,separati foarte crud la Fashion Wekk 2013 MCM Gala Dinner la Marina Bay Sands.

Dar nu voi omite nimic.

Seara noastra a inceput destul de dramatic,la aproximativ ora 9 p.m., chiar dupa ce am inghitit aperitivul si o bucata buna de  chifla.

El a mers direct in Sala F la Sands Expo pentru Gala Dinner.Toate capetele s-au intors,probabil pentru a memora fiecare pas pe care l-a facut.

Dupa a luat locul care ii apartinea,femei in rochii sclipitoare si barbati in costume scumpe s-au grabit catre el,tintind camerele si telefoanele lor in fata lui.
A zambit - stanjenit,politicos,si un pic resemnat. Nu sunt sigura daca ochii nostri s-au intalnit,dar imi voi aminti ca da.

O jumatate de duzina de bodyguarzi au stat in spatele lui, formand un semi-cerc de muschi.

Stiu ca unii oameni au vrut sa se apropie- pentru a-i cere autografe, poze, o cerere in casatorie. Dar nimeni nu a provocat Muschii.

Un minut mai tarziu,femeile au fost alungate la locurile lor si barbatilor li s-a spus (probabil) sa capate un pic de respect de sine. Si in final s-a asezat pentru o scurta discutie cu oamenii de la masa lui.

Ma intreb despre ce au conversat.Cum a fost zborul? I-a placut fashion show-ul?Nu ii era cald sub haina aceea?

Eram sigura ca s-ar fi distrat mai mult daca vorbea cu mine. Despre filmele noastre preferate.Copilariile noastre.Unde ar merge copii nostri la scoala.

Curand,a fost,desigur,timpul lui sa faca un drum la baie. Si a facut.O duzina din oamenii lui l-au urmat.M-i s-a dat semn sa spun ca voi astepta la masa mea.

Dupa aceea, el probabil a crezut ca ar fi dragut sa faca o poza in fundal,langa masa mea. Mai multe camere si smartphone-uri au iesit,si mai multi oameni au fost alungati.Am incercat sa-i spun ca sunt timida in fata camerelor.

A mers inapoi la masa lui pentru cateva minute, dupa aceea din s-a intors in fundal. Era foarte intuneric.

Doi bodyguarzi au scos lanternele pentru ca el sa aiba destula lumina pentru o poza buna.

Pozitie si gata.

Dupa, dupa vreo jumatate de ora dupa ce a intrat in camera,in timp ce se servea supa de dovleac,el a plecat.

Fara nici un sarut de la revedere macar.

A plecat exact asa cum a si venit, cu un tren lung de oameni in spatele lui.
Nu ca Pied Piper,m-am gandit.Daca Pied Piper era neobisnuit de aratos,si unul dintre Marile Staruri ale Coreei.

Si in caz ca va intrebati,mi-am terminat supa. A fost destul de buna.

Deci,tu ce ai facut Vineri seara?

Indonesian translation by RAIN's Little Cloud

SINGAPURA - Jumat malam adalah malam yang sangat istimewa. Karena saya makan malam bersama RAIN.

Tentu saja, kami didudukkan terpisah beberapa meja, dengan sangat kejam dipisahkan pada Fashion Week 2013 MCM Gala Dinner di Marina Bay Sands.

Tapi saya tidak ingin terlalu banyak protes.

Malam kami dimulai dengan cukup drastis, sekitar jam 09:00 malam, tepat setelah saya melahap makanan pembuka dan roti yang sangat lezat.

Dia berjalan masuk ke HAll F di Sands Expo untuk Gala Dinner. Semua kepala berpaling, mungkin untuk menghafal setiap langkah yang dibuat olehnya.

Begitu dia duduk di tempat duduknya, para wanita dalam gaun mengkilap dan para pria dewasa dalam setelan mahal datang bergegas, mengarahkan kamera dan telepon pada wajahnya.

Dia tersenyum - dengan canggung, sopan, dan agak pasrah. Saya tidak yakin apakah mata kami bertemu, tetapi saya akan mengingatnya sebagai mata kami bertemu.

Setengah lusin pengawal pribadi berdiri dengan sikap mengancam di belakangnya, membentuk setengah lingakaran berotot.

Saya tahu beberapa orang ingin mendekat - untuk meminta tanda tangan, foto, proposal pernikahan. Tapi tidak ada yang berani menantang para otot.

Semenit kemudian, para wanita di-shoo kembali ke tempat duduk mereka, sementara para pria (mungkin) diminta untuk punya sedikit harga diri.

Dan akhirnya dia bisa mengobrol sedikit dengan orang-orang yang semeja dengannya.

Saya penasaran apa yang kira-kira muncul dalam pembicaraan mereka. Bagaimana flight-nya tadi? Apakah dia menikmati fashion show barusan? Tidakkah dia kepanasan dalam balutan jas tebal?

Saya yakin dia akan lebih senang berbicara dengan saya. Tentang film favorit kami. Masa kanak-kanak kami. Dimana anak-anak kami harus sekolah.

Tak lama kemudian, tiba saat untuk, tentu saja, saat bagi dia untuk pergi ke kamar mandi. Dan demikianlah adanya. Selusin dari rombongannya ikut. saya memberi isyarat yang mengatakan bahwa saya akan menunggu di meja saya.

Kemudian, dia mungkin berpikir akan bagus untuk berfoto di depan backdrop, tepat di sebelah meja saya. Lebih banyak lagi kamera dan smartphone dikeluarkan, dan lebih banyak lagi orang yang di-shoo. saya mencoba mengatakan kepadanya bahwa saya ini camera-shy [pemalu].

Dia kembali ke mejanya untuk beberapa menit, dan kemudian kembali ke backdrop. Tapi sudah terlalu gelap.

Dua pengawal pribadinya mengeluarkan senter mereka sehingga dia bisa mendapat cukup cahaya untuk foto yang baik.

Berpose, dan snap.

Kemudian, sekitar setengah jam setelah dia memasuki ruangan, saat mereka sedang menyajikan sup labu, dia pergi.

Tanpa ciuman selamat tinggal.

Dia bergegas keluar sama seperti saat dia datang, dengan barisan panjang orang-orang di belakangnya.

Tidak berbeda dengan Pied Piper, pikirku. Jika Pied Piper luar biasa tampan, dan adalah salah satu bintang pop terbesar Korea.
[Pied Piper]

Dan, hanya jika Anda tertarik, saya menyelesaikan sup saya. Sungguh sangat lezat.

Jadi apa yang Anda lakukan pada Jumat malam?

Cheering rice garlands for RAIN ~ 2013.10.12 8th Cloud Fan Meeting in Seoul


This is video showing the rice garlands that were presented to cheer RAIN during the 8th Cloud Fan Meeting with RAIN in Seoul on October 12, 2013.  After the event the amount of rice indicated with each garland was gathered for donation to those in need in the name of RAIN.  Over 2 tons of rice was to be donated.

RAIN's fans gather from around the world ~ 2013.10.12 8th Cloud Fan Meeting in Seoul, South Korea

(photo credit:  Cube Entertainment 2013.10.12 8th Cloud Fan Meeting)

[12-Oct-13][Osen]Rain's fans throughout the world were gathered to attend his fan meeting. 1,300 translating devices were arranged. [Engish/Spanish/Romanian translations]

Credit:  News Naver
English translation by 화니 at The Cloud

Rain's fans across the globe, including Korea, Japan, China, Europe, North America, etc., came to his domestic fan meeting held for the first time after his discharge from the army. Accordingly, no less than 1,300 translating devices were arranged for his foreign fans.

With more than 3,000 fans from China, Japan, Europe, North America, Turkey, Sweden, Brazil, Argentina, etc., including Korea, in attendance, Rain's fan meeting started at 4:00 p.m. on the 12th.

The fan meeting was originally going to be held for his Korean fans, but proving that he is popular around the world, Rain arranged no less than 1,300 translating devices when it was attended by a great many foreign fans.

During the fan meeting, Rain sang his hit songs, and tried spending quality time with his fans and having meaningful conversations that are ways to build intimacy and strengthen bonds while telling them how he was getting along.  His management agency gave a hint, "Rain has prepared many things to spend meaningful time with his fans. He'll sing many songs."

As it was his first fan meeting since 2009 when he was about to be enlisted, the event drew great attention from the public. Gagman Yun Jeong-su hosted the event.

Meanwhile, Rain is to hold a fan meeting in Japan in November.  He is planning a concert tour entitled "2013 RAIN ZEPP TOUR STORY OF RAIN" in a total of 4 cities like Fukuoka, Osaka and Tokyo starting in Nagoya on November 14th. He'll perform a total of 10 concerts and the concert will finish on November 28th.

Various scenes from 8th Cloud Fan Meeting
Photo display credit as tagged


Spanish translation by Benghi

[12-Oct-13] [Osen] Los fans de RAIN de todo el mundo se reunieron para asistir a su reunión de fans.Se organizaron 1,300 dispositivos de traducción.

Los fans de RAIN de todo el mundo,incluyendo Corea, Japón ,China, Europa, América del Norte,etc.,se presentaron en su reunión de fans interna que se celebró por primera vez después de su baja del ejército.En consecuencia,no menos de 1,300 dispositivos de traducción se organizaron para sus fans extranjeros.

Con más de 3.000 fans de China, Japón, Europa, América del Norte, Turquía, Suecia, Brasil, Argentina,etc., incluyendo a Corea, en la asistencia, la reunión de fans de RAIN comenzó a las 4:00 p.m. el día de 12.

La reunión de fans originalmente iba a ser celebrada por sus fans coreanos,pero demostrando que es popular en todo el mundo, RAIN organizó nada menos que 1,300 dispositivos de traducción cuando se contó con un gran número de fans extranjeros .

Durante la reunión de fans, Rain cantó sus canciones de éxito,y trató de pasar tiempo de calidad con sus fans y tener conversaciones significativas que son formas de construir intimidad y fortalecer los lazos mientras les decía cómo le iba bien.  Su agencia de gestión dio una pista, "RAIN ha preparado muchas cosas para pasar tiempo significativo con sus fans.Él va a cantar muchas canciones."

Como era su primera reunión de fans desde 2009,cuando estaba a punto de ser alistado,el evento atrajo una gran atención por parte del público.Gagman Yun Jeong-Su sede del evento .

Mientras tanto,RAIN es llevar a cabo una reunión de fans en Japón en Noviembre.Él está planeando una gira de conciertos titulada "2013 RAIN ZEPP TOUR STORY OF RAIN" en un total de 4 ciudades como Fukuoka, Osaka y Tokio a partir de Nagoya en el 14 de Noviembre.Se va a realizar un total de 10 conciertos y el concierto finalizará en el 28 de Noviembre.

Romanian translation by Benghi

[12-Oct-2013][Osen] Fanii lui RAIN din toata lumea s-au adunat pentru a lua parte la fan meeting-ul sau.1,300 de dispozitive pentru traducere au fost aranjate.

Fanii lui RAIN din tot globul,incluzand Coreea, Japonia, China, Europa, America de Nord,etc.,au venit la fan meeting-ul sau tinut pentru prima data dupa eliberarea sa din armata.Nu mai putine de 1,300 de dispozitive pentru traducere au fost aranjate pentru fanii sai straini.

Cu mai multi de 3,000 de fani din China, Japonia, Europa, America de Nord, Turcia, Suedia, Argentina, Brazilia,etc., incluzand Coreea  ca participanti, fan meeting-ul lui RAIN a inceput la ora 4.00 dupa-amiaza,pe data de 12.

Fan meeting-ul a fost pentru fanii coreeni la inceput,dar cum este popular in toata lumea, RAIN a aranjat nu mai putine de 1,300 de dispozitive pentru traducere,pentru multimea de fani straini aflata acolo.
In timpul fan meeting-ului, RAIN a cantat hit-urile sale,si a incercat sa petreaca timp placut cu fanii sai,si avand conversatii placute creand cai intime care au dus la intarirea legaturilor intre ei in timp ce le spunea cum s-a simtit.  Agentia sa de management a dat un indiciu :"RAIN a pregatit multe lucruri pentru  a petrece timp valoros alaturi de fanii sai.Va canta multe cantece."

Cum este primul sau fan meeting inca din 2009,cand era aproape de inrolare,evenimentul a atras o enorma atentie din partea publicului. Comedianul Yun-Jeong Su a gazduit evenimentul.

Intre timp, RAIN va avea un fan meeting in Japonia in Noiembrie. El planuieste un turneu de concerte intitulat "2013 RAIN ZEPP TOUR STORY OF RAIN" intr-un total de 4 orase precum Fukuoka,Osaka,si Tokio incepand in Nagoya pe 14 Noiembrie.El va performa intr-un total de 10 concerte si concertele se vor termina pe 28 Noiembrie.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Fan Account ~ RAIN at MCM Event 2013.10.11

source/credit:  youngbaebae

FAN ACCOUNT: Meeting RAIN/Jung Ji Hoon @ MBS, Singapore

Okay full story.

Went to MBS for the MCM flagship store opening/Fashion Week just to see Rain, who was the special guest. When we went there they didn’t let us into that specific hotel tower (where the store is) because it’s a PRIVATE EVENT. Only by invite. We were bummed ofc because they publicized this event on the front page of the papers and expected fans to not turn up? HOW DARE YOU. We stood outside and I ran into a few friends of mine working there. We asked them if they could get us inside and they tried (aww) but couldn’t. So yeah, we just hung around outside by the taxi stand and the guard we were chatting to told us he was definitely gonna enter that way. I got interviewed by some woman and she got my name and number. She wanted to know how I felt about not being allowed inside and ofc I ranted. A few hrs later they started letting people in (only to be chased out again). I guess the guards outside were tired of sifting through guests and fans. The guard we were with discreetly told us we could stay inside if we popped into the pastry store in front of the MCM store and got a drink or cookie cos then we would be the store’s patrons and we can’t be chased out (lolol so smart). AND YES. It worked. The guard was so cool. He even told us what time Jiyong arrived and what tower he was staying at. He called him MR.G hhahahaha.

Anyway, after a drink or two, Rain arrived. They tried to contain us in the store like animals but we did get out. After pushing and chasing, I still managed to stand outside. The point is to behave and the guards won’t find the need to chase you away. Some fans are so aggressive!

After everything, Rain started walking towards the exit and I went up to the red carpet and HE reached out his hand to the fans and WOOHOO HOO I SHOOK IT TOO ;A; It was so soft! (and he has huge hands btw and is so tall and cuddly looking) Everyone was all ‘fashion’ and ‘swag’ but he was so humble dear god!!! After shaking his hand I dashed to the front (go long go long, i said to myself) I stood there and soon the crowd gathered there. I stuck out my ticket and marker. When he came close, I said (I did not scream, I hate screaming at idols) . AT this point, the guards started shouting and pushing me cos my hand was reaching out. It wasn’t to grab him. I wanted an autograph ._. oomg this part,  RAIN HIMSELF SAID, ‘no no no no, it’s okay’ and he put his hand out like ‘stop’ and he said it in such a stern tone so sexy!

Okay yeah..back, I said "Can you please sign this for me?". I only said it once. He turned his body to face me, took my marker, and looked at my ticket (his face was so adorable, he was surprised), he turned the ticket cos it was upside down, then while he was signing the guards were still trying to handle the other fans and pushed Rain (explains the signature).

He stood there for about 20 seconds and I think I gave so many photo ops of Rain for those around me lol snap snap snap. I told him I watched him 2 years ago at his concert before he enlisted. He checked the signature again (so cute) and handed it back to me. I said ‘thank you so much and i love you’. GOOD LORD HE LOOKED ME IN THE EYE, SMILED AND NODDED WITH A THANK YOU. Ok so this was near the exit and he was walking out and I got mobbed cos everyone caught Rain standing in front of me. One of the girls pulled my hair and my earring almost got ripped off. I was holding my marker and one pushed it on my nose and my friend had to help me wipe it off. I hope Rain didn’t see that.

Hehe thank you so much oppa for such a wonderful day. I guess many of us started to get into K culture thanks to you (at least i did) Also, from the looks of it. I was the only one to get an autograph or anything out of Rain? I guess it was, cos nobody expected him to sign amidst that kind of chaos? Oh he even took ALL the gifts from fans! So sweet! That’s the thing about Rain. He loves his fans! What’s a few guards to him? Sometimes idols do have the control over how far they wanna interact with their fans! He was exactly the same when I saw him 2 years ago. Lovely man! :’)

@7 hours ago with 48 notes
#I'LL NVR BELIEVE ANYONE WHO BADMOUTHS HIM #personal #fan account #rain #jung ji hoon

RAIN fancams Singapore 2013.10.11

credit: leslieana
credit:  omysg

credit: hcyang0115

credit: shasha17n

credit:  garbagelapsap

 credit:  happinezzjoy

 credit:  woelassyla

Korean superstar RAIN makes first appearance in Singapore since completing national service

Korean superstar Rain makes first appearance in Singapore since completing national service

credit:  Melissa Kok The Straitstimes Communities Entertainment

Korean pop sensation Rain made a special guest appearance on Friday evening for the grand opening of the first MCM brand flagship store at Marina Bay Sands. -- ST PHOTO: JAMIE KOH

Korean pop sensation Rain made a special guest appearance on Friday evening for the grand opening of the first MCM brand flagship store at Marina Bay Sands.

The 31-year-old star, who was making his first appearance in Singapore since completing his compulsory two-year national service in the South Korean army, looked sleek in black leather trench coat and pants with a skinny tie.

Rain - along with Marina Bay Sands president George Tanasijevich, MCM Singapore owner Emily Hwang and MCM chief executive Paolo Fontanelli - did a ceremonial cake- and ribbon-cutting to mark the opening of the flagship store for the South Korean luxury leather goods brand.

Curious passers-by and fans who heard the singer-actor would be appearing at the store on Friday gathered to take snapshots of him at the event. One female fan even came with a bouquet of flowers hoping to pass it to her idol, who has ventured to Hollywood to star in Speed Racer (2008) and Ninja Assassin (2009).

Among the fans was Macau tourist Kylie Chan, 31, who was here on holiday when she heard about Rain making an appearance at MBS.

Chan, who works in the casino business in Macau, said: "It's really exciting to see him and for the brand opening. Actually I only started liking MCM when I saw Rain wearing their products two years ago."

RAIN at MCM Event 2013.10.11

credit:  shyasnaps at youtube

Korean superstar Rain's whirlwind trip to Singapore

Source:  MeRadio
Text/Photos: Joelle Chong

The last time Korean superstar Rain was in town was 2011, where he held his solo concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. He has since completed his mandatory military service and is set to return to the entertainment industry, having signed a new contract with Cube DC.

This evening (Oct 11), Rain met with local media and fans at the MCM Flagship Boutique opening at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, where the event commenced almost half an hour later than the stipulated time.

The singer-actor appeared to be in high spirits, though looking a little tired. No media interviews were conducted during the 20-minute promotion, but the charismatic Rain accommodated to photo requests.

Despite being known for his hot bod, Rain was decked protectively in a trench coat, baring none of those abs he is famous for. If there is one thing he flashed generously, it was his dimple smile, which photographers sapped up every bit of.

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Rain strode back down the red carpet, walking past fans who were unceremoniously shooed away earlier. He more than made it up to the fans as he responded to their calls of “oppa (Korean for ‘elder brother’, called by a female)”. Not only did he waved to the fans, Rain even accepted a bouquet from a fan and shook a couple of hands.

We even overheard a lucky fan telling her friends disbelievingly, “He grabbed my hand!”

Later in the night, Rain had front row seats to the MCM Show -- part of Fashion Week 2013 -- where his appearance delighted and surprised many event-goers, who took every opportunity to snap a shot of the star with their phones before the real show began.

After this short meeting with local fans, the ‘I Do’ hitmaker will meet with his Korean fans at a fan meeting tomorrow (Oct 12) in Seoul.

Check out our Facebook page for more photos of Rain in Singapore!

Romanian translation by Benghi

Calatoria furtunoasa a Superstar-ului Korean RAIN in Singapore

Ultima data cand RAIN a fost in oras era in 2011,unde si-a tinut concertul solo la Indoor Stadium Singapore.De atunci si-a terminat stagiul militar si este gata sa se intoarca in industria divertismentului,semnand un nou contract cu Cube DC.

In aceasta seara (11 Octombrie),RAIN s-a intalnit cu media locala si fanii sai la deschiderea  MCM Flagship Boutique la The Shoppes in Marina Bay Sands,unde evenimentul a inceput cu aproape o jumatate de ora mai tarziu decat timpul stabilit initial.

Artistul a parut a fi in dispozitie buna,aratand totusi un pic obosit.Interviuri media nu au avut loc in timpul promotiei de 20 de minute,dar carismaticul RAIN s-a acomodat cerintelor foto.

In ciuda faptului ca el este cunoscut pentru corpul sau frumos, RAIN a purtat o haina trenci, nearatand nici un muschi abdominal, detaliu care ii este unsusit. Daca este un lucru care l-a aratat din belsug, a fost zambetul sau, pe care fotografii nu l-au scapat.

Dupa ceremonia taierii panglicii, RAIN s-a intors pe covorul rosu, mergand pe langa fanii care au fost alungati mai devreme. S-a recompensat fanilor raspunzand strigatelor lor de "oppa" (frate mai mare in coreeana,strigat de o femeie)". Nu numai ca a facut cu mana fanilor, el chiar a acceptat un buchet de flori de la un fan si a dat mana cu ei.

Noi chiar am auzit un fan norocos spunandu-le prietenilor sai,"Ma luat de mana!"
Mai tarziu in noapte, RAIN a avut loc in primul rand la show-ul MCM -- parte a Fashion Week 2013 -- unde aparitia lui a incantat si surprins multi trecatori, care au luat fiecare oportunitate in a-i face o poza cu telefoanele lor Star-ului,inainte ca show-ul sa inceapa.

Dupa aceasta scurta intalnire cu fanii locali,hit maker-ul melodiei "I Do" isi va intalni fanii coreeni la fan-meeting-ul de maine (12 Octombrie) in Seul.

Verificati pagina noastra de Facebook pentru mai multe fotografii cu RAIN in Singapore!

Korean superstar Rain's whirlwind trip to Singapore

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

RAIN kicks off his concert tour.......

[2013.10.08]  Rain kicks off his concert tour in Japan's 4 cities in November.

Rain is planning a concert tour entitled "2013 RAIN ZEPP TOUR STORY OF RAIN" in cities like Fukuoka, Osaka, and Tokyo starting in Nagoya on November 14. It will end on November 28 and he will also perform a total of 10 concerts.

According to his management agency, this tour concert across Japan has been structured to thank his fans for their continued support and to meet with them.

Rain has labored for many times to put this concert celebrating his debut's 11th year on the stage with the aptly titled 'Story of Rain', and this concert is to make him communicate with his fans and associate easily.

Before this, Rain realized his popularity when he met his local fans in Thailand, China, etc. in performance or on TV after his discharge of last July.

Meanwhile, with his official fan club members in attendance, Rain will hold his official fan meeting in Peace Hall of Kyunghee University upcoming 12th.

Credit:  Osen 
English translation by 화니  at The Cloud

Spanish translation by Benghi:

[10.08.2013] RAIN arranca su gira de conciertos en 4 ciudades de Japón en Noviembre.

RAIN está planeando una gira de conciertos titulada "2013 ZEPP TOUR STORY OF RAIN" en ciudades como Fukuoka,Osaka y Tokio a partir de Nagoya en el 14 de Noviembre.Terminará en el 28 de Noviembre y también llevará a cabo un total de 10 conciertos.

De acuerdo con su agencia de gestión,esta gira de conciertos en Japón ha sido estructurado para agradecer a sus fans por su continuo apoyo y reunirse con ellos.

RAIN ha trabajado muchas veces poner este concierto para celebrar los 11 años de su debut en el escenario con el acertadamente titulo 'The Story Of RAIN',y este concierto es por comunicarse con sus fans y asociar fácilmente.

Antes de esto,RAIN dio cuenta de su popularidad cuando se encontró con sus fans locales en Tailandia,China,etc. quando estaba performando en vivo o en la TV después de su descarga del pasado mes de Julio.

Mientras tanto,con los miembros de su fan club oficial,RAIN celebrará su reunión oficial con sus fans en el Peace Hall de la Universidad Kyunghee en el 12 proximo.

Romanian translation by Benghi:

[08.10.2013] RAIN va incepe turneul sau in 4 orase din Japonia,in Noiembrie.

RAIN planuieste un turneu de concerte intitulat "2013 ZEPP TOUR STORY OF RAIN" in orase precum Fukuoka,Osaka,si Tokio,incepand in Nagoya din 14 Noiembrie.Se va termina in 28 Noiembrie si va performa intr-un total de 10 concerte.

Conform agentiei sale de management,acest turneu in Japonia a fost structurat pentru a le multumi fanilor pentru suportul lor continuu si pentru a se intalni cu ei.

RAIN a muncit de multe ori pentru a face acest concert celebrand al 11-lea an de la debutul sau pe scena cu titlul 'STORY OF RAIN',si acest concert este pentru a-l face sa comunice cu fanii si a socializa usor.

Inainte de aceasta,RAIN si-a realizat popularitatea cand si-a intalnit fanii locali din Tailanda,China,etc. performand sau la TV dupa eliberarea sa din armata in Iulie.

Intre timp,cu participarea mambrilor oficiali ai fan clubului sau,RAIN va avea prima sa intalnire oficiala cu fanii la Peace Hall al Universitatii KyungHee pe 12.

Monday, 7 October 2013

RAIN's Zepp Tour of Japan in November 2013 Confirmed

On 2013.10.07 information was officially released at RAIN's Official Japanese website as well as RAIN's Official website regarding a Zepp tour in Japan during November 2013.

This will be 2013 RAIN ZEPP TOUR STORY OF RAIN.   Zepp music halls are located all over Japan and allow for an intimate setting between the performers and their fans.

RAIN's schedule for these tour stops in November:

Zepp Nagoya // November 14 and 15 (2 play dates)

Zepp Fukuoka // November 18 and 19 (2 play dates)

Zepp Namba (Osaka) // November 20 and 21 (2 play dates)

Zepp Tokyo //  November 25, 26, 27 and 28 (4 play dates)

Applications for tickets by members of Cloud Japan/The Cloud begin October 8, 2013.  You may follow the different updates, deadlines and payment schedules at the website.

Tickets go on sale to the public October 29, 2013 through the Pia ticket agency.

RAIN's Little Cloud will provide updates as they become available for public release.

source:  RAIN Japan
             RAIN Notice

Spanish translation by Benghi

En el 10.07.2013 información fue lanzado oficialmente en RAIN's Official Japan website,así como en RAIN Official Website sobre una gira Zepp en Japón en Noviembre 2013.

Será 2013 RAIN ZEPP TOUR STORY OF RAIN.Salas de música Zepp se encuentran por todo Japón y permiten un ambiente íntimo entre los artistas y sus fans.

Horario de RAIN para estos conciertos en Noviembre:

Zepp Nagoya / / 14 y 15 de Noviembre (2 fechas del concierto)

Zepp Fukuoka / / 18 y 19 de Noviembre (2 fechas del concierto)

Zepp Namba (Osaka) / / 20 y 21 de Noviembre (2 fechas del concierto)

Zepp Tokyo / / 25,26,27 y 28 de Noviembre (4 fechas del concierto)

Las solicitudes de entradas por parte de los miembros de Cloud Japan/The Cloud comienzan en 8 de Octubre 2013. Puedes seguir las actualizaciones diferentes,los plazos y calendarios de pago en la pagina web.

Entradas por la venta al público comienzan en 29 de Octubre 2013 a través de la agencia de entradas Pia.

RAIN's Little Cloud proporcionará actualizaciones a medida que estén disponibles para su publicación.

Romanian translation by Benghi

In 07.10.2013 informatii oficiale au fost eliberate de catre RAIN's Official Japanese Website cat si de RAIN's Official Website in legatura cu turneul in Japonia din Noiembrie 2013.

Acesta va fi 2013 RAIN ZEPP TOUR STORY OF RAIN.Salile de muzica Zepp sunt locate in toata Japonia si permit un aranjament intim intre performeri si fanii lor.

Programul lui RAIN pentru aceste opriri din Noiembrie:

Zepp Nagoya // Noiembrie 14 si 15 (2 dati de concert)

Zepp Fukuoka // Noiembrie 18 si 19 (2 dati de concert)

Zepp Namba (Osaka) // Noiembrie 20 si 21 (2 dati de concert)

Zepp Tokio // Noiembrie 25,26,27 si 28 (4 dati de concert)

Aplicatiile pentru bilete de catre membrii ai Cloud Japan/The Cloud incep din 8 Octombrie,2013.Puteti urmari diferitele notificari,termene limita si orare pentru modalitati de plata la pagina de web.

Biletele vor fi puse in vanzare publicului din 29 Octombrie,2013 prin agentia de bilete Pia.

RAIN's Little Cloud va oferi noutati cand acestea vor deveni valabile pentru public.

Friday, 4 October 2013

RAIN attending opening of MCM store at Marina Bay Sands ~ Singapore

2013.10.01 RAIN-ing at MCM Singapore*


South Korean pop sensation, Jung Ji-Hoon, better known by his stage name, Rain, will be gracing our shores this October for Fashion Week 2013.

With a unique proposition of combining fashion, celebrities and performers, FIDé Fashion Weeks is proud to have one of Asia’s biggest pop icons attending the event.

Rain will be coming to Singapore to attend the opening of the Mode Creation Munich (MCM) store in The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. The flagship store in Singapore will be the brand’s first foray into South East Asia. MCM, taken over by South Korean entrepreneur and businesswoman, Mrs Kim Sung-Joo in 2005, has seen its popularity growing immensely. Having been named Times “100 Most Influential People Who Shape Our World” and People’s list of “Most Beautiful People in The World”, the singer, songwriter, and actor is best known for his show stopping concerts featuring acoustics, R&B, hip-hop, and high octane dances. He has also starred in several Hollywood movies such as “Speed Racer” and “Ninja Assassin”, the latter leading him to become the first Korean to win an MTV award.

Having fronted MCM’s campaign for luxury travel, Rain is an avid fan of the brand, often seen touting its iconic monogrammed backpack and clothes. Both Rain and MCM are amongst South Korea’s most popular and renowned icons, and their close relations further reiterates the symbiotic relationship between music and fashion. MCM backpacks have also been seen on international singing sensations such as Rihanna, Chris Brown and Justin Bieber.

In what is one of his first high-profile public appearance since his release from military service in July 2013, we believe that the talented performer has many more events planned in the months ahead. To commemorate this milestone, FIDé Fashion Weeks will be giving out an MCM backpack signed by Rain. Stay tuned to find out how you can stand a chance to be our lucky winner. **

*MCM event is currently scheduled on October 11, 2013.


Romanian translation by Benghi

RAIN-ing la MCM Singapore

Superstarul pop Sud-Coreean JUNG JI HOON,cunoscut mai bine prin numele sau de scena RAIN,ne va onora tarmurile in Octombrie pentru Fashion Week 2013.

Cu o unica propozitie de fashion combinat,celebritati si performeri,FIDe Fashion Week este mandru de a avea unul dintre cele mai mari staruri pop participand la acest eveniment.

RAIN va veni in Singapore pentru a lua parte la deschiderea magazinului Mode Creation Munich (MCM) la The Stoppes in Marina Bay Sands.Magazinul din Singapore va fi prima lansare a brand-ului in Asia de Sud-Est.MCM,fiind preluat de omul de afaceri Sud-Coreean Doamna Kim Song-Joo in 2005,a facut ca popularitatea sa sa creasca imens.  RAIN-a fost numit al Time "Top 100 Most Influential People Who Shape Our World" si al revistei People "Most Beautiful People in The World",solistul,compozitorul si actorul care este stiut pentru concertele sale extraordinare,cu genuri R&B,hip-hop si  dansuri octanice.El a aparut deasemenea in filme de la Hollywood ca "Speed Racer" si "Ninja Assassin",cel care a dus la devenirea lui in primul Korean care a castigat un premiu MTV.

Reprezentand campania MCM pentru calatorii de lux, RAIN este un fan avid al marcii,fiind vazut adesea cu rucsacele monogramate si imbracaminte.RAIN si MCM sunt printre cele mai populare imagini in Coreea De Sud,si relatia lor stransa arata o relatie simbiotica intre muzica si fashion.Rucsacele MCM au fost vazut si la alte staruri precum Rihanna,Chris Brown si Justin Bieber.

Cum este una dintre primele sale aparitii de cand a fost eliberat din armata in Iulie 2013,noi credem ca solistul talentat are multe alte evenimente in plan in lunile care urmeaza.Pentru a comemora acest eveniment,FIDe Fashion Weeks va da un rucsac MCM semnat de RAIN.Stai pe aproape sa afli cum poti avea o sansa sa fii norocosul nostru castigator.**

* Evenimentul MCM este programat la 11 octombrie 2013.

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Spanish translation by Benghi


La sensación pop del Corea del Sur, JUNG JI HOON, más conocido por su nombre artístico, RAIN, se adorna a nuestras costas este mes de Octubre de 2013 en la Fashion Week.

Con una propuesta única de combinar la moda, celebridades y artistas, la FIDe Fashion Week se enorgullece de tener uno de los mayores iconos del pop de Asia que van a asistir al evento.

RAIN va a venir a Singapur para asistir a la apertura del Modo Creación Munich (MCM ) tienda que va a ser en Marina Bay Sands. La tienda insignia en Singapur será la primera incursión de la marca en el Sud-Este de Asia.  MCM,en los de la empresario y empresaria manos de la señora Kim Sung-Joo de Corea del Sur, desde 2005, ha visto como su popularidad crece enormemente.  RAIN-habiendo sido nombrado del Times "Top 100 personas más influyentes que dan forma a nuestro mundo" y la lista de People en "Personas más bellas del mundo", el cantante, compositor y actor es mejor conocido por su demostración que para conciertos con acústica,ritmos de R&B, hip-hop y bailes de alto octanaje. También ha protagonizado en varias películas de Hollywood como "Speed Racer " y "Ninja Assassin", este último que lo llevó a convertirse en el pri RAIN en MCM Singapore mer coreano en ganar un premio MTV.

La campaña de fachada de MCM para viajes de lujo,RAIN es un ávido fan de la marca,a menudo visto promocionando su icónico monograma de la mochila y la ropa. RAIN y MCM se encuentran entre los iconos más populares y reconocidos de Corea del Sur,y sus estrechas relaciones reitera además la relación simbiótica entre la música y la moda.Mochilas MCM también se han visto en  otros artistos internacionales como Rihanna,Chris Brown.

En lo que es una de la primera aparición pública de alto perfil desde su liberación del servicio militar en Julio 2013, creemos que el talentoso artisto tiene muchos más actos programados en los próximos meses.Para comemorar este hito,la FIDe Fashion Week se dan a cabo una mochila MCM firmado de RAIN. Estén atentos para descubrir cómo usted puede tener una oportunidad de ser nuestro afortunado ganador.**

*El MCM evento esta programado en 11 de Octubre 2013

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Partial translation of article in Korean by 화니 at The Cloud

[한국어번역] [Translation into Korean]

-MCM 싱가포르에 내리는 비-

비라는 이름으로 더 잘 알려진 한국의 팝스타 정지훈씨가 이번 2013 10월 패션위크에 참석하여 이 자리를 빛내 줄 예정입니다.

패션, 유명인사. 연주인 (;;연기인);; 등을 결합한 유일무이의 사업체인 FIDé 패션위크에서는 아시아 최고의 팝 아이콘을 모시게 되어 영광스럽게 생각합니다. 

비는 ‘마리나 베이 샌즈’ 쇼핑몰 내 the Mode Creation Munich (;;MCM);; 매장 오프닝 행사에 참석 차 싱가포르를 방문하게 됩니다. 싱가포르의 이 플래그쉽은 저희 브랜드의 동남아 진출 첫 삽을 뜨게 되는 매장입니다. 기업인이자 여성 사업가인 ‘김성주’씨에 의해 2005년 인수된 이래 MCM의 인기는 엄청나게 상승해왔습니다.

타임지의 “세계에서 가장 영향력있는 인물 100인”과, 피플지의 “세계에서 가장 아름다운 100인” 리스트에 이름을 올렸던 가수이자 작곡가 겸 배우인 이 스타는, 음향 알앤비 힙합 파워풀한 댄스안무 등이 갖춰진 박수갈채 받는 명콘서트로 잘 알려져 있습니다.
그는 또한 “스피드레이서”, 후에 MTV 상을 수상하는 첫 한국인이 되게 한 “닌자어쌔신” 과 같은 헐리우드 영화에 주연으로 출연하기도 했습니다.

Partial translation of article in Japanese by Emik at The Cloud

韓国のpopセンセーション、彼のステージネームRain,で良く知られているJung Ji-Hoon, が10月、Fashion Week 2013のために我々の国を美しく飾る。

ファッション、セレブレティそしてパフォーマーの組み合わせという独特の提案とともに、FIDé Fashion Weeksはアジア最大のPOPアイコンの一人がイベントに参加するということを誇らしく思う。

RainはMarina Bay Sands のThe ShoppesにあるMode Creation Munich (MCM)ストアのオープニングに出席するためにシンガポールにやってくる。シンガポールの旗艦店は同ブランドを東南アジアに初めて進出する。2005年に韓国の起業家とビジネスウーマンMrs Kim Sung-Jooによって買収されたMCMは、その人気が非常に人気が高くなってきていると見ている。Times誌 “100 Most Influential People Who Shape Our World”に指名された、そしてPeople誌の“Most Beautiful People in The World”のリストにあがった、その歌手、作曲家そして俳優はエネルギッシュなダンスそしてアコースティック、R&B, hip-hopをフィーチャリングしている(息を)呑むようなコンサートで最も知られている。また、彼はいくつかのハリウッド映画、例えば“Speed Racer” や “Ninja Assassin”などに出演している, 後者の“Ninja Assassin”は彼を韓国人初のMTV award受賞へと導いている。