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Additional Rice Garland donation to commemorate the 8th Cloud Fan Meeting

[Cloud Notice] Additional Rice Garland donation to commemorate the 8th Cloud Fan Meeting

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☆We start a drive to raise funds to buy 'Dreamy' to be used to help the unprivileged in celebration of the fan meeting.☆

Hello, I'm Cloud executive board's member.

Before the last fan meeting, we informed you of a change from flower garlands to rice garlands in plans so late that a lot of applications got rejected.

On a global fandom scale, we're trying to launch a charity race to raise money to buy rice garlands called 'Dreamy' for the poor, and then these rice garlands purchased and the other rice garlands collected at the last fan meeting will be together given to a charity that helps the poor.

This fundraiser to celebrate the fan meeting is open to any Rain fan or any Rain fan site at home and abroad, going on in the name of Global Rain fandom.

The deadline for the fundraiser is October 23rd.
The following bank account has been opened to accept donations.

*The term of the fundraiser : until midnight on October 23.
*Donation account : 우리은행 (Worri Bank) 1002-448-588628

To donate more donations,the funds raised will be generated with the other funds supplemented from the Cloud membership fees.

We hope that many of you will participate.

Thank you.

Source :

RAIN's Little Cloud's LED garland on Fanmeeting

Note from Heidi to overseas fans: 

“I know many overseas fans would like to do a rice garland donation but were not able to do so because of the last minute notice.  If you wish to participate in this event you could send in your donation via paypal to me and I will collect the funds and then pass onto the Cloud Executive.  My paypal account is  As we will be making a collective donation we will not be making rice garlands under individual names, but the names of the individual and/or fan sites will appear in the Cloud’s full list of fans/fan sites who participate in the donation.
[Any amount is appreciated, please remember to choose to pay for the paypal charges. Thank you - RLC]

For those who already participated, the basic price of a LED garland and a rice garland is the same at US$95.  Some remitted US$80, which was the previously advised price.  Some did not choose to pay for the Paypal charges.   I have marked the shortfall in below, and I would be grateful if you could send the shortfall amount (net) back to me, to my Paypal account.  Really sorry about this.

For your information, the following is the split of the LED and rice garland donations on the day of the fan meeting:*

LED garlands:

1.  Rose Hoong Malaysia
3. OnlyRain_THAILAND
4. Stephe & Terri at Cloud USA 
5. 비느님의 베트남 여자 Thy Nguyen 
7. Emily, Alice, Amy, Shelley
8. Rainstorm is back!! RAINholicHK 홍콩
9. Kit Sung, Hong Kong
10.Your Taiwan Cloud
12. China cloud Lucy Lim, kuang shayun
13. China cloud Arielchan.dengyiwen
14. China cloud yhfay625, zhang lili
15-18  Hawaiian Cloud
19. Dulcie, Canada and Patsii, Vickie, Cloud USA
20. Your Cloud USA fan Diana 

Rice garlands

1. Clouds from France 
2. Alisa, USA
3. Rain Cloud Chile  
4. Peruvian Clouds 
5. Mexico Uruguay & Spain  
6. Maria NY USA 
7. Michele DeMarco Chicago USA 
8. Talitha Brown, Houston USA 
9. Tammyyams USA 
10. Odette Santos Manila Philippines 
11. Cloud USA's clouds 
12. Rain's Cloud Thailand 
13. Lee24 USA 
14. Rain-Malaysia 
15. 터키 구름 & Rain for World 
17. abcann + skshirley@raincloudhk
18. Amy, Alice, Bonnie, Man, Milk & Peggy
19. Winnie, Catherine, Jolene from Hong Kong
21. China cloud he lin,yu xianghui
22. China cloud shaoyan8,qin jie,lu fenglan
23. China clouds zheng shiqi, runyu13
24. 비with Rain  대만구름
25. 베트남 구름들 RAINVIETNAM FanClub 
26. China Baidu Rain Bar clouds
27-30.  Hawaiian Cloud

*If you are uncertain if you have a shortfall, please check the list with amounts at The Cloud 

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