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RAIN's plans for comeback revealed at 8th Cloud Fan Meeting 2013.10.12

[13-Oct-13][Osen]Rain will make a comeback with a new song, not a film?

credit:  news nate
English translation by 화니 at The Cloud

The time singer Rain, who hasn't started his official activities since his discharge last July, will make a comeback with a new album, has come to public attention since he directly referred to his working on his next album.

Rain's management agency Cube stated on the 13th, "Rain has been already working on his next album, but the time of his comeback has not yet been decided. As of now, he is only concentrating on working on his next album."

Rain mentioned the album during the fan meeting last 12th, "I'm coming up with charming music and stage that can appeal to everyone. I want to try new things and challenge myself. But obviously I'll show music and stage for everybody in the world."

As it is not hard for Rain to do activities globally, not just locally, it appears that he is more focused on concentrating on working as a singer rather than as an actor. He has had many movie roles offered to him recently, but the situation could be affected by a number of external variables. His name has been bandied about in connection with whether he appears in several dramas next year, but nothing at all has been decided.

Meanwhile, when asked what he had recently done during the fan meeting, Rain said, "I'm trying to accumulate a variety of experiences, including reading books, seeing movies, etc, whenever time allows from work, giving myself a little more time than usual in order to achieve a better result.

He added, "I'll be holding a concert - where I can communicate with fans - in Japan as the first leg of the tour, and I'd like to go on to hold such a concert even in Korea. We can see each other when I perform concerts around the world, including Asia. You can see more of what I can do in the future."

Rain is planning a concert tour entitled "2013 RAIN ZEPP TOUR STORY OF RAIN" in a total of 4 cities like Fukuoka, Osaka and Tokyo starting in Zepp Nagoya on November 14th. He'll perform a total of 10 concerts and the tour will finish on November 28th.

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