Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Power Couple ~ A Fan's Humorous Blog Entry

it’s business as usual for power couple kim tae hee & rain

Source and credit:  breathlesssurvival

Lovebirds Kim Tae Hee and Rain spent the previous weekend clocking in public appearances…separately, of course. I suspect a stampede would arise if they ever attend an event together.
Rain made a whirlwind trip to Singapore last Friday to attend the flagship boutique opening and runway show of MCM, a brand he is closely associated with. The next morning, he was whizzing back to Seoul, where he held a fan meeting later in the evening. It was his first official fan meeting since getting discharged from the army. I have seen quite a number of pictures and videos for both events and it is evident that Rain loves his fans much more than the glitzy glam of fashion extravaganzas.
He appears terribly stoic and resigned in those front row snaps and it looks as if he spent most of his [time] twiddling his thumbs and surreptitiously checking his watch. Heh. But that being said, he is ever considerate of his fans, always smiling and waving when they holler his name. Sweet.

His fan meeting was a different thing altogether. He was beaming and genuinely in high spirits, getting the crowd high with his brand of sexy, cute antics. Seeing the stills has me itching to catch him on stage again.

On the other hand, girlfriend Kim Tae Hee positively glowed when she graced a charity bazaar for OHUI, the beauty brand she endorses. I love Kim Tae Hee to the stars, but to be brutally honest, I don’t love her fashion choices half the time. But I’m really liking her outfit this time round. Love the cinched waist of the top, the navy and black combi, the leather detailing on her skirt and those are some cool, strappy heels.

As usual, she is all warmth and natural charm, and I’m pretty sure the media was swooning over her. Back to the superficial, I like her figure because she’s always healthily slim, and never a bag of bones. Her eyes rightly crinkle every time she flashes that easygoing smile of hers and her facial muscles don’t look frozen in place.

The power couple hasn’t been seen together at all since Rain’s military discharge, but I figure they should be doing fine. They must be employing some serious stealth and avoidance tactics. Rain is inscrutable and trying to squeeze any happy-in-love hints from him would be like juicing a rock.  But just looking at how relaxed and cheerful Kim Tae Hee is [is] pretty much solid proof that all things are in order on the romance front.
The woman always gives it away, no?
Video credit:  Elsie See/Rain  dorama456/Kim Tae Hee

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