Friday, 6 July 2012

IMPORTANT. Do not give away your personal data

As posted by huhuhuhu @TheCloud here

Please note that Rainy Entertainment has its official Facebook and here is the link:

For any activity related to Rain, such as concerts or fan meetings, or selling of merchandize (like the Rain diary), please only trust information announced by Rainy Entertainment themselves at their own official sites:,  and their own Facebook and twitter addresses.

Please do not give away any personal data requested by other sites. They may claim they represent Rainy Entertainment but the truth is  They do not represent Rainy Entertainment.

I will inform Rainy Entertainment about Polankanube post below. But meanwhile please help spread out these sites are not official. What they said about possible Rain concerts is not true.  Fans should not give away their personal data.

The post above is related to this post by  Polankanube

Please end this deception that has been amassed throughout Europe and Latin America, are spreading the word with the promise that Rain will do a world tour and are asking for personal data to all Clouds, are making promises on behalf of the company Rain, please submit a statement explaining where this is a lie, to avoid further spread, every day more are many countries who believe this lie and give lots of personal data.
Here's an example on facebook

The last link above got it's content deleted. If you try to click on it while you are logged on Facebook, it will redirect you to your own FB event.


  1. We Rain-Malaysia @ MJJH does not ask for any personal data of any Rain fans. We also did not post anything that says Rain will be available for any meet-up. We are just a group of fans that are gathering together to meet-up.

    Please read our post carefully before putting us as 'example'. And at least must inform to us early before saying that we are giving empty promises!

  2. Hi Jaimie, the links above are not about Rain-Malaysia.
    Please read our post throughly before assuming we accusing you.
    Thank you.

  3. I think the last link/event of the three up there got deleted.

    FB redirected me back to my own that what you got too, Jaime?

    B van Mokum

  4. @B van Mokum, thank you for noticing.

  5. Hi, one of that link is linked Rain-Malaysia fan page in facebook. The word 'accuse' had not been used yet, we are merely saying that these links should be checked before publishing it, even though it was just copied from The Cloud site.

    How would any fans feel, if their gathering had been posted as 'scam'??

    Our event is still there, had not been deleted.

  6. Jamie, if you click on ONE of the links and it IS the deleted one(deleted by the FB a/c tt posted it) -- you are directed back to your OWN event page.
    If you have any events on, they will still exist on your page since you own your account.
    There is a note at the bottom of the BLOG post that says the same. I saw it AFTER I wrote to you =)

    B van Mokum

  7. Hi Jamie, have you read the NOTE on the post? If you still don't get it, the link you questioning was originally to Chile' Event when the report was made.

    BUT because they deleted it, when I click on it, it will take me to my own FB Event
    AND when somebody else click it, it will take them to their FB and so on.

    Please check if your FB Event' link is the same as
    Thank you

  8. ok. Thanks for clarifying. At least it is clear that these misunderstand occurred due to technical glitch.