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2014.01.02 [NEWS] Rain makes a double title track comeback…. Why?

[NEWS] Rain makes a double title track comeback…. Why?

English translation and source loveindacube
Sources:  Newsen Asia Today

Rain brings sexy back with double title tracks "30Sexy" and "LA Song" on January 2nd. Making a comeback with his sixth full-length album Rain Effect, Rain presented listeners with fantasy-like Latin Pop "LA Song" that shows a free-spirited side of himself instead of the existing powerful and masculine image. Meanwhile "30Sexy" portrayed a further-upgraded version of Rain’s existing image.

Rain delivered his thoughts on having stiff competitors in the industry, “Male juniors look cool these days and there are prettier friends too. Since I came back to the music industry after a long while, I frustrated whether to use which card so as to compete with them. And so, we have come to a conclusion of going with the beauty of maturity of those in their 30s. Stripping like previous times or dancing a powerful dance won’t work. I want to create a sexy atmosphere through expressions and gazes too. , I thought of showing a maturer look through music as well, not just through my outer appearances. I want to hear people saying that I’m not just a singer, but an artist. With that as my reason, I’ve wrote and composed all tracks on this album.”

Rain recently sat for an interview and revealed the reasons for writing "LA Song," “Someone came to me and said, ‘why there isn’t a song of yours that can be sung while we’re drinking in karaokes?’ And that’s when I started thinking of writing an exciting song, hence, the birth of "LA Song,” he revealed.

Rain also confessed that he was frustrated when choosing a title track between "30Sexy" and "LA Song," “’30Sexy’ is a song that shows my image, but everyone seemed to like "LA Song". It’s a song that differs from my image. "LA Song" gained much responses, and I couldn’t really choose as well, so we just decided to go for a double title track,” he explained.

“I tried producing this song with a combative visual in mind. I felt that I had to show an obvious difference than the current idol friends in the industry, and that difference must not be too old-fashioned too. I wouldn’t dare to say that I can give a strong impact on the industry but still,  I feel that I had to show something different.”

“If I were to show "30Sexy," everyone would say ‘that’s really amazing, it’s really you.’ I wanted to show something that’s unlike myself, so I produced "LA Song."  To be honest, I’ve thrown away many songs while producing "LA Song" and since everyone loves it, we just decided to make it a title track,” revealing a short behind story.

Meanwhile, Rain personally wrote for "LA Song" which includes some cute and lively lyrics, a song that portrays the innocence of this 31 year old singer with its cute and lively lyrics. This fantasy-like song injects an addictive serum that makes one to dance along with. The accompanied music video further showed a different side of Rain apart from the existing one we knew.


  1. Lovely Rain ;3

    In this Track, I choose 30sexy more X3

    1. Both songs are so powerful in their own style ^^