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14 August Accommodation for Overseas Fans

 As posted by huhuhuhu @ The Cloud

Korean cloud has issued a post about accommodation for overseas fans who will be going to the R2B Return to Base premiere on 14 August.

Below is the information from Korean cloud:


We tried to find out accommodation close by Yongshan as many overseas fans will be coming.

Today we conducted a physical check.^^

Accommodation is for 2 occupants per room.

1). 5-10 minutes walk within Yongshan CVG,  Motel --> Price 35,000 won
Number of Rooms: 14

2).  15-20 minutes walk within Yongshan CVG, Motel -->

standard room: 55,000 won
special room:  65,000 won

Number of Rooms:

standard room: 8, special room: 2

For type 1) and 2) accommodation, rooms are relatively small.  There is no elevator.

3).  Hotel about 10-15 minutes walk within Yongshan CVG, double room  --> Price 80,000 won

Number of rooms: possible up to 10 rooms

4).  Hotel near No. 1 Line Jongno 3 station, about 5 stops to Yongshan Station  (around 20 minutes)

August 12 after 8 pm  - 40,000 won

August 13  Mon  - 60,000 won

August 14 Tue  -  85,000 won

August 15  Wed -  85,000 won  --> revised to 90,000 won due to holidays

August 16  Thu -  60,000 won

August 17 Fri  - 85,000 won

Number of rooms: possible up to 50 rooms

5). Subway to Yongshan Station with 3 transfers, or 5 minutes by taxi

Hotel price: 90,000 won

No. of rooms: 15

No. 3),4),5) are hotel grade accommodation with elevators.

If you wish to know the names of the motels or the hotels, I will provide the information by email.  I will let you know the email address some time tomorrow.  Please apply via the email address if you want us to help with the accommodation.

Email request  :

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