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Fan Account ~ RAIN at MCM Event 2013.10.11

source/credit:  youngbaebae

FAN ACCOUNT: Meeting RAIN/Jung Ji Hoon @ MBS, Singapore

Okay full story.

Went to MBS for the MCM flagship store opening/Fashion Week just to see Rain, who was the special guest. When we went there they didn’t let us into that specific hotel tower (where the store is) because it’s a PRIVATE EVENT. Only by invite. We were bummed ofc because they publicized this event on the front page of the papers and expected fans to not turn up? HOW DARE YOU. We stood outside and I ran into a few friends of mine working there. We asked them if they could get us inside and they tried (aww) but couldn’t. So yeah, we just hung around outside by the taxi stand and the guard we were chatting to told us he was definitely gonna enter that way. I got interviewed by some woman and she got my name and number. She wanted to know how I felt about not being allowed inside and ofc I ranted. A few hrs later they started letting people in (only to be chased out again). I guess the guards outside were tired of sifting through guests and fans. The guard we were with discreetly told us we could stay inside if we popped into the pastry store in front of the MCM store and got a drink or cookie cos then we would be the store’s patrons and we can’t be chased out (lolol so smart). AND YES. It worked. The guard was so cool. He even told us what time Jiyong arrived and what tower he was staying at. He called him MR.G hhahahaha.

Anyway, after a drink or two, Rain arrived. They tried to contain us in the store like animals but we did get out. After pushing and chasing, I still managed to stand outside. The point is to behave and the guards won’t find the need to chase you away. Some fans are so aggressive!

After everything, Rain started walking towards the exit and I went up to the red carpet and HE reached out his hand to the fans and WOOHOO HOO I SHOOK IT TOO ;A; It was so soft! (and he has huge hands btw and is so tall and cuddly looking) Everyone was all ‘fashion’ and ‘swag’ but he was so humble dear god!!! After shaking his hand I dashed to the front (go long go long, i said to myself) I stood there and soon the crowd gathered there. I stuck out my ticket and marker. When he came close, I said (I did not scream, I hate screaming at idols) . AT this point, the guards started shouting and pushing me cos my hand was reaching out. It wasn’t to grab him. I wanted an autograph ._. oomg this part,  RAIN HIMSELF SAID, ‘no no no no, it’s okay’ and he put his hand out like ‘stop’ and he said it in such a stern tone so sexy!

Okay yeah..back, I said "Can you please sign this for me?". I only said it once. He turned his body to face me, took my marker, and looked at my ticket (his face was so adorable, he was surprised), he turned the ticket cos it was upside down, then while he was signing the guards were still trying to handle the other fans and pushed Rain (explains the signature).

He stood there for about 20 seconds and I think I gave so many photo ops of Rain for those around me lol snap snap snap. I told him I watched him 2 years ago at his concert before he enlisted. He checked the signature again (so cute) and handed it back to me. I said ‘thank you so much and i love you’. GOOD LORD HE LOOKED ME IN THE EYE, SMILED AND NODDED WITH A THANK YOU. Ok so this was near the exit and he was walking out and I got mobbed cos everyone caught Rain standing in front of me. One of the girls pulled my hair and my earring almost got ripped off. I was holding my marker and one pushed it on my nose and my friend had to help me wipe it off. I hope Rain didn’t see that.

Hehe thank you so much oppa for such a wonderful day. I guess many of us started to get into K culture thanks to you (at least i did) Also, from the looks of it. I was the only one to get an autograph or anything out of Rain? I guess it was, cos nobody expected him to sign amidst that kind of chaos? Oh he even took ALL the gifts from fans! So sweet! That’s the thing about Rain. He loves his fans! What’s a few guards to him? Sometimes idols do have the control over how far they wanna interact with their fans! He was exactly the same when I saw him 2 years ago. Lovely man! :’)

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  1. Did you notice what she asked him to sign? No wonder he was surprised! She handed him her ticket from The Best 2011 Rain Asia Tour in Singapore.

  2. Thank you for sharing
    for your memorable time
    very clearly written

    1. You are very welcome! "youngbaebae" was kind enough to share her experience.