Friday, 21 June 2013

Kim Mu-Yeol mentions he rethinks about Rain's humanity

2013.06.21 Kim Mu-Yeol mentions he rethinks about Rain's humanity

Source:  Money Today Style M

Brief English translation by 화니 at The Cloud

Actor Kim Mu-Yeol, who is serving his mandatory military service, talked about his senior, singer Rain's military life.

When asked about his squad commander Jung Ji-Hoon (Rain) on SBS TV's Midnight Entertainment, Kim Mu-Yeol responded, "He is a former squad commander, and we were in the same class at high school. I call him by the title, sergeant Jung Ji-Hoon."

When asked if he felt hurt that he must be respectful towards Jung Ji-Hoon, ending every sentence with "sergeant" even though the two are friends, Kim Mu-Yeol replied, "He always takes care of us, which makes soldiers in other squads jealous. He’s really very human when you get to know him. Unlike when I didn't quite realize in high school that he was such a good person, being with him has provided an opportunity for me to rethink about his humanity."

When the news was reported, there were a variety of responses from netizen, "There's something different about Rain", "I've realized that Kim Mu-Yeol is doing well", "Kim Mu-Yeol who gets along with Rain always looks good." etc.

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  1. I love Rain <3 So excited for his birthday!! I just wrote a post about him :)