Friday, 27 June 2014

Soccer Fever ~ Rain Style!

Bringing you video of Rain from 2005 when he performed at and attended the GTF Cup 2005, Asia Tour 2005 Manchester United (England) soccer match against Kashima Antlers (Japan) in Kashima, Japan on July 28, 2005.

The first video was presented as Summer Rain Special on Japan's LaLa TV airing September 10, 2005. It shows us Rain's arrival, rehearsal and then performance of Bad Guy and It's Raining.

RAIN - Summer Rain Special (Japan LaLa TV... by RAINsLittleCloud

The second video is footage of Rain that aired August 14, 2005 on MBC's Sunday Sunday Night variety show.  The footage shows bits and pieces of Rain at the stadium.  We see him enjoying the match after his performance earlier.  I should say trying to enjoy as it appears fans approached him in the VIP section.

Rain ~ 050814 Sunday Sunday Night by RAINsLittleCloud

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