Sunday, 8 June 2014

[VIDEO] 041111 JPop Asia 2004 ~ RAIN Performs

RAIN performed at the 2004.11.11 JPop Asia 2004 concert in Osaka, Japan.  He sang and danced his way through Bad Guy, How to Avoid the Sun & Instead of Saying Goodbye.

There is a break with JYP performing a long song with tap dancing.  Have you seen the old video with Rain as a backdancer for JYP?  It's the same song but without a great backdancer bwahahaha   Feel free to skip over it!

RAIN is back!  Back performing It's Raining & I Do,   Camera operators of this video and you'll understand why you should acknowledge their work. ^ ^

Click to view video in larger format Daily Motion Link or click below and view.

RAIN ~ 2004.11.11 JPOP ASIA 2004 by RAINsLittleCloud Don't know exactly who to credit for this video.  It was probably a clubbox that originally had it but don't reupload with your own logo/name.

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