Tuesday, 17 June 2014

[HD FANCAM + PIX] 140615 RAIN Auto Music Festival in Chengdu China

On 2014.06.15 RAIN was a guest performer at the Auto Music Festival in Chengdu China.  He opened with It's Raining and got people on their feet singing along to LA Song.  I Do followed where he did .... he did mess up the re-entry after the dance break but got right back on track with people laughing with him.  He ended the show with Instead of Saying Goodbye.  Apparently an enthusiastic fan had a goodbye gift for him.  Thanks to "all his fellas" for jumping in and having his back~ well, his front in this instance!!  Click quality/720 for HD.

HD FANCAM ~ RAIN 2014 Auto Music Festival... by RAINsLittleCloud

This fancam belongs to 尤熙223 at youku.  RAIN's Little Cloud™ is sharing it here as many cannot view that website.  Please do not take this video and edit it or place your own name/stamp/logo on it.  Rightful ownership is 尤熙223  Scroll down for some photos from this event.  Photos are credited as tagged.  Thanks!

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