Wednesday, 25 June 2014

140624 RAIN at Marvella Opening~Macau & Birthday Wishes

On 2014.06.24 Rain participated in the opening of the Marvella flagship store in Macau.  You can hear the reporters wishing him a happy birthday as Rain's birthday occurs the following day on June 25th.

140624 RAIN at Marvella Opening ~ Macau by RAINsLittleCloud

Clouds had gathered at twitter for a trending of #HappyBirthdayRAIN and were greeted by new pictures from this event as well as a picture from Rain himself via his weibo account with a simple "Thanks".
 Credit:  Jung Ji Hoon @RAIN-JIHOON

His assistant also shared pictures.

Credit:  Jordan Yeung

Many pictures popped up from this event.  Below are a few that caught our eye.  Please enjoy!

Picture credit:  as tagged by owners

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