Friday, 31 January 2014

English Subbed~RAIN edit 2014.01.19 2D1N

RAIN was the first "Morning Angel" for 2014 season of 2 Days and 1 Night | 1박 2일 program on January 19, 2014. This video is edited to contain only Rain's portion. It has been English subbed via KBS World. It is available in high definition 1280x720.  [Please note that this replaces an earlier file subbed by other site.  This new one is more thorough in its subbing.]

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

English/Romanian Translation 140126 UPTV News

English/Romanian translation of the description of the UPTV news video of 2014.01.26

Singer RAIN (Jung Ji Hoon) is going for more shooting on the Hollywood movie The Prince.  He embarked from Incheon International Airport to Los Angeles on Sunday, January 26th.

"You love this album and I truly thank you."  "I will come back from the United States well and I will present the good result also along with the good producers," said RAIN.

On the other hand, on the 26th RAIN performed a goodbye stage for his 6th album's title song "LA Song" on SBS Inkigayo ending his music activities related to his album.

Source:  upnews tv
English translation by RAIN's Little Cloud staff

Romanian translation by Benghi

Solistul RAIN (Jung Ji Hoon) pleaca pentru alte filmari la pelicula de Holliwood The Prince.  El s-a imbarcat din Aeroportul International Incheon catre Los Angeles, Duminica,26 Ianuarie.

"Iubiti acest album si va multumesc sincer." "Ma voi intoarce bine din Statele Unite  si va voi prezenta un rezultat bun si de asemenea buni producatori."  a spus RAIN.

Pe de alta parte ,RAIN  a performat pe data de 26 la SBS Inkigayo o scena de larevedere cu melodia "LA SONG" de pe cel de-al 6-lea album al sau,astfel terminand activitatile muzicale ale acestui album.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

English subbed 2014.01.10 RAIN edit ~ Music Bank

This video is from the 2014.01.10 appearance of RAIN on Music Bank. It has been English subbed by KBS World and edited to only include RAIN's part as a Special MC and his performance of LA Song and 30 Sexy.  It can be viewed and downloaded in high definition at: RAIN's Little Cloud channel

No copyright infringement is intended. Original content is in Korean and this provides English subtitles.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

English Subtitles ~ RAIN edit: 2014.01.10 Yoo Hee-yeol's Sketchbook

RAIN appeared 2014.01.10 on Yoo Hee-yeol's Sketchbook.  This is the edit from the full show that has been English subtitled by KBS World.  It is all of his performances and the talk segment.  No copyright infringement is intended.  This program originally airs in Korean and this is providing an edit with English subtitles.

You can view it and download it from:   RAIN's Little Cloud channel

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

VIDEO ~ 2014.01.19 RAIN performs LA Song on Inkigayo

RAIN performed LA Song on the 2014.01.19 SBS Inkigayo program.  SBS and LOEN have claimed their copyright to this so previous links provided by other sources will have disappeared or will no longer function. You may watch it here courtesy of SBSMusic1:

Monday, 20 January 2014

RAIN 2014.01.19 ~ Guest on 1N2D

RAIN was a guest on the 2014.01.19 episode of One Night Two Days.  Below are download links for the RAIN edit of this episode.  It is only the part of the show in which RAIN participated.  You can now view it at RAIN'sLittleCloud channel

part 001:
part 002:
part 003:

You will have to download all three links and then join them back together to have the entire file.  You may use the HJ Split program's joiner to join the files:  HJSPLIT download  When joined together the one file is 866mb and runs 38 minutes 15 seconds in length.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

ENGLISH Subtitles 2014.01.04 ~ Rain Interview

2014.01.04 Rain is interviewed on KBS Entertainment Weekly/YunYeGaJunGye. English subtitles by KBS World.  Click link to view.

Rain_2014.01.04_Interview_English Subs by RAINsLittleCloud

Note that Rain's girlfriend is more commonly known as Kim Tae Hee rather than Kim Taehui and the album, Rain Effect, was released on January 2, 2014 not December 30, 2013 as stated in the video.

No copyright infringement intended as providing English subtitles for a Korean language program.

Monday, 13 January 2014

2014.01.12 RAIN looking at K-drama scripts

RAIN wants to play the role of a character who has the human touch in a drama.

Singer Rain is looking at scripts for TV dramas.

Recently, Rain told, "I've been performing as both a singer and actor, traveling between Korea and Hollywood, but I, on the other hand, am looking at scripts for TV dramas in Korea."

Rain has devoted himself to shooting a film and to doing artistic work, keeping him away from acting in a drama after his KBS TV drama Fugitive:Plan B in 2010.

Rain added, "I'd like to play a role in a drama which has a human story, like the drama, Sangdoo, Let's Go To School  starring actress Gong Hyo-jin and me in the past."

Meanwhile, Rain returned to the music scene with his 6th regular album Rain Effect last 2nd after a three-year and nine-month absence.  His title songs of the album Rain Effect, which are composed and written by himself, were number one on the Mnet M! Countdown and the KBS Music Bank  charts, on the 9th and 10th, respectively.

Source:  Donga
English translation by 화니 at The Cloud

Indonesian translation by Mayassi

2014.01.12 RAIN mencari Skrip K-Drama

RAIN ingin memerankan karakter yang memiliki sentuhan kemanusiaan dalam drama.

Penyanyi Rain mencari skrip untuk Drama TV

Baru-baru ini, Rain mengatakan pada “Saya telah bekerja baik sebagai  seorang penyanyi maupun aktor, melakukan perjalanan antara Korea dan Hollywood, tapi disisi lain, saya mencari skrip untuk drama di Korea”.

Rain telah mengabdikan dirinya untuk syuting film dan melakukan pekerjaan artistik, membuatnya semakin jauh  dari berakting dalam drama setelah drama KBS TV Fugitive : Plan B di tahun 2010.

Rain menambahkan, “Saya ingin berperan dalam sebuah drama yang memiliki cerita kemanusiaan, seperti drama  Sangdoo, Let’s Go To School yang diperankan oleh saya dan artis Gong Hyo Jin di masa lalu."

Sementara itu, Rain kembali ke dunia musik dengan album regularnya yang ke-6 Rain Effect pada 2 Januari lalu setelah 3 tahun dan 9 bulan absen.  Judul lagu-lagunya dari album Rain Effect, yang diciptakan dan ditulis oleh dirinya sendiri, menjadi nomor satu di chart M!Countdown dan KBS Music Bank, masing-masing pada tanggal 9 dan 10 Januari.

Friday, 10 January 2014

2014.01.09 Did Rain Write a Song for Girlfriend Kim Tae Hee in His New Album?

Did Rain Write a Song for Girlfriend Kim Tae Hee in His New Album?

All attention was on singer Rain when he reacted shyly to a question regarding girlfriend and actress Kim Tae Hee.

Rain recently appeared on KBS 2TV’s “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.”

On the show, he was posed with a question in connection to his new album. Rain wrote all the tracks included in the album and was asked if the track titled “Marilyn Monroe” was a song written about girlfriend Kim Tae Hee. He answered, “Think of it any way you like~” in a bashful tone making the audience green with envy.

Rain said on the show, his goal for 2014 is, “For my new Hollywood film and my sixth album to receive positive feedback from many people.  I also want to take a trip somewhere without my cell phone.”

To this, host Yoo Hee Yeol mischievously asked, “Who are you going with?” which made Rain feel abashed.  He answered, “I’m going to go alone,” and the audience humorously booed at his answer.

“Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook” with appearance from Rain will air on January 10 12:35 AM KST.

Source:  Soompi by lellie

Indonesian translation by Mayassi

2014.01.09 Apakah Rain Menulis Lagu untuk Sang Kekasih Kim Tae Hee di Album Barunya?

Apakah Rain Menulis Lagu untuk Sang Kekasih Kim Tae Hee di Album Barunya?

Semua perhatian tertuju pada penyanyi Rain saat ia bereaksi malu-malu ketika menjawab pertanyaan terkait tentang kekasihnya yang juga seorang aktris Kim Tae Hee.

Rain baru-baru ini tampil di KBS 2TV “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.”

Dalam acara tersebut, ia diajukan dengan pertanyaan yang berkaitan dengan album terbarunya. Rain menulis semua lagu didalam albumnya dan ia ditanya apakah lagu yang berjudul “Marlyn Monroe” merupakan sebuah lagu yang ditulisnya tentang sang kekasih Kim Tae Hee. Ia menjawab, “ Silakan berpikir sesuka hati kalian~” dengan malu-malu yang membuat para penonton menjadi iri.

Rain menyatakan dalam acara tersebut, bahwa tujuannya untuk tahun 2014 adalah “ Film Hollywood terbaru saya dan album saya yang ke-enam diterima secara positif dari banyak orang. Dan saya juga ingin melakukan perjalanan kesuatu tempat tanpa membawa telepon selular saya”

Terhadap pernyataan tersebut, pembawa acara Yoo Hee Yeol dengan nakal bertanya, “Dengan siapa kamu pergi?” yang membuat Rain malu. Ia menjawab “Aku akan pergi sendiri,” dan para penonton dengan bercanda mengejek jawabannya.

“Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook” dengan penampilan dari  Rain akan disiarkan pada tanggal 10 Januari pukul 12:35 siang waktu Korea.

2014.01.09 RAIN #1 on M! Countdown

2014.01.09 Rain wins the first prize as soon as he comes back to the music scene.

As soon as he has come back to the music scene, singer Rain's 30SEXY has been number one on the M! Countdown chart this week, taking over "M.C. The Max"

Rain stated his feelings about having won the first prize, "I feel so happy. I'm more excited than ever.  I want to thank my fans who have been waiting for me for 4 years.  Thank CEO Hong Seung Sung who has made me who I am; thank my co-workers; and thank my deceased mother, my father, and my sister.  I ask for your continued support."

Source:  Osen
English translation by 화니 at The Cloud

Romanian translation by Benghi

09.01.2014 RAIN castiga primul premiu de indata ce a aparut pe scena muzicii.

De indata ce s-a intors pe scena muzicii,melodia 30SEXY a solistului RAIN,s-a clasat pe numarul unu in clasamentul M! Countdown de saptamana aceasta,invingandu-l pe "M.C. The Max"

RAIN si-a exprimat sentimentele in privinta castigarii primului premiu "Ma simt ata de fericit.Sunt mai entuziasmat ca niciodata.Vreau sa multumesc fanilor care m-au asteptat timp de 4 ani.Ii multumesc CEO Hong Seung Sung care m-a facut cine sunt astazi; le multumesc colegilor de lucru; ii multumesc mamei mele decedate,tatalui meu si surorii mele.Va cer suportul continuu."

Spanish translation by Benghi

01/09/2014 RAIN gana el primer premio desde su vuelta a la escena musical.

Tan pronto como se ha vuelto a la escena musical,la cancion 30SEXY del cantante RAIN ha sido el número uno en  M! Countdown atrás trazar esta semana,tomando el relevo de "MC The Max."

RAIN declaró sus sentimientos acerca de haber ganado el primer premio: "Me siento tan feliz.  Estoy más emocionado que nunca.  Quiero agradecer a mis fans que han estado esperando por mí desde hace 4 años.  Gracias a CEO Hong Seung Sung quien me ha hecho quien soy; agradezco a mis compañeros de trabajo; y gracias a mi difunta madre, mi padre y a mi hermana.  Les pido su apoyo continuo. "

Thursday, 9 January 2014

MORE VOTING! MelOn Show Champion Song

If you have an account at MelOn, log in:

Scroll down slightly and you will see a box for the new voting.  Click on:


A new window opens listing songs.  Click on 30 Sexy.  You can vote 3x daily:
- Vote and close the page
- Re-open page, vote and close the page
- Re-open page, vote again.
- Log out

RAIN's Little Cloud™ Welcoming RAIN to Singapore

RAIN's Little Cloud™ sent RAIN some welcome goodies at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) last December 2013. The bags of snacks and gift were delivered to his room by his room's butler.

The message from our Singapore contributor:

30th Dec 2013, 8pm S'pore time. 
Called to check with the concierge on the status of the bags left for RAIN and was told that they had already been sent up to the room. Really hope he will enjoy the selection.


Here are the snacks and gift we sent to MBS Singapore for RAIN:

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Here is what you can do after login to these sites:

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I think we can focus on these 5 sites and do our best to support RAIN
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2014.01.02 Interview with RAIN

2014.01.02 Interview with RAIN
Source:  Osen
English translation by 화니 at The Cloud

[Press] (hereafter referred to as P) : You've really lost a lot of weight.
[Rain] : I felt physically sick. I think I‘m not physically up to it. Getting influenza, I became very heated. My body isn't what it used to be. (laughs)

[P] : How have you been since your discharge from the army?
[Rain] : While I was only at a recording studio, I composed all the tracks on my album myself. Bae Jin Ruyl co-wrote the materials in a few tracks.  I stayed up all night working.  As a result, I've reached a satisfactory result.

[P] : How do you get along with actress Kim Tae-hee?
[Rain] : I'm still getting on okay with her.  She treats me really well.

[P] : You must have gone through a lot of distress these days.
[Rain]: (laughs) As you know, being beset by controversies, criticisms, and contretemps is my daily life itself.  I think facts are stubborn things.  Since I never have an obsessive personality, I only concentrated on my preparations for the comeback by emptying my mind of all thoughts of such issues.

[P] : Why didn’t you ask for help, rather than trying to do it on your own?
[Rain] : There are a number of good songs I've gotten, but those songs are high on the charts these days or one of them has already been dominated by an idol star.  Instead of trying to be too trendy, I wanted to find something suitable for me.  "30 Sexy", one of the double title tracks from my album, is a kind of electronic music with a fast, rhythmic beat in the 80s, and "La Song" is a Latin pop.  I decided to sing such songs to live up to my name Rain.  Receiving royalties was not my objective. (laughs)

[P]: The thing that bothers you is the song chart.
[Rain] : Singers want to get better grades. Of course I want my song to be number one on all the music charts.  I feel there is not a morale problem, but I think the day is approaching when I have to quit my job as a dance music singer.
It has been harder for me to move toward higher and grander goals since the target was exceeded.  Now I would lower my sights than to abnormally claw my way to the top of my profession.

[P]: Are you announcing your retirement from the music scene? (laughs)
[Rain] : I didn't mean that.  I'm sorry. (laughs) The person that I respect most is Park Ji-young (JYP) because he still overwhelms the audience throughout his show with his passionate dance skills even though he has passed the age of 40.  I would be better off if I had thoroughly lived beyond my means.  I just want to pleasantly work hard for who I am.

[P] : So, can we see paunchy Rain soon?
[Rain] : Eating like a horse, I only gain weight in the gut, but I should workout steadily to stay fit.

[P] : You were a perfectionist, and an icon of our popular culture who had on average less natural body fat. Now you're a changed man. What is the reason for the change?
[Rain] : When I clenched my teeth, I chipped off pieces of them.  I belatedly found out that working tenaciously with venom was my poison.  While I was having the bad as well as the good, I kept having a cobweb in the throat as if I drunk the seawater.  My original goal was to buy my father a house and to win first prize on the music shows, but there was no limit to my greed.

[P] : They say the reason for joining the army is to rest their mind, but you had a harder time during your military service by getting yourself talked about. You must have been under a lot of stress at the time.
[Rain] : I wondered why this world turned so cold at the time.  I admit that I was wrong about not wearing my military cap, but just because I didn't do so, I was misunderstood as a solider who had vacations for more than 100days.  But I only had vacations for a total of 59 days including a few days I got off as a reward when I was chosen as a special warrior.  I was summoned by the prosecution, the Defense Ministry, and the police and was placed under overnight investigation for days.  I had been thoroughly investigated (laughs), but I was acquitted of all charges. I thought truth would eventually come out.  Now I've come to have an opportunity to clear up the misunderstanding.

[P] : How are your making inroads into America going?
[Rain] : Jay Z actually offered for me to work with him. It's my honor to be offered by him, but the matter is under discussion.  First, I want to be well regarded by Korean people like my parents prior to going to America.  That's why I have been shooting the reality show series to show my real humanity.

[P] : This time, you are barely exposing your body to the public during your performance.
[Rain] : I think a man in his 30s is voluptuous enough to be able to look sexier without taking off his jacket. (laughs) I wanted to compose the songs everyone wants to listen to while driving rather than the visuals.  I was more interested in sparing no cost when it came to making the album than in the past.

[P]: Are you going to launch a world tour again?
[Rain] : My acceptance will hinge on whether or not this album succeeds. (laughs)  I'm planning a concert tour sometime this summer for my fans. They say it is a world tour.  I'll put on a small but lavish performance where I can communicate with fans.  As I've got love calls from South America, Europe, etc., it seems like I treat the crowd with energetic performances.  Instead of performing in a large-scale stadium, I'd like to perform songs with my music band, wearing a T shirt.

[P] : You are still popular in the US.
[Rain] : Fortunately, many of them remembered me. I've heard that they are looking for a distinctive image that differentiates that from Psy who's been getting famous.  Accordingly, I've probably gotten more love calls and had more auditions than before.  After an audition, I've earned a role in film "The Prince".  I've forgotten a lot how to speak English, but I'm focus on studying English.

[P]: What is your ultimate goal in Hollywood?
[Rain] : I'm aiming at a target which is to continue acting in Hollywood, not to work in the short run. I think I'm a competitive Asian actor despite not belonging to one of the major actors. Going through auditions, was the opening I needed for my career.

[P] : What is your goal for yourself that you’re going to push to the next level as a singer?
[Rain] : The most important thing for me as a singer is good producers who are highly involved in making albums.  There is no reason why I shouldn't look for a chance to hit a last shot.  I'm now looking for good producers.

[P] : Having a struggle for perfection as if your life depends on it has tarnished the image of Rain as a singer. What are you thinking of doing?
[Rain] : Now I don't need to struggle.  I won't get the first prize just because I dance hard.  I can shoot for the top if there are good producers.  A very good producer is one of the keys to success.  If I get a good chance, I'll give myself fully to my work.

[P] : I am sorry to say that they say that the epithet "World Star" has gone nowhere, and that you can't be comparable to Psy. When the media judged you by the way you look, you were said to be proud and arrogant.  Some say that you seem to have become intoxicated by your success.
[Rain] : I've never called myself a world star.  As I mentioned earlier, to the best of my knowledge, there is no such word in epithets.  Nobody calls Brad Pitt a world star.  Psy reached number two on the American Billboard charts, and everything that he had was his through his own efforts and talents.  He is entitled to high praise.  As for me, I think my efforts will surely be rewarded. I'm always prepared to welcome criticism excluding malicious comments.  My reputation may have foundations built on sand, but I feel proud of myself because I was selected twice by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people, I'm throwing myself into Hollywood, and I was chosen as the 'Biggest Badass Star' at the MTV Movie Awards.  Even so, I don't know what the future holds.

[P] : Being a target of criticism might cause bitterness to you.
[Rain] : People around me know the truth.  It's a shame the way the media twists my career and accomplishments and misrepresents me.  You know, we can't always receive favorable evaluations.

[P] : What kind of reaction do you want to receive this time?
[Rain] : Rain is confident of showing his own style.

[P] : Rain is not dead - Do you want to hear this?
[Rain] : I'm confident of hearing such things.

[P] : Your passion and expectations about music is on another level.
[Rain] : I think nothing is more interesting than composition. JYP is just the same, really.  What an interesting work!

[P] : Now there's something different about you.
[Rain] : I feel much freer after I let go of my greed that is out of my bounds.
If current idol stars want to get ahead, they have to make more mistakes than their competition. haha.

[P] : Your new songs seem to be easy to dance to.
[Rain] : More flexible dance movements can forge a link between the audience and me.

[P] : You're taking on TVXQ?
[Rain] : Baddies! (in a jovial manner) It's going to be a lot of fun, but I don't know why they always choose to come at the moment. (laughs) I'm sure it is win-win, so I feel good about this. My personal fave is Yunho, who is really loyal.

Friday, 3 January 2014

2014.01.02 [NEWS] Rain makes a double title track comeback…. Why?

[NEWS] Rain makes a double title track comeback…. Why?

English translation and source loveindacube
Sources:  Newsen Asia Today

Rain brings sexy back with double title tracks "30Sexy" and "LA Song" on January 2nd. Making a comeback with his sixth full-length album Rain Effect, Rain presented listeners with fantasy-like Latin Pop "LA Song" that shows a free-spirited side of himself instead of the existing powerful and masculine image. Meanwhile "30Sexy" portrayed a further-upgraded version of Rain’s existing image.

Rain delivered his thoughts on having stiff competitors in the industry, “Male juniors look cool these days and there are prettier friends too. Since I came back to the music industry after a long while, I frustrated whether to use which card so as to compete with them. And so, we have come to a conclusion of going with the beauty of maturity of those in their 30s. Stripping like previous times or dancing a powerful dance won’t work. I want to create a sexy atmosphere through expressions and gazes too. , I thought of showing a maturer look through music as well, not just through my outer appearances. I want to hear people saying that I’m not just a singer, but an artist. With that as my reason, I’ve wrote and composed all tracks on this album.”

Rain recently sat for an interview and revealed the reasons for writing "LA Song," “Someone came to me and said, ‘why there isn’t a song of yours that can be sung while we’re drinking in karaokes?’ And that’s when I started thinking of writing an exciting song, hence, the birth of "LA Song,” he revealed.

Rain also confessed that he was frustrated when choosing a title track between "30Sexy" and "LA Song," “’30Sexy’ is a song that shows my image, but everyone seemed to like "LA Song". It’s a song that differs from my image. "LA Song" gained much responses, and I couldn’t really choose as well, so we just decided to go for a double title track,” he explained.

“I tried producing this song with a combative visual in mind. I felt that I had to show an obvious difference than the current idol friends in the industry, and that difference must not be too old-fashioned too. I wouldn’t dare to say that I can give a strong impact on the industry but still,  I feel that I had to show something different.”

“If I were to show "30Sexy," everyone would say ‘that’s really amazing, it’s really you.’ I wanted to show something that’s unlike myself, so I produced "LA Song."  To be honest, I’ve thrown away many songs while producing "LA Song" and since everyone loves it, we just decided to make it a title track,” revealing a short behind story.

Meanwhile, Rain personally wrote for "LA Song" which includes some cute and lively lyrics, a song that portrays the innocence of this 31 year old singer with its cute and lively lyrics. This fantasy-like song injects an addictive serum that makes one to dance along with. The accompanied music video further showed a different side of Rain apart from the existing one we knew.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

RAIN IS BACK! MV teasers for RAIN's 30SEXY and LAsong from his new album RAIN EFFECT!

These are the MV teasers from  RAIN's new album RAIN EFFECT! Clouds,to add more views,you can create a playlist with official videos only and add the teaser MV's from Loen Music,also make sure you watch them in HD quality.

All credits are in the videos

RAIN's 2014 New Year Greeting

2013.12.31 RAIN sent a New Year greeting message.  Below are translations of it.

English translation by 화니 at The Cloud with tweaking by RAIN's Little Cloud staff

0:01 Hello, everyone. This is Rain. 0:02 The year 2014 that is the Year of the Horse has begun. 0:05~08 I hope that your wishes come true and that all of you will become rich in the New Year. 0:11 And, I'm planning large-scale projects in 2014. 0:17 My new album Rain Effect is about to be released, as part of those projects. 0:18 I hope many of you like "30 Sexy" and "LA Song" from the album. 0:21 Above all things, please love reality show Rain Effect a lot. 0:26 Happy New Year, and stay healthy! 0:29 Thank you.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

#RainEffect on January 2nd

#RainEffect on January 2nd
Posted by NovemberRain

Happy New Year everyone!
How is everybody doing after watching the #30SEXY #LAsong ?

We are inviting everybody to join us again on trending for RAIN new album release on 

January 2nd, 10:00 KST - 12:00 KST. 
Hashtag is #RainEffect
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RAIN's tweet on Dec 31:

RAIN ‏@29rain 31 Dec
January  . 2 . 2014 ....  11:59 am*

*time changed to 12 noon

Tips on trending:
- Please don't use more than 3 hashtag in one tweet as it will be considered as spamming by Twitter 
and it won't be considered as a trend. (eg. I love #RainEffect #RainEffect #RainEffect #RainEffect)

- Do not tweet with hashtag only (eg. #RainEffect #30SEXY #LAsong)

- You can tweet in any language, it doesn't have to be in English, as long as you include the hashtag, it counts. 

- Retweet is very important in trending, instead of making your own tweet, you can retweet a tweet by others.

We hope many of you will be there to support RAIN.
See you at trending time!
Thank you ^^

Report on double hashtags twitter trending #30SEXY #LAsong

Report on double hashtags twitter trending #30SEXY #LAsong

Dear Worldwide Cloud friends,

This is the first time ever we trend with double hashtags. Because RAIN will release double single and it was great!

When RAIN tweeting the link for #30SEXY the net went wild, everybody click to watch.
We all love the teaser MVs very much! Waiting for the full MV

We trending in 6 countries this time:
- South Korea
- Japan
- Indonesia
- Philippines
- Malaysia

Again thank you so much Worldwide Cloud friends, it is proven when Clouds gathered we create RAIN Storm!

With this kind of solid support from everybody, we will do our best to support RAIN's 6th album #RainEffect

See you on our next trending, January 2nd (will do separate announcement for this)
Happy New Year everyone!
Thank you! ^^

Korean translation by  화니

[한국어번역][Translation into Korean]

-더블 해시태그 트위터 트렌딩 “ #30SEXY #LAsong ” 에 관한 보고-

전세계 구름 친구 여러분

우리가 더블 해시태그로 트렌딩하기는 처음입니다. 이는 비님이 더블 타이틀 트랙을 발표하기 때문인데요 정말 멋진 일입니다!

비님이 #30SEXY 의 링크를 트윗하면 인터넷세상은 열광의 도가니가 되고, 이에 모두가 클릭해서 영상을 보게됩니다. 우리 모두는 더블 타이틀 트랙의 뮤직비디오 티저들이 너무 좋습니다!! 뮤직비디오 풀버전이 기다려지네요.

이번에는 6개국에서 트렌딩에 참여했습니다.

다시한번 전세계 구름 친구 여러분들께 감사드립니다. 구름들이 함께 모이면 비폭풍우가 일으켜진다는 것이 증명되었습니다. 이같은 단단한 결속력을 바탕으로 우리는 최선을 다해 비님의 6집 앨범 #RainEffect 을 응원할 것입니다.

1월2일 다음번 트렌딩 이벤트에서 다시 모입시다 [이를 위해 개별적인 공문의 발표가 있을 예정임]

여러분, 새해 복 많이 받으세요! 감사합니다!^^