Wednesday, 18 July 2012

[Spa.Trans] RAIN's Official Representatives

Dear Cloud Sisters (and Brothers),

Some of you might be aware of certain confusing situations in the RAINIVERSE at the moment. There are  people claiming to be "official representatives" of RAIN and/or Rainy Entertainment. And they have even set up numerous accounts on Facebook and Twitter claiming to be RAIN's "official representatives".

To make matters worse, many fans actually believe them and have taken the statements these people issue as "officially" coming from RAIN, Rainy Entertainment or their representatives. This has caused  problems recently and may continue to do so unless we Clouds are more careful on whom we "Like" on Facebook or follow on Twitter or where we are reading information on RAIN, his events, and happenings. Always refer to Rainy Entertainment's Facebook/Twitter account, RAIN's Official Website and RAIN's Official Fan Club "The Cloud".

Below are the links and screencaps of all RAIN's Official Representatives as stated on Rainy Entertainment's official statement and RAIN's Official Website.

RAIN's Official Website

RAIN's Official Twitter

Rainy Entertainment's Official Facebook

Rainy Entertainment's Official YouTube Channel

Rainy Entertainment's Official Twitter

RAIN's Official Fan Club "The Cloud"

If you are not a member yet and wish to sign up at RAIN's Official Fan Club "The Cloud", please follow the step-by-step guide on this post.

We hope this will clarify any misunderstanding and confusion amongst the fans. IF any of you are still confused, please don't be hesitate to ask questions on the comment section below this post, and we will do our best to help.


 Representantes Oficiales de RAIN

Estimadas/os hermanas nubes (y hermanos),

Algunos de ustedes podrían ya saber de algunas situaciones confusas que están sucediendo en este momento en el UNIVERSORAIN. Hay personas que dicen ser "representantes oficiales" de Rain y/o de Rainy Entertainment. Y que incluso han creado numerosas cuentas en Facebook y Twitter declarando ser "representantes oficiales" de Rain.

Para empeorar las cosas, muchas/os fans les creen y han tomado las notificaciones emitidas por estas personas como "oficiales" y que provienen de Rain, Rainy Entertainment o sus representantes. Esto ha causado problemas recientemente y puede continuar haciéndolo a menos que nosotras, las Nubes seamos más cuidadosas con a quienes les damos un  " Me gusta" en Facebook o seguimos en Twitter o de dónde estamos leyendo información sobre Rain, sus eventos y sus actividades. Siempre diríjase la página de Facebook, la cuenta de Twitter de Rainy Entertainment, La Página Oficial de Rain y el Club de Fans Oficial de Rain "The Cloud".

Abajo podrán ver los enlaces e imágenes de pantalla de todos los representantes oficiales Rain  como se explica en la declaración oficial de Rainy Entertainment y La Página Oficial de Rain.

Página Oficial de Rain

Cuenta Oficial de Rain en Twitter

Página Oficial en Facebook de Rainy Entertainment

Canal Oficial en YouTube de Rainy Entertainment

Cuenta Oficial en Twitter de Rainy Entertainment

Club de Fans Oficial de RAIN "The Cloud"

Si no es miembro/a todavía y desea ser parte del Club de Fans Oficial de Rain "The Cloud", por favor, siga la guía que le indica como paso a paso en esta entrada de blog.

Esperamos que esto aclare cualquier malentendido y confusión entre las fans. Si alguno/a de ustedes todavía está confundido/a, por favor no dude en colocar sus preguntas en la sección de comentarios debajo de esta entrada de blog, y nosotros haremos todo lo posible para ayudarle.


  1. Hello! I'm Myriam Morales of KOREANVIBE! may I share this post on our blog and translate ir into Spanish and maybe french?


  2. Hi Myriam, yes you can translate this post into as many languages as you can to reach more Cloud. And please link us back here. Thank you ^^

  3. Thanks! i will do it tomorrow as it's 5'48 a.m. and i'm tired and i'll post the link on my fb on the blog and here on the chatbox ok? kisses from Spain

  4. Thank you for the clarification -- it makes everything very simple.

    In fact, the only ones who will NOT be happy with your post will be the pretenders, trolls and wannabes...who I M A G I N E that they are somehow, in some way involved with Rainy Entertainment, Rain and/or people close to him.

    A snowball in hell has more credibility (^L^)




    1. Go ahead and translate. Hope more Cloud are aware of this.

  6. I read a recent post on RainyEnt's FB that we are NOT to use Rain's picture for our propic and I am confused since there was earlier instruction pertaining to a R2B file photo that seemed to encourage it. Was urging for participation and co-operation even.

    Could someone please help to clarify?

    1. On July 19 Rainy Entertainment tweeted their first project for R2B:

      레이니엔터테인먼트 ‏@rainyent
      [R2B 알리기 프로젝트 제1탄] 프로필 이미지 수정하기 o(-"-)o 레이니엔터 프로필은 바꿀수 없지만 여러분들은 바꿔주실거죠^^ ☞(>.<)☜ 자발적인 참여부탁드립니다. ^^

      레이니엔터테인먼트 ‏@rainyent
      「R2B広報プロジェクト第1弾」よろしかったら皆さんのプロフィール写真をこの写真に変えて映画を宣伝してくださいますか。Rainyent は変えられませんが,,,。どうぞよろしくお願いします

      레이니엔터테인먼트 ‏@rainyent
      [R2B 计划第1弹] 更换头像。虽然 Rainy 公司不能更换头像,但希望大家都 换成这个头像。 请多多参与。

      레이니엔터테인먼트 ‏@rainyent
      [R2B project #1] Change your profile avatar. Rainy cannot change its but I hope all of you will change to this avatar!

      레이니엔터테인먼트 ‏@rainyent
      [R2B project #1] Your participation is greatly appreciated.

  7. So that means we are being encouraged to show support for Rain during the promotion of R2B by changing our propic to that particular picture...WITH the permission and request of RainyEnt?

    Will that be for Twitter only, FB or both? There was also mention that FB does not allow for users to use someone else's image identity for a propic -- that's why it's NOT allowed to use Rain's 'R2B pic' and that there was misintepretation of the RainyEnt post...(@_@)

    Maybe it's for twitter only?? Not FB..?

    1. The tweets in all 4 languages were tweeted directly by @rainyent
      As for Facebook, Rainy Entertainment post it on their Official Facebook wall on the same day, July 19:

      "[R2B 알리기 프로젝트 제1탄] 프로필 이미지 수정하기 o(-"-)o 레이니엔터 프로필은 바꿀수 없지만 여러분들은 바꿔주실거죠^^ ☞(>.<)☜ 자발적인 참여부탁드립니다. ^^ "

      (on which they also attach a picture )
      which is the same message as the one they tweeted on Twitter.

      Facebook required 180 pixels image. Do you need the image in 180 pixels?

  8. Holaaaa soy magi, de nubes brillando por rain, clouds chile
    quiero felicitar a la pagina, es muy buena, nos ayuda para comprender y conocer mas informacion sobre lluvia, tambien quiero felicitar a lili jeung por sus traducciones, las comprendemos mucho y son super claras gracias lili