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2010 Adieu Concert – An account by someone in the entertainment industry

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This article was written a while ago.  I read it at DC recently.  Our prince sang “It’s a blessing” live in his radio program yesterday (July 1)  He said music is very, very important to him.  I want to share this article with all who feel it a blessing to have our prince in our lives!

2010 Adieu Concert – account of someone in the entertainment industry
No guests, a full 2 hours show all by himself.  The keywords for Rain’s concert are 3S – Sexy, Smile, Strong.
Very sexy, extremely enjoyable, immensely powerful performance and vocal skills.  The concert tells clearly, through Rain, and nobody can do it but him,  why Rain’s concert “lives up to its fame”.  It’s like a one round match game, when he dazzlingly showed all the knowhow and experience that he had accumulated after holding numerous concerts.  The flow of the show was extremely good. He embraced all, from standing, to the fences left and right, to the 1st and 2nd floor.  He spent great effort to make sure nobody felt left out.  Such meticulous care yet never losing his composure is hard to find in singers who are only 29 years old.

The part I wish to give the highest mark is Rain’s vocal supported by the band. The band was excellent (especially the guitarist) and the song arrangements they choreographed together did justice to Rain’s live performance. One has to reconsider the appraisal of Rain, not as a live “dance singer” but a “singer”.  He danced and turned, he jumped up and down the chairs.  But in each powerful action he did not miss his breath or his tune.  Such quality is simply amazing.

I chatted with his officers afterwards and discovered that Rain started his rehearsal almost from midnight before the concert started.  He hardly had any sleep.  I really don’t know how he could maintain his condition and his voice. (And don’t forget he had 2 concerts in one day.)

Personally I would choose “One”, “Love Story” and “Not a Single Day” as the highlight of today’s concert. The choreography was just fantastic.  Rain’s charming baritone/bass voice, falsetto, ad lib, together with the band, supported each other wonderfully and created great harmony.  “One”, especially, explains why Rain’s performance can only be described as King’s performance, because he vividly shows us a King’s Stage. (Rain has definitely surpassed just being an outstanding technician. The sense of unity between his songs and his performance is just the best in the universe.  Seeing him on stage one really doesn’t know whether the movements come first or the songs come first.  Such talent is not something one could achieve simply through effort.)

The poise and the charisma of an over 10 years celebrity artist stood out in him, as he showed his dexterity when a couple and fans were invited to the stage, and his imposing charm when teaching the audience to dance.  (As an aside, I was totally brought into a fantasy watching his magnificent performance and forgot where it was and who I was.)
My original intention was to have a peek of the man Jung Jihoon through this concert, but I failed.  When Rain was on stage, this was exactly what you saw, and no gap was left to allow you to do otherwise.  His songs, his comments, were for all the audience.  His only objective was to let the audience have an enjoyable time full to the brim.  The common emotion outburst or grumble was not there. You wouldn’t know inside him whether he was strong or whether he was hurt.  The clear thing was, for the audience who bought his concert tickets, he gave his heart and soul and did his best.  The clear truth is that he is a great professional singer.   
Whenever Rain had a new performance, or a new album, he showed a different aspect and moved forward.  And today I saw that his progress is in the present continuous tense.  It verified that he, as always, is not a complacent star.  I am full of expectation for him.
Rain has been on top in the past 10 years, and I believe the probability of him still being on top in future is very high.

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