Thursday, 19 July 2012

[Cloud Notice] Headcount for 14 August R2B Global Cloud Preview

As posted by 8th Term Cloud Master,   [구름]김선영 here  and by huhuhuhu here

English translation by 화니:

Hi, I'm a 8th term Cloud executive member.

It's just that..It is said a press and VIP preview of movie 'R2B:Return To Base' will be held
at Yongsan CGV theater in the late afternoon on August 14.

[R2B Premiere Day] event one day before the release of the movie, is being attempted
domestically for the first time, and the movie could be subtitled in 4 foreign languages in
accordance with the Cloud side's request on the day.
[R2B Premiere Day] will be held only once due to overseas licences.

And, Rainy Entertainment will post a video showing Rain's fans saying about the movie or
cheering for him on YouTube. The video and pictures showing fans cheering for him, will
be sent to him later, which will be great encouragement to him.

I am to inform you that the number of applicants was approximately 404 last time.

If possible, we'd like to get together and watch the movie at a rental theater on the
Premiere Day (August 14th)

-We are taking applications for participation-
1) Date : at 2:00 pm, 4:00 pm, 6:00 p, and 8:00 pm (Updated) on August 14th.
2) How to apply for participation : the number of applications - the time you want.
ex) 2:00 pm - 3 persons / 4:00 pm -0 person / 6:00 m -1 person/
3) Email request :
4) A time limit for application : 7/18 (Wed.)~7/22 (Sun) at midnight.

Cloud fan club membership members and nonmembers are asked to apply for
participation by posting comments below and by email, each.

In particular, when overseas fans apply for participation, they are asked to additionally
post the languages they want below.
ex) 2:00 pm - 3 persons (English) / 4:00 pm -0 person (Chinese)/ 6:00 pm -1 person


Since the situation is still variable, it could be over for another time. (8:00pm)
Details of the plan will be fixed after discussion with the people concerned.

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