Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Farewell ... Bi Arashi

La revedere  Bi Arashi...

Rain's Little Cloud anunta cu mare durere trecerea in nefiinta a unuia dintre dragii nostri membri Fiecare post al ei a fost facut cu o dragoste sincera si suport pentru RAIN. Ea va face mereu parte din blogul nostru, va fi intotdeauna prezenta in mintea noastra ca un prieten extraordinar si real.

Toti membri ii dorim sa se odihneasca in pace si ii cerem sa mentina un ochi si peste noi de acolo din Ceruri.

Adios Bi Arashi...

Rain's Little Cloud anuncia con gran dolor el fallecimiento de uno de nuestro querido miembros. Todos sus envíos fuen hecho con amor puro y por el apoyo a RAIN. Ella siempre será una parte de nuestro blog, ella siempre será recordada como una gran, verdadera amiga.

Todos los miembros le deseamos que se descanse en paz y le pedimos que  ella mantene un ojo en nosotros desde el Cielo.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

RAIN performs at Jackie Chan's "A Career of 100 Films" Concert

On August 2, 2014, RAIN performed at Jackie Chan's "A Career of 100 Films" Concert.  The concert was held in Shenzhen where RAIN performed three songs:  It's Raining, I Do and LA Song.  Below is a fancam of this performance.  Credit sakira85 for the fancam and as tagged for pictures.

Friday, 27 June 2014

2014.06.27 RAIN at 2014 The First Shanghai Internet Finance Forum

Clouds were in attendance 2014.06.27 when RAIN was a guest at 2014 The First Shanghai Internet Finance Forum.  Short video from it:  http://www.meipai.com/media/44687936  Below are some pictures from this event.  Credit as tagged.

Soccer Fever ~ Rain Style!

Bringing you video of Rain from 2005 when he performed at and attended the GTF Cup 2005, Asia Tour 2005 Manchester United (England) soccer match against Kashima Antlers (Japan) in Kashima, Japan on July 28, 2005.

The first video was presented as Summer Rain Special on Japan's LaLa TV airing September 10, 2005. It shows us Rain's arrival, rehearsal and then performance of Bad Guy and It's Raining.

RAIN - Summer Rain Special (Japan LaLa TV... by RAINsLittleCloud

The second video is footage of Rain that aired August 14, 2005 on MBC's Sunday Sunday Night variety show.  The footage shows bits and pieces of Rain at the stadium.  We see him enjoying the match after his performance earlier.  I should say trying to enjoy as it appears fans approached him in the VIP section.

Rain ~ 050814 Sunday Sunday Night by RAINsLittleCloud

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

SPECIAL! ~ NEW UPLOAD OF FANCAMS ~ 110528 Best Tour in Guangzhou

We are releasing these as Rain's birthday celebration draws to a close on June 25, 2014.  This should end the festivities with a big bang!

These fancams were taken at the 2011.05.28 Best Tour in Guangzhou.  We have combined them and uploaded them in sets rather than 23 individual videos.  They are in 1280x720 format HD.  To view in highest quality, click on "quality" then 720.

Credit:  miyu~pi   She is the owner of all of these fancams for the Best Tour in Guangzhou.  They have been uploaded with her kind permission and she has requested that they not be re-uploaded any where else in whole or as an edit.  To help honor her request, RAIN's Little Cloud™ has left these fancam videos set to Private.  These fancams were originally uploaded by miyu~pi at Youtube but are no longer available.  RAIN's Little Cloud™ has uploaded them here in hope that those who missed seeing them in 2011 and all who wish to view them again will be able to do so.  Each part is special because Rain always gives his all in his concerts.  During the encore with "Jump," Rain is really enjoying himself with his dance crew.  Be sure to watch to the very end of this concert, because we would hate for you to miss a thing!

Part 1:  I'm Coming, Touch Ya, Not A Single Day ~

110528_Pt 01_Best Tour Guangzhou by RAINsLittleCloud

Part 2:  One, How to Avoid the Sun, Only You, I Love You Again ~ 

110528_Pt 02_Best Tour Guangzhou by RAINsLittleCloud

Part 3:  My Girl and This Is Love ~ 

110528_Pt 03_Best Tour Guangzhou by RAINsLittleCloud

Part 4:  With U, Fresh Woman, Hip Song, Don't Stop ~

110528_Pt 04_Best Tour Guangzhou by RAINsLittleCloud

Part 5:  Love Story, Love Song, Nan ~ 

110528_Pt 05_Best Tour Guangzhou by RAINsLittleCloud

Part 6:  Rainism, It's Raining, Na ~

110528_Pt 06_Best Tour Guangzhou by RAINsLittleCloud

Part 7:  Bad Guy, Instead of Saying Goodbye, Jump (end) ~ 

110528_Pt 07_Best Tour Guangzhou by RAINsLittleCloud

140624 RAIN at Marvella Opening~Macau & Birthday Wishes

On 2014.06.24 Rain participated in the opening of the Marvella flagship store in Macau.  You can hear the reporters wishing him a happy birthday as Rain's birthday occurs the following day on June 25th.

140624 RAIN at Marvella Opening ~ Macau by RAINsLittleCloud

Clouds had gathered at twitter for a trending of #HappyBirthdayRAIN and were greeted by new pictures from this event as well as a picture from Rain himself via his weibo account with a simple "Thanks".
 Credit:  Jung Ji Hoon @RAIN-JIHOON weibo.com

His assistant also shared pictures.

Credit:  Jordan Yeung weibo.com

Many pictures popped up from this event.  Below are a few that caught our eye.  Please enjoy!

Picture credit:  as tagged by owners