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[26-Nov-13][Osen]Rain will act in Hollywood again to co-star in 'The Prince' with Bruce Willis.

[26-Nov-13][Osen]Rain will act in Hollywood again to co-star in 'The Prince' with Bruce Willis.

Singer Rain has finally been cast in hollywood film 'The Prince'.

According to his agency Cube on the 26th, Rain has been cast in production company EFO's hollywood film 'The Prince' in which he will co-star with actor Bruce Willis and John Cusack.

'The Prince' is director 'Brian A Miller's action thriller film, in which Rain plays an intrepid and sober character named 'Mark‘ who remains close to Bruce Willis (who plays Omar). In the film, Rain will play a part with great depth and emotion, performing first-class action scenes.

They will start shooting the film in late November or early December. Although Rain has had many drama and movie roles offered to him recently ahead of his comeback to stay in the spotlight, he has decide to say yes to the movie 'The Prince' to show his high presence in the film.

Rain has pursued a career as an actor by experiencing variety of genres and characters since he was in the spotlight by being cast in his first leading role in a hollywood film, Ninja Assassin, where the Wachowskis brothers ventured in 2009.

A current announcement of Rain's plan to release a new album upcoming January 6th came into the spotlight. Now he is in the midst of ten time-concert tour in Japan's four cities, and thereafter he will be leaving for the United States in December to film 'The Prince'.

Credit to Osen
English translation by  화니
Posted by 화니 @The Cloud

Indonesian translation by RAIN's Little Cloud

Penyanyi RAIN akan membintangi film 'The Prince' di Hollywood.

Menurut agensinya Cube pada tanggal 26, RAIN akan membintangi sebuah film perusahaan produksi EFO di hollywood 'The Prince' di mana ia akan berkolaborasi dengan aktor Bruce Willis dan John Cusack.

'The Prince' adalah film action thriller yang akan disutradarai oleh 'Brian A Miller', di mana RAIN memerankan karakter pemberani dan serius bernama 'Mark ' yang selalu bersama dengan Bruce Willis (yang memerankan Omar). Dalam film ini , RAIN akan menjiwai perannya dengan sangat mendalam, dan juga akan melakukan adegan laga kelas atas.

Mereka akan mulai syuting film tersebut pada akhir November atau awal Desember. Meskipun RAIN telah mendapat banyak tawaran peran di drama dan film menjelang comebacknya, untuk tetap menjaga popularitasnya, ia memutuskan untuk menerima peran di 'The Prince' untuk menunjukkan eksistensinya yang tinggi dalam film.

RAIN telah meniti karir sebagai aktor dengan pengalaman pada berbagai genre dan karakter sejak dia mendapat perhatian dengan peran utamanya pertamanya dalam film Hollywood, Ninja Assassin, yang disutradarai oleh Wachowski Brother pada tahun 2009 .

Perhatian publik baru-baru ini tertuju pada berita RAIN berencana merilis album baru 6 Januari mendatang. Sekarang ia tengah melakukan sepuluh konser tur di empat kota di Jepang, dan setelah itu dia akan berangkat ke Amerika Serikat pada bulan Desember untuk syuting 'The Prince'.

Romanian translation by Beghi

Solistul RAIN a fost distribuit in filmul de Hollywood 'The Prince'.

Conform agentiei sale Cube,pe data de 26, RAIN a fost distribuit in productia filmului 'The Prince' a companiei EFO, in care el va juca alaturi de actorii Bruce Willis si John Cusack.

'The Prince' este filmul thriller-actiune al directorului Brian A Miller, in care RAIN are rolul indraznet al uniui caracter numit 'Mark' care ramane aproape de Bruce Willis (rolul lui Omar). In film, RAIN va juca un rol cu multa intensitate si emotie, performand scene de actiune de prima clasa.

Ei vor incepe filmarile la sfarsitul lui Noiembrie sau inceputul lui Decembrie. Cu toate ca RAIN a avut multe propuneri in drame si roluri in filme inainte de intoarcerea sa din armata pentru a fi in lumina reflectoarelor, el a decis sa spuna da filmului 'The Prince' pentru a-si arata inalta prezenta in film.

RAIN a urmarit o cariera ca actor experimentand o varietate de genuri,fiind deja in lumina reflectoarelor ca avand primul sau rol principal intr-un film de Hollywood, Ninja Assassin,unde fratii Wachowski s-au aventurat in 2009.

Un anunt recent despre planul lui RAIN de a lansa un nou album pe data de 6 Ianuarie a iesit in lumina reflectoarelor. Acum el este in mijlocul unui turneu de zece concerte in patru orase ale Japoniei, si dupa va pleca in Statele Unite in Decembrie pentru a filma 'The Prince'.

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RAIN delivers at MAMA

[2013.11.22] Rain announces comeback + teases fans at the "2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards"

Source:  koreaboo

Rain came back with a bang as he performed a special stage at the “2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards.” 

On November 22nd, Rain surprised fans with a special stage titled “Man of the Moment” where he performed his hit tracks, “How to avoid the sun,” “It’s Raining” and “Hip Song.” The special stage kickstarted his upcoming solo comeback album, scheduled to be released on January 6th. 

Rain also teased his fans with an image and a tag saying “Rain Falls Again,” while Mnet played a teaser clip of him in a reality show this December, only hinting it as “Rain Effect.” The special comeback stage was well-received not only by the fans present, but also the celebrities tuned in to the show, as he announced his return to the music scene. 

Meanwhile, the “2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards” was held a the Asian Expo Arena in Hong Kong and was aired live across the globe. Aside from Rain, fans were also treated with exclusive performances from 2NE1, Icona Pop, Trouble Maker, Infinite, Ylvis, Crayon pop, EXO, Big Bang, Paris Hilton and Stevie Wonder. 

Are you excited for his comeback? 

Friday, 22 November 2013

RAIN to perform at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore [Eng/Kor]

[INFO 2013.11.21]

Marina Bay Sands Presents RAIN With Nine Muses

Source:  Marina Bay Sands

31 December 2013 - 1 January 2014, Sands Grand Ballroom.

Celebrate the New Year with South Korean superstar Rain.


Tickets going on sale Friday, 22 November at 12pm.

Celebrate the New Year with South Korean superstar Rain. Best known for his smoldering hot dance moves and sexy vocals, Rain will be performing for the first time in Singapore at Marina Bay Sands after a two-year hiatus, on the 31st December and 1st January in the Sands Grand Ballroom. Also, enjoy dynamic Korean girl group Nine Muses, and cross over into the new year with a bang! Tickets for go on sale on Friday 22 November. Tickets from $188 on 31 December 2013 and $88 on 1 January 2014.

Admission Policy

Children under 3 year of age may be admitted free of charge provided they do not occupy a seat. (They must be seated on the lap of a parent or guardian). Children aged 3 year and above must purchase a ticket for admission.

Photography Rules and Regulations

No photography, video recording and audio recording is allowed for this event. DSLR and professional cameras are not allowed.

Korean translation by 화니 at The Cloud

-비와 나인뮤지스, 마리나베이샌즈에 출연-

2013년 12월31일과 2014년 1월1일.
샌즈그랜드볼륨에서 한국의 수퍼스타 비와 함께 새해를 맞이하세요.

개요 : 

11월22일 금요일 12pm 시에 티켓이 시판됩니다.

한국의 수퍼스타 비와 함께 새해를 맞이하세요. 섹시한 매력을 풍기는 댄스동작과 섹시보컬로 잘 알려진 비는 2년간의 공백 기간 후 처음으로 싱가폴에서 공연을 가질 예정으로 구체적인 날짜와 장소는 12월31일과 1월1일 ‘마리나베이샌즈’ 내(;內); ‘샌즈그랜드볼륨’입니다. 더불어, 한국의 다이다믹한 걸그룹 나인뮤지스 역시 새해맞이에 멋지게 합류합니다! 티켓은 11월22일 금요일에 시판되며, 가격은 2013년 12월31일 공연가격 $188에서 2014년 1월1일 공연가격 $88까지 있습니다.

입장방법 : 

3살 미만 어린이는 무료입장이나 좌석은 제공되지 않습니다 (;반드시 부모나 보호자 무릎 위에 앉혀야 함);. 3살 이상은 반드시 입장 티켓을 구매해야 합니다.

사진촬영규례 : 

사진촬영, 비디오&오디오 녹음이 금지됩니다. DSLR와 전문적인 카메라촬영도 불허입니다.

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RAIN performs at MAMA 2013.11.22 and album releasing 2014.01.06

[21-Nov-13]Rain to have a comeback performance at Mnet's 'MAMA'..His new album will be released next January.

Source:  NewsNaver
English translation by 화니 at The Cloud

Singer and actor Rain (his real name, Jung Ji-hoon, aged 31), who was discharged from the army last July, will domestically have a comeback performance at 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

According to multiple people involved in both the world of singers and broadcasting on the 21st, [NOTE: date of MAMA is 22nd] Rain will put on a surprise performance at the awards ceremony that is supposed to be held in the Asia World Expo Arena of Hong Kong on that day, and he is officially going to release his new album next January 6th.

Now Rain is in the midst of a concert tour in Japan's 4 cities, but he'll go to Hong Kong for this performance after his concert in Osaka scheduled for the 21st.

After three years and nine months of releasing his album 'Back To The Basic' in April, 2010, Rain will be back with his new album next January. 2011's song 'Busan Woman' published at his last concert before his enlistment was just an event song for his fans.

Again, Rain will produce his new album himself. Some of his own songs will be in this album, and similar to his previous albums, you can expect many collaboration tracks with respected composers including 'Bae Jin-ryeol'. It is said they are progressing fairly with the work. As Rain has laid plans on how clothes, choreography, music, etc, should be made for the album, he is known to show enthusiasm for the job by presiding over meetings to provide his fans with the best-quality album possible.

For the past four months since his discharge from the army, Rain has focused on having serious of schedules abroad, except for a domestic fan meeting.

Rain hit the stage at Thailand's music festival 'Sonic Bang' last August, and the sponsors of China's Hounan TV's live music show 'Qairunasung' (快樂男聲) invited him to come and give performances last September. Also, he attended '2013 Singapore Fashion Week' last month.

In addition, Rain has been going on a concert tour entitled 'Rain Zepp Tour-Story of Rain' in Japanese cities like Fukuoka (18-19), Osaka (20-21), and Tokyo (25-28), since he held concerts in Nagoya on November 14-15 in the first leg of his tour.

Accordingly, the media attention has focused attention on which of these two comebacks as a singer and as an actor come first, and on his schedule.

An official from the world of songs said, "Making his debut as a singer, Rain has extended his activities to the screen and dramas, but he seems to think that working as a singer could be more meaningful for his fans who have been waiting for him."

Monday, 18 November 2013

Fan account - meeting Rain at Nagoya Airport 13 Nov 2013

Posted by  huhuhuhu @The Cloud

Fan account - meeting Rain at Nagoya Airport 13 Nov 2013

Just a quick account for you all.

I arrived Nagoya in the afternoon of 13 November with my friends and we had all sorts of plans to do some sightseeing and have a nice dinner, until I logged onto the internet and read the news that our prince will be arriving Nagoya at about 9 pm in the evening.

All plans turned to only one plan - go and meet our prince at the airport^^

With luck I was standing at the very front.  As our prince came out my very first impression was he looked so fair and tall!!  He saw my light board, walked towards us and held out his hands.  A Japanese fan next to me grabbed his hand.  Probably she held it for too long he instinctively moved back a bit as he took his hand off, so I had to lean over and stretch my hand to shake hands with him.  His big soft hand was all I could remember.  My friend also managed to shake his hand but after this the security staff stopped the other fans and our prince walked further away.

At this point some fans started to get out of the waiting area so it was a bit chaotic.  Our prince turned and waved to us when he got to a safe distance.  At that point I noticed he had his cap on, the other way.

We waited for more than 2 hours, saw him for only about 5 seconds.  Still, it made my day^^

Korean translation by  화니


[팬후기-131113 나고야공항에서 비님 영접]

여러분들을 위해 간단히 몇 자 적습니다.

나와 친구들은 11월13일 오후 나고야에 도착한 후, 우리의 왕자님이 오후 9시쯤 이곳 나고야에 도착할 거라는 인터넷뉴스를 접할 때까지 가지각색의 관광계획을 짜고서는 근사한 저녁 식사를 했다.

모든 계획들이 오로지 한가지로 귀결되었다. - 공항에 가서 우리의 왕자님을 영접하는 것^^

운 좋게도 나는 제일 앞 쪽에 서 있었다. 우리의 왕자님이 모습을 드러냈을 때의 나의 첫인상은 그가 너무 멋있고 훤칠해 보였다는 것이다. 그는 나의 형광 보드를 보면서 우리 쪽으로 걸어와 악수를 청했다. 내 옆의 일본 팬 한 사람이 그의 손을 움켜쥐었다. 그가 손을 빼면서 무의식적으로 몸을 약간 뒤로 뺄 정도로 이 팬은 너무 오랫동안 그의 손을 잡았던 것 같다.

이 때 쯤, 팬 몇 명이 대기 장소에서 빠져나가기 시작했는데 이로 인해 약간의 혼란이 초래되었다. 우리의 왕자님은 안전한 거리가 확보되자 방향을 틀어 우리에게 손을 흔들어주었다. 이 때 나는 우리의 왕자님이 모자의 챙을 뒤로 돌려쓰고 있다는 것을 알아차렸다.

우리는 2시간 이상 기다린 끝에 겨우 5초 남짓 그를 봤을 뿐이다. 그래도 끝내주는 날이었다.^^

Indonesian translation by RAIN's Little Cloud

Fan account - Bertemu dengan Rain di Nagoya Airport 13 Nov 2013

Sebuah account singkat untuk Anda semua.

Saya tiba di Nagoya pada sore hari tanggal 13 November bersama dengan teman-teman saya dan kami sudah  berencana untuk melakukan berbagai kegiatan wisata dan untuk makan malam yang menyenangkan, sampai  saya login ke internet dan membaca berita bahwa RAIN akan tiba di Nagoya pada sekitar jam 9 malam.

Semua rencana berubah menjadi hanya satu rencana - pergi dan bertemu dengan RAIN di bandara ^ ^

Dengan sedikit keberuntungan saya berdiri paling depan. Ketika RAIN keluar kesan pertama saya adalah dia  tampak begitu tampan dan tinggi! Dia melihat papan cahaya saya, lalu berjalan ke arah kami dan mengulurkan  tangannya. Seorang fan Jepang yabg berdiri di sebelah saya menarik tangannya. Mungkin fan itu menahan  tangannya terlalu lama RAIN secara spontan bergerak mundur sedikit saat menarik tangannya, jadi saya harus  membungkuk dan merentangkan tangan untuk berjabat tangan dengannya. Tangannya yang lembut dan besar  cuma itu bia saya ingat. Teman saya juga berhasil berjabat tangannya tapi setelah itu staf keamanan  menghentikan penggemar lainnya dan RAIN terus berjalan.

Pada saat ini beberapa fans mulai keluar dari ruang tunggu jadi keadaan agak kacau. RAIN berbalik dan  melambaikan tangan kepada kami ketika ia sampai pada jarak yang aman. Pada saat itu aku melihat dia memakai topi yang dibalik.

Kami menunggu lebih dari 2 jam, melihat dia hanya sekitar 5 detik. Namun, itu membuat saya bahagia ^ ^

Romanian translation by Benghi

Fan account - intalnind-ul pe RAIN la Aeroportul Nagoya 13 Noiembrie 2013

Doar un account rapid pentru voi toti.

Am ajuns in Nagoya in dupa-amiaza zilei de 13 Noiembrie cu prietenii mei si aveam tot feluri de planuri in a  vedea orasul si sa avem o cina frumoasa, pana cand m-am logat la internet si am citit vestea ca RAIN va ajunge  in Nagoya in jur de ora 9 seara.

Toate planurile s-au transformat intr-un singur plan - sa mergem sa-l intalnim pe RAIN la aeroport^^

Cu noroc am stat chiar in fata. Cand RAIN a sosit, prima mea impresie a fost ca este foarte frumos si inalt!!

El mi-a vazut placa cu lumini, a venit in directia noastra si si-a intins mainile. Un fan japonez de langa mine l-a  tinut de mana.Probabil ea l-a tinut pentru o perioada destul de lunga ca el instinctiv s-a dat un pic inapoi si si-a  retras mana, asa ca eu a trebuit sa ma aplec si sa intind mana pentru a da mana cu el.  Mana lui mare si  catifelata este tot ce pot sa-mi amintesc. Prietena mea a reusit sa dea mana cu el dar dupa aceasta securitatea  i-a oprit pe ceilalti fani, si RAIN a plecat mai departe.

In acel moment unii dintre fani au inceput sa iasa din aria de asteptare as aca a fost un pic haotic. RAIN s-a  intors si ne-a facut cu mana cand a ajuns la o distanta sigura.In acel moment am realizat ca avea sapca pusa pe  cap invers.

Spanish translation by Banghi

Fan account - Reunión con RAIN en Nagoya Aeropuerto 13 de Noviembre 2013

Sólo una cuenta rápida para todos ustedes.

Llegué en Nagoya,en la tarde del 13 de Noviembre con mis amigos y tuvimos todo el tipo de planes para hacer  un poco de turismo y tener una buena cena, hasta que me conecté al Internet y leí la noticia de que RAIN  llegará a Nagoya a las 9 de la noche.

Todos los planes se volvieron hacia un solo plan - ir por encontrar a RAIN en el aeropuerto ^^

Con suerte, yo estaba de pie en la parte frontal.A medida que RAIN salió mi primera impresión fue que parecía  tan guapo y alto!!Él vio mi mesa de luces,caminó hacia nosotros y tendió las manos.Un fan japonés al lado de  mi me agarró su mano. Probablemente ella lo sostuvo por mucho tiempo que instintivamente retrocedió un  poco mientras tomaba su mano libre, así que yo tuve que inclinarme y estirar mi mano para estrechar la mano  de él. Su mano grande y suave era todo lo que podía recordar. Mi amiga también se las arregló para darle la  mano y después la seguridad impidió a los los otros fans y RAIN caminó más lejos.
En este punto, algunos fans comenzaron a salir de la sala de espera, así que fue un poco caótico.RAIN se volvió y  nos saludó cuando llego a una distancia segura. En ese momento me di cuenta de que tenía la gorra en su  cabesa, de otro manera.

Esperamos por más de 2 horas, lo vimos por sólo unos 5 segundos.Aún así, me alegró el día ^^

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

To overseas fans who want to purchase 2013 Zepp tour official goods

Rainy is trying to help overseas fans who wish to buy the 2013 RAIN ZEPP Tour official goods.  Please refer to the following English notice for detailed information:

[For other languages please refer here]

For shipment to addresses within Korea, overseas fans can order online directly from cookimusic. Goods which will be open for sale on 13 Nov.


For shipment outside Korea, overseas fans will have to bear the delivery charge themselves.  As shipping cost varies by weight and destination, we need to collect email orders from overseas fans first.  We will then compile a list and pass this to the sellers so that they could calculate the exact shipping charge for each order. The deadline to collect email order from overseas fans will be 23 Nov, 2013.

After the sellers have calculated the shipping cost,  we will inform each individual overseas buyer the total amount they need to pay, i.e. cost of goods plus shipping charges.  Delivery can only be made after payment has been received by the seller.

At the moment I am not sure about the method of payment.  I think it is unlikely that the seller will accept PayPal, and they will most likely only accept Korean won payment via bank remittance.  I will check and confirm on this point.

In case the seller will not accept PayPal, I could help overseas fans with PayPal but please note that there will be exchange rate loss incurred as well as bank remittance charges.   I will communicate separately about this if it proves to be necessary.

Hope this is clear.

Indonesian translation by RAIN's Little Cloud

Rainy mencoba untuk membantu fans di luar negeri yang ingin membeli merchandise resmi RAIN Zepp tour 2013. Silakan baca pemberitahuan dalam Bahasa Inggris berikut untuk informasi lebih rinci:

[Untuk bahasa yang lain bisa dilihat di sini ]

Untuk pengiriman ke alamat di Korea, fans di luar negeri dapat memesan secara online langsung dari cookimusic. Semua barang akan terbuka untuk umum pada tanggal 13 November.

Untuk pengiriman  ke luar Korea, fans di luar negeri harus menanggung biaya pengiriman sendiri. Karena biaya pengiriman bervariasi menurut berat dan tujuan, kami perlu mengumpulkan order berdasarkan email dari fans di luar negeri lebih dulu. Kami kemudian akan mengkompilasi daftar dan menyerahkannya kepada penjual sehingga mereka bisa menghitung biaya pengiriman yang tepat untuk setiap order. Batas waktu untuk mengumpulkan order email dari fans di luar negeri adalah 23 Nov, 2013.

Setelah penjual menghitung biaya pengiriman, kami akan menginformasikan setiap pembeli di luar negeri akan jumlah total yang harus mereka bayar, yaitu harga barang ditambah biaya pengiriman. Pengiriman hanya dapat dilakukan setelah pembayaran diterima oleh penjual.

Pada saat ini saya [~ Overseas Master huhuhuhu] belum pasti dengan metode pembayaran. Saya pikir penjual tidak akan menerima PayPal, dan mereka kemungkinan besar hanya akan menerima Won Korea dengan pembayaran melalui Bank Transfer. Saya akan cek dan mengkonfirmasikan masalah ini.

Jika penjual tidak menerima PayPal, saya bisa membantu fans di luar negeri dengan PayPal tetapi harap dicatat bahwa akan ada biaya penukaran mata uang asing yang timbul serta biaya pengiriman uang. Saya akan membahas masalah ini secara terpisah jika memang diperlukan.

Semoga ini bisa dimengerti.

Romanian translation by Benghi

Pentru fanii de peste ocean care vor sa obtina bunurile oficiale 2013 RAIN ZEPP TOUR

Rainy incearca sa ajute fanii de peste ocean care vor sa cumpere bunurile oficiale 2013 RAIN ZEPP TOUR.Va rugam sa urmariti anuntul in engleza pentru detalii:

[Pentru alte limbi va rugam consultati aici]

Pentru livrari la adrese din Coreea,fanii de peste ocean pot comanda online direct de la cookimusic.Bunuri care vor fi puse in vanzare din 13 Noiembrie.

Pentru livrari in afara Coreei,fanii de peste ocean vor trebui sa suporte taxa de livrare. Cum taxele pentru livrare variaza prin greutate si destinatie,noi trebuie sa colectam prima data toate comenzile prin e-mail de la fanii de peste ocean.Pe urma vom alcatui o lista si o vom inainta vanzatorilor pentru ca ei sa poata calcula taxa exacta de livrare pentru fiecare comanda. Termenul limita pentru colectarea comenzilor prin email va fi 23 Noiembrie,2013.

Dupa ce vanzatorii au calculat taxa pentru livrare,noi vom informa fiecare cumparator de peste ocean toata suma pe care vor trebui sa o plateasca,costul bunurilor plus taxa de livrare. Livrarea se va face numai dupa ce plata a fost primita de catre vanzator.

In acest moment nu sunt sigura de metoda de plata. Cred ca nu este posibil ca vanzatorul sa accepte PayPal, si ei mai mult ca sigur vor accepta plata numai in woni Coreeni prin depunere in banca. Voi verifica si confirma cu privinta la acest lucru.

In cazul in care vanzatorul nu va accepta PayPal,eu as putea ajuta fanii de peste ocean cu PayPal,dar va rog sa notati ca vor fi pierderi in cursul de schimb cat si in taxele prin depunerile la banca.Voi comunica separat despre aceasta daca se va dovedi a fi necesar.

Sper ca este clar.

[2013-11-12] RAIN-Official Website Notice: 2013 ZEPP tour official goods sale

Dear clouds
This notice is about the sale of the 2013 RAIN ZEPP tour official goods

[Both domestic and overseas fans can start order from November 13th. Overseas application deadline will be on November 23rd ~ RAIN's Little Cloud]

For domestic buyers, you could apply to buy the goods through the above website.Please pay attention to the following information.
For overseas buyers, please check the items you wish to buy from the above website and then send your request by email to the country masters listed below.

[2013 RAIN ZEPP tour official goods – domestic sale]
- Delivery will be free of charge for purchase over 30,000 won.
- Delivery for purchase in Korea is estimated to be on 25 November.
- For those who want to get the goods at Japan concert venues please enquire separately when you order your purchase.

[2013 RAIN ZEPP tour official goods – overseas sales (excluding Japan)]
- Overseas fans should send email to overseas master huhuhuhu listing the goods and the quantity they want to purchase.

  We will check the weight of the goods you want to order and will inform you the cost of the delivery     charge.  Delivery will be made after payment is received.
  Application email: heidi.shanghai@gmail.com
  Application content: buyer’s name/goods and quantity/delivery country/contact telephone number/delivery address/email address

[2013 RAIN ZEPP tour official goods – Japan sale]
- Overseas fans should send email to overseas master Hina listing the goods and the quantity they want to purchase.

  We will check the weight of the goods and the quantity you want to order and will inform you the cost of the delivery charge.  Delivery will be made after payment is received.
  Application email: cloudrainjapan@gmail.com

  Application content: buyer’s name/goods and quantity/delivery country/contact telephone number/delivery address/email address

# Separate notice will be made on method of payment and delivery schedule for overseas buyers
# In the case when the goods ordered are sold out, only the remaining available goods ordered will be delivered.  (In such case we will issue notice on refund etc. afterwards and will inform you via the overseas masters) . 

Source: rain-jihoon.com


2013 ZEPP tour 공식판매 굿즈 안내
안녕하세요 구름여러분,

2013 RAIN ZEPP tour 공식판매 굿즈 구매에 대해 안내말씀드립니다.

국내 구매자는 위의 주소를 통해  구매신청을 하실 수 있습니다. 아래 유의 사항을 참고하세요.

해외 구매자는 위의 주소로 제품에 대한 설명과 품목을 확인하신 후 
아래 국가마다 구분되어 있는 구름 마스터 이메일로 신청해주시기 바랍니다.

[2013 RAIN ZEPP tour 공식 - 국내 판매]

- 3만원 이상 구매하신 분들께는 무료로 배송해드립니다.

- 한국 구매자는 11월 25일 일괄 배송 예정입니다.

- 물품을 일본콘서트장에서 받고자 하시는 분들은 상품 구매 시 따로 문의해주세요.

[2013 RAIN ZEPP tour 공식 - 해외 판매(일본지역 제외)]

- 해외 구매자는 해외 구름마스터이신 huhuhuhu님이 수량을 이메일로 신청받아서 무게 체크하고, 
  추후 개별 배송비 알려드린 후 입금확인되는 분들에게 일괄배송될 예정입니다. 

   신청메일 :  heidi.shanghai@gmail.com
   신청내용 :  구매자이름/ 물품 수량 / 배송국가/ 연락처 / 배송지 주소 / 메일주소

[2013 RAIN ZEPP tour 공식 - 일본 판매]

- 해외 구매자는 해외 구름마스터이신 hina님이 수량을 이메일로 신청받아서 무게 체크하고, 
  추후 개별 배송비 알려드린 후 입금확인되는 분들에게 일괄배송될 예정입니다. 

   신청메일 :  cloudrainjapan@gmail.com
   신청내용 :  구매자이름/ 물품 수량 / 배송국가/ 연락처 / 배송지 주소 / 메일주소


# 해외 구매자에 한해서 추후 입금방법과 배송일정은 별도 공지해드리겠습니다

# 판매물품 중 Sold Out 된 경우 구매 및 배송이 되지 않으며, 다른 물품과 함께 주문 하신 경우에는 Sold Out된 제품 이외에 신청한 물품만 배송됩니다. (해당 경우의 환불 조치 등은 이후 따로 추가 공지 또는 해외마스터를 통해 전달하도록 하겠습니다)


2013 RAIN ZEPP tour公式グッズ販売
2013 RAIN ZEPP tour公式販売グッズの購入について御案内申し上げます。

海外の皆さんは上のURLで商品についての説明と品目を確認した後、(海外の人は上のサイトでは購入できません) 下に国ごとに区分されているクルムマスターにEメールで申込んでください。

[2013 RAIN ZEPP tour公式-韓国販売]
[2013 RAIN ZEPP tour公式 海外販売(日本地域を除く)]


[2013 RAIN ZEPP tour公式-日本での販売]


# 海外購入者の方々の入金方法と配送の日程は別途お知らせします
# 販売商品が売り切れてしまった場合、購入および配送はできません。他の商品と一緒にご注文なさった場合、売り切れた商品以外の商品だけ配送いたします。


2013 ZEPP Tour 公式周边销售公告
在此公告关于2013 RAIN ZEPP tour 公式周边的销售


[2013 RAIN ZEPP tour 公式周边 - 国内贩卖]
- 购买3万韩圜以上免费派送。
- 韩国购买者预计派送日期为11月25日。
- 如果想在日本演唱会会场领取物品的,请个别咨询。


[2013 RAIN ZEPP tour 公式周边 - 海外贩卖(日本地区以外国家
- 海外购买者可用发邮件给海外 master huhuhuhu 申请购买。我们会按清单计算物品重量,通知派送费用。确认汇款后就派送货品。


[2013 RAIN ZEPP tour 公式周边 - 日本地区贩卖]
- 海外购买者可用发邮件给海外 master hina 申请购买。我们会按清单计算物品重量,通知派送费用。确认汇款后就派送货品。


# 如果订购的物品已经售罄的话,就只会派送订单内余下有存货的物品。(如有此情况之后会再出公告通过海外 master 转达)


Dear Clouds
Berikut adalah pemberitahuan mengenai penjualan official merchandise RAIN ZEPP tour 2013 

[Baik fans domestik dan luar negeri dapat mulai memesan dari tanggal 13 November. Batas waktu pemesanan untuk fans luar negeri adalah tanggal 23 November ~ RAIN's Little Cloud™]

Untuk pembeli di Korea, Anda bisa membeli melalui website di atas. Harap perhatikan informasi berikut.
Untuk pembeli di luar Korea, silakan cek barang yang ingin dibeli dari situs di atas dan kemudian mengirimkan order Anda melalui email ke Overseas Master yang tercantum di bawah ini.

[Official merchandise RAIN ZEPP tour 2013  - penjualan domestik]
- Pengiriman akan dikenai biaya untuk pembelian lebih dari 30.000 won.
- Pengiriman barang di Korea diperkirakan pada tanggal 25 November.
- Bagi mereka yang ingin menerimanya di tempat konser di Jepang , silahkan bertanya secara terpisah saat memesan pembelian Anda.

[Official merchandise RAIN ZEPP tour 2013 - penjualan di luar negeri (tidak termasuk Jepang)]
- Fans di luar negeri harus mengirimkan email kepada Overseas Master huhuhuhu dengan menyertakan daftar barang dan kuantitas yang ingin dibeli.

Kami akan memastikan berat barang yang Anda pesan dan akan memberitahukan besarnya biaya pengiriman. Pengiriman akan dilakukan setelah pembayaran diterima.
   Email pemesanan: heidi.shanghai@gmail.com
   Isi email: Nama pembeli/barang dan kuantitas/nama negara/nomor telepon/ alamat pengiriman/alamat email.

[Official merchandise RAIN ZEPP tour 2013 -  penjualan di Jepang]
- Fans di luar negeri [Jepang] harus mengirimkan email ke Overseas Master Hina dengan menyertakan daftar barang dan kuantitas yang ingin dibeli.

Kami akan memastikan berat barang yang Anda pesan dan akan memberitahukan besarnya biaya pengiriman. Pengiriman akan dilakukan setelah pembayaran diterima
   Aplikasi email: cloudrainjapan@gmail.com

   Isi email: Nama pembeli/barang dan kuantitas/nama negara/nomor telepon/ alamat pengiriman/alamat email.

# Akan ada pemberitahuan terpisah mengenai metode pembayaran dan jadwal pengiriman bagi pembeli di luar negeri
# Pada kasus barang yang dipesan sudah habis terjual, maka hanya pesanan yang masih tersedia yang akan dikirimkan. (Dalam kasus seperti ini, kami akan mengeluarkan pemberitahuan untuk pengembalian dana dll. dan kemudian akan memberitahu Anda melalui Overseas Master).


Dragi Clouds,
Acest anunt este despre vanzarea bunurilor oficiale ale 2013 RAIN ZEPP TOUR

[Inceperea comenzilor se poate face din 13 Noiembrie valabil fanii locali cat si cei de peste ocean. Termenul limita pentru cererile de peste ocean va fi 23 Noiembrie ~ RAIN's Little Cloud™]

Pentru cumparatorii locali, puteti aplica pentru a cumpara bunurile prin site-ul de mai sus. Va rugam sa acordati multa atentie informatiilor urmatoare.

Pentru cumparatorii de peste ocean, va rugam sa verificati articolele pe care doriti sa le cumparati din site-ul de mai sus si trimiteti cererile voastre prin e-mail la Cloud Master-ii listati mai jos.

[2013 RAIN ZEPP TOUR bunurile oficiale-vanzari locale]
- Livrarea va fi gratuita pentru cumparaturile de peste 30.000 de woni.
- Livrarea pentru cumparaturi in Coreea este estimata a fi pe 25 Noiembrie.
- Pentru cei care vor sa obtina bunurile la locurile de intalnire pentru concertele din Japonia, va rugam sa va interesati atunci cand comandati achizitia voastra.

[2013 RAIN ZEPP TOUR bunurile oficiale - vanzari peste ocean (excluzand Japonia)]
-Fanii de peste ocean ar trebui sa trimita e-mail Master-ului huhuhuhu listand bunurile si cantitatea pe care vor sa o obtina. Vom verifica greutatea bunurilor pe care vreti sa le comandati si va vom informa despre costul livrarii. Livrarea se va face dupa ce plata va fi primita.
-Aplicatia pentru e-mail: heidi.shanghai@gmail.com
-Continutul aplicatiei: numele cumparatorului/bunurile si cantitatea/tara pentru livrare/numarul de telefon pentru contact/adresa de livrare/adresa de e-mail.

[2013 RAIN ZEPP TOUR bunurile oficiale - vanzarile pentru Japonia]
-Fanii de peste ocean ar trebui sa trimita e-mail Master-ului Hina listand bunurile si cantitatea pe care vor sa o obtina.Vom verifica greutatea bunurilor pe care vreti sa le comandati si va vom informa despre costul livrarii. Livrarea se va face dupa ce plata va fi primita.
-Aplicatia pentru e-mail : cloudrainjapan@gmail.com
-Continutul aplicatiei: numele cumparatorului/bunurile si cantitatea/tara pentru livrare/numarul de telefon pentru contact/adresa de livrare/adresa de e-mail.

#Un anunt separat se va face pentru metoda de plata si livrare pentru cumparatorii de peste ocean.
#In cazul in care bunurile comandate vor fi vandute, numai bunurile valabile ramase vor fi livrate. (In acest caz vom inainta un anunt pentru returnarea banilor etc. si va vom informa prin intermediul Master-ilor de peste ocean)

Monday, 11 November 2013

[11-Nov-13][Osen] "Rain is now progressing music work, but the time for his comeback is not yet settled."

[11-Nov-13][Osen] "Rain is now progressing music work, but the time for his comeback is not yet settled."

With singer Rain now progressing music work to make a comeback as a singer, his management agency expressed, "The time for his comeback is not yet definitely settled."

In a phone call with Osen on the morning of the 11th, authorities at his management agency said, "Rain has begun working on his music. We're still talking about whether the best approach is a conservative one or whether he shows the new side of him in new nontraditional ways, has not been fully determined yet." and "Several songs have been completed."

Continuing, "As Rain will go into his touring schedule beginning November 14th, he'll focus on his concert tour first. He is working on his album in his spare time."

Before this, accompanied by his more than 3,000 fans, Rain had his first fan meeting at Kyunghee University on the 12th of last month after his discharge from the army. On the day, he put them on to the news of his working on his album."

Meanwhile, Rain will hold a concert entitled "2013 RAIN ZEPP TOUR-STORY OF RAIN" in Zepp Nagoya on November 14th as the first leg of the tour, and will go on to hold concerts in Fukuoka. Osaka. Tokyo, in those four cities till November 28th.

Credit to Osen
English translation by 화니
Posted @ The Cloud

Indonesian translation by RAIN's Little Cloud

[11-Nov-13] [Osen] "RAIN sedang mengerjakan albumnya, tetapi waktu untuk comeback belum ditentukan."

Bersamaan dengan saat penyanyi RAIN mengerjakan album untuk comebacknya sebagai penyanyi, manajemennya menyatakan, "Waktu untuk comeback belum dipastikan."

Dalam pembicaraan  per telepon dengan Osen pada pagi hari tanggal 11, pihak manajemennya mengatakan, "RAIN telah mulai mengerjakan albumnya. Kami masih mendiskusikan cara pendekatan terbaik apakah secara konservatif atau dengan dia menunjukkan sisi barunya dengan cara yang non-tradisional, semuanya belum diputuskan." dan "Beberapa lagu telah diselesaikan."

Melanjutkan, "Karena RAIN akan memulai tur nya yang pada tanggal 14 November, dia akan fokus pada konser tur pertamanya. Dia mengerjakan albumnya pada waktu luang."

Belum lama ini, bersama dengan lebih dari 3.000 penggemarnya, RAIN melakukan fan meeting pertamanya di Universitas Kyunghee tanggal 12 bulan lalu setelah selesai wamil. Pada hari itu, ia mengatakan pada mereka bahwa dia sedang mengerjakan albumnya. "

Sementara itu, RAIN akan menggelar konser bertajuk "2013 RAIN ZEPP TOUR-STORY OF RAIN" di Zepp Nagoya pada tanggal 14 November sebagai bagian pertama dari tur, dan akan dilanjutkan dengan konser di Fukuoka, Osaka, Tokyo, di ke-empat kota tersebut sampai dengan tanggal 28 November. 

Romanian translation by Benghi

11-Nov-13] [Osen] "RAIN progreseaza in muzica sa,dar timpul pentru Comeback-ul sau nu este inca stabilit"

Solistul RAIN progreseaza in muzica sa pentru a-si face Comeback-ul ca solist, dar agentia sa de management e spus, "Timpul pentru Comeback-ul sau nu este inca stabilit."

Intr-o conversatie telefonica cu Osen in dimineata zilei de 11, autoritati din agentia sa de management au spus, " RAIN a inceput sa lucreze la muzica sa. Inca mai discutam daca cea mai buna abordare ar fi una conservativa sau cea de a arata o noua parte a lui in cai netraditionale, inca nu este in totalitate stabilit." si "Multe melodii sunt complete."

Continuand, "Cum RAIN va incepe orarul turneului sau din 14 Noiembrie, el se va concentra pentru turneul sau prima data. El lucreaza la albumul sau in timpul sau liber."

Intre timp, RAIN va tine un concert intitulat "2013 RAIN ZEPP TOUR-STORY OF RAIN" in Zepp Nagoya pe 14 Noiembrie, ca primul concert al turneului, si va continua sa aiba concerte in Fukuoka, Osaka, Tokio, in aceste patru orase  pana in 28 Noiembrie.

Spanish translation by Benghi

[ 11-Nov-13] [Osen] RAIN está avanzando en el trabajo de su música,pero el tiempo para su Comeback aún no está resuelto. 

Con el cantante RAIN ahora avanzando en el trabajo de su música para hacer una reaparición como cantante,su agencia expresó: "El tiempo para su Comeback no está aún definitivamente resuelto."

En una llamada telefónica con Osen en la mañana del día de 11,las autoridades de su agencia,dijeron "RAIN ha comenzado a trabajar en su música.Todavía estamos hablando de si el mejor enfoque es un ser conservador o si se muestra una nueva cara de él en nuevas formas no-tradicionales,no ha sido totalmente determinado aún". y "Varias canciones se han terminado."

Continuando, "Como RAIN va entrar en su calendario de gira a partir 14 de Noviembre,el primero se va a concentrar en su gira de conciertos.Él está trabajando en su álbum en su tiempo libre."

Antes de esto,acompañado de sus más de 3.000 fans,RAIN tuvo su primera reunión de fans en la Universidad de KyungHee en el día 12 del mes pasado,después de su descarga del ejército.En el día,se los puso a la noticia de su trabajo en su álbum".

Mientras tanto,RAIN dará un concierto titulado "2013 RAIN ZEPP TOUR-STORY OF RAIN" en Zepp Nagoya en el 14 de Noviembre como la primera etapa de la gira,y pasará a realizar conciertos en Fukuoka,Osaka,y Tokyo,en estos cuatro ciudades hasta en el 28 de Noviembre.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

SUBBED VIDEO ~ RAIN - Making Of Harper's Bazaar Korea Photoshoot 2008

RAIN ~ Making Of Harper's Bazaar Korea Photoshoot 2008

This is the subbed version of the "Making Of Harper's Bazaar Korea Photoshoot."  RAIN was the first Korean male model to be on the cover of Harper's Bazaar Korea magazine.  This was for the magazine's November 2008 issue.  Other languages will follow soon.


Romanian translation by Benghi

RAIN ~ Sedinta foto a Harper's Bazaar Korea 2008

Aceasta este versiunea subtitrata a "Making Of Harper's Bazaar Korea Photoshoot." RAIN a fost primul model Korean care a aparut pe coperta revstei Harper's Bazaar Korea. Aceasta a fost pentru editia revistei din Noiembrie.

Indonesian translation by RAIN's Little Cloud

RAIN - Making Of Harper's Bazaar Korea Photoshoot 2008

Ini adalah versi dengan subs dari "Making Of Harper's Bazaar Korea Photoshoot".  RAIN adalah model pria Korea pertama yang berada di sampul majalah Harper Bazaar Korea.  Ini adalah untuk edisi November 2008 majalah tersebut.

Spanish translation by RAIN's Little Cloud

RAIN ~ Making Of de Harper Bazar Corea Photoshoot 2008

Esta es la versión subtitulada del "Making Of Bazar Corea Photoshoot de Harper." RAIN fue el primer modelo masculino de Corea para estar en la portada de la revista Harper Bazar Corea. Esto fue para la edición de la revista de noviembre de 2008.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

RAIN to participate in BAZAAR Men's Style People of The Year Award Ceremony

[NEWS] 2013.11.01 According to the notice provided by RAIN's Official Website, RAIN will be participating at the Bazaar Men's Style People of The Year Award Ceremony.

Source:  Rain Official Website
English translation by 화니 at The Cloud

-Rain's participation in BAZAAR Men's Style People of The Year Award Ceremony-

Hello, Cloud members.

Here is the notice about Rain's participation in an event in Beijing, China.

Title: BAZAAR Men's Style People of The Year Award Ceremony
Time: 18:00 on November 2nd, 2013.
Location: 789 Art Zone

We ask for your interest and participation

[This notice is also available in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese at the official website.]

This fancam video by S-Liu shows RAIN headed toward a restaurant in Beijing.  In her video we can see members of RAIN's dance crew with him.

Romanian translation by Benghi

[NOUTATI] 01.11.2013 Conform anuntului prevazut de site-ul oficial al lui RAIN,RAIN va participa la Bazaar Men's Style People Of The Year Award Ceremony.

Sursa:  RAIN Official Website

-Participarea lui RAIN la BAZAAR Men's Style People Of The Year Ceremony-

Buna ziua,membri Cloud,

Aici este anuntul despre participarea lui RAIN la un eveniment in Beijing,China.

Titlu: BAZAAR Men's Style People Of The Year Ceremony
Timp: 18:00 in 2 Noiembrie 2013.
Locatie: 789 Art Zone

Va cerem interesul si participarea voastra.

Acest anunt este valabil in japoneza,coreeana si chineza la site-ul oficial.


Acest videoclip al lui S-Liu il arata pe RAIN mergand catre un restaurant in Beijing.In videoclipul ei ii putem vedea pe membrii trupei de dans a lui RAIN,impreuna cu el.

Spanish translation by Benghi

[NOTICIAS] 11.01.2013 De acuerdo con la notificación proporcionada por el RAIN Official Website,RAIN va a participar en el Bazaar Men's Style People Of The Year Award Ceremony.

Fuente: RAIN Web Oficial

-La participación de RAIN en BAZAAR Men's Style People of The Year Ceremony-

Hola,miembros del Cloud,

Aquí está el anuncio sobre la participación de RAIN en un evento en Beijing,China.

Título: BAZAAR Men's Style People of The Year Award Ceremony.
Hora: 18:00 el 2 de Noviembre,2013.
Lugar: 789 Art Zone

Le pedimos su interés y participación.

[Este aviso también está disponible en japonés,coreano y chino en el sitio RAIN Official Website.]


Este fancam de S-Liu muestra a RAIN caminando hacia un restaurante en Beijing.En su video podemos ver a los miembros de el equipe de baile de RAIN,con él.