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RAIN performs at MAMA 2013.11.22 and album releasing 2014.01.06

[21-Nov-13]Rain to have a comeback performance at Mnet's 'MAMA'..His new album will be released next January.

Source:  NewsNaver
English translation by 화니 at The Cloud

Singer and actor Rain (his real name, Jung Ji-hoon, aged 31), who was discharged from the army last July, will domestically have a comeback performance at 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

According to multiple people involved in both the world of singers and broadcasting on the 21st, [NOTE: date of MAMA is 22nd] Rain will put on a surprise performance at the awards ceremony that is supposed to be held in the Asia World Expo Arena of Hong Kong on that day, and he is officially going to release his new album next January 6th.

Now Rain is in the midst of a concert tour in Japan's 4 cities, but he'll go to Hong Kong for this performance after his concert in Osaka scheduled for the 21st.

After three years and nine months of releasing his album 'Back To The Basic' in April, 2010, Rain will be back with his new album next January. 2011's song 'Busan Woman' published at his last concert before his enlistment was just an event song for his fans.

Again, Rain will produce his new album himself. Some of his own songs will be in this album, and similar to his previous albums, you can expect many collaboration tracks with respected composers including 'Bae Jin-ryeol'. It is said they are progressing fairly with the work. As Rain has laid plans on how clothes, choreography, music, etc, should be made for the album, he is known to show enthusiasm for the job by presiding over meetings to provide his fans with the best-quality album possible.

For the past four months since his discharge from the army, Rain has focused on having serious of schedules abroad, except for a domestic fan meeting.

Rain hit the stage at Thailand's music festival 'Sonic Bang' last August, and the sponsors of China's Hounan TV's live music show 'Qairunasung' (快樂男聲) invited him to come and give performances last September. Also, he attended '2013 Singapore Fashion Week' last month.

In addition, Rain has been going on a concert tour entitled 'Rain Zepp Tour-Story of Rain' in Japanese cities like Fukuoka (18-19), Osaka (20-21), and Tokyo (25-28), since he held concerts in Nagoya on November 14-15 in the first leg of his tour.

Accordingly, the media attention has focused attention on which of these two comebacks as a singer and as an actor come first, and on his schedule.

An official from the world of songs said, "Making his debut as a singer, Rain has extended his activities to the screen and dramas, but he seems to think that working as a singer could be more meaningful for his fans who have been waiting for him."

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