Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Follow the latest instruction on How To Register to TheCloud here:

Posted by: Rose Hoong @The Cloud

This is meant to help those that have yet to be even members of The Cloud, especially for English-speaking Clouds!
I am posting this here for anyone who wishes to re-post it to other sites to encourage more Clouds to join as many members like NovemberRAIN & kyrsantea has been requesting for some assistance on this front.
CloudUSA already has recruited many of their members to be 8th Cloud members thru this link – http://cloudusa.wordpress.com/cloud-projects/rains-the-cloud-fan-site-in-south-korea-how-to-join-instructions-in-english/ ….US Clouds may find this link more suitable…
Much Thanks & Appreciation to Stephe & Terri!
Please note that registration here is FREE & anyone can be a Gray Cloud!

Official Clouds are colored & current 8th Clouds are BLUE!

{Once registered @The Cloud – access will be available for info on 8th Cloud membership – Believe the recruitment may still be available-will check & post again later…Thanks!}
PS- Current members, please feel free to add or delete whatever is important or inappropriate! TQVM! Gamsahamnida!


(RAIN’s Official Fan Club)
1. Get into The Cloud's linkhttp://rain-cloud.co.kr/
2. Top Left Corner…Click 회원가입 =>Join membership (Screenshot 1)

3. Type of Membership will appear ….
a. Click Bottom Right Box for Foreign Membership
b. Sign-Up for Foreign Membership
4. Fill in Your Personal Details – refer Screenshot 2

a. Nickname => Is the name that will appear on Cloud Page
b. ID is the name that you will use for Log-In & not your Nickname!
c. Remember to click on “CHECK” for “Possibility/Availability” – if not available. Try different ones until U get one that is available!
d. The rest should be manageable.
5. Once you agree and click OK…you will already be a member…
6. Always remember that when you Log-In…use your ID아이디 & PW[this is next to LOGIN –refer to Screenshot 3

7. Then it will take you to your page with your Nickname at the top.

Please note that there are many sections to go to:-
The 1st would of course be:-
A Message of Support Board for RAIN
You will see a box that has “WRITE” next to above:-
Your nickname will appear & in the blank box you can write your message TO RAIN!
Refer to Screenshot 4

Added Screenshot 5 for all other sections to go to!

Please note that U will be a GRAY Cloud upon registration.
7th Cloud Official Members were GREEN Clouds…
Current 8th Cloud Official Members are BLUE Clouds…


  1. IS FREE ? greeting from uruguay !! THANKS

  2. @nair, yes you can join The Official Forum for free. See you there ^^