Thursday, 12 June 2014

[VIDEO] RAIN ~ 2006.11.04 MTV "Making Of" Special ~ I'm Coming + RAIN Live Special

"The Making Of" video for RAIN's I'm Coming PV (MV) aired 2006.11.04 on MTV.  He breaks it down for you how it was set up and filmed.  Lots to see here!

RAIN ~ 2006.11.04 Making of I'm Coming PV by RAINsLittleCloud

RAIN Live Special was aired on MTV immediately after "The Making Of" video on the same date.  The special opens with I'm Coming and then his heartfelt In My Bed.  Next up he puts his sunglasses on to show us How to Avoid the Sun.  A little Rain's World intro and we see the fun side of RAIN singing With U and ending the special with I Do.

RAIN ~ 2006.11.04 RAIN LIVE SPECIAL by RAINsLittleCloud

Credit is embedded in both videos so if you re-upload it, do not add your own name/logo/stamp to it.   Thanks & enjoy these videos!

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