Monday, 9 June 2014

[VIDEO] RAIN ~ 2005.02.26 MTV Asia Aid Raining on BKK

December 26, 2004 the Indian Ocean was hit by an undersea earthquake which triggered a tsunami.  This natural disaster devastated parts of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand.  MTV set up a concert to help raise funds to provide aid.  This video is the special broadcast on 2005.02.26 known as MTV Asia Aid Raining on BKK.  The special follows Rain from his departure in South Korea to his arrival in Bangkok, Thailand, his meetings with fans and rehearsing for his performance in the concert to be performed at Impact Arena.  Along the way we see other entertainers who have come to help with aid and catch small pieces of some of their performances.  We see Rain's full performance of It's Raining.

This video had originally been split into two pieces.  RAIN's Little Cloud™ has merged them back together so that you view this special as it originally aired. Credit is embedded in the video so please, if you re-upload, do not add your own name/stamp/logo to it.

RAIN ~ 050226 MTV Asia Aid Raining on BKK by RAINsLittleCloud

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