Sunday, 30 June 2013

Results of the Attention!! My Rain Event

Results of the Attention!! My Rain Event

Source:   huhuhuhu at The Cloud

It has been a difficult decision but it’s time to announce the result.

The BESIDE team had tried their very best to be impartial and fair as they watched the many video submissions and awarded their points.

In fact, very often the difference is just 1 or 2 points between the various winners.

Watching so many fans performing Rain’s songs and dances merrily made them happy too!  And they hope all fans will continue to support Rain as he starts his second stage!

Prizes will be sent out as soon as possible.  To all the winners, please send your mailing address to

An 8th prize and a special prize had been added to the award.  8th prize: 3 copies of Rainism CD.  Special Prize: 3 copies of Back to the Basic CD.

Thank you very much again to all of you who participated in this event.

1st prize  :  Country :  Brazil.  Name : Gleice Oliveira
2nd prize :  Country : Turkey , Turkish Clouds
3rd prize :  Country : Peru , Name :  Sttefany Ayma,Fiorella Sanchez,Mariela Bustamante
4th prize :  Country :  Taiwan, Name : 진카터 陳卡特 Carter Chen
5th prize :  Country :  Taiwan, Name : Vivi Lee . Love Ku
6th prize :  Country : Chile,  Name: Cloud Chile & VOID
7th prize :
Country :   Peru, Name :  Marco. A. Ponce
Country :   Viet Nam,  Name :  Pham Ngoc Kim Long
Country :   Peru, Names : Thalia Gomez Ramos; Patricia Aguilar Guerrero; Lilian Cortez Taboada
8th prize :
Country :  Romania, Name : Leyla rez Serif Benghiul
Country :  Mexico, Name : Judith Gutierrez
Country :  USA , Name :  Sarah Sweat
Special prize : Country :Japan , 名前:pokusuna

Congratulations to the winners and please remember to send in your address to

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  1. oh , congratulations to my friends peruvians !! arriba!!