Tuesday, 9 July 2013


[09-Jul-2013] Rain'll never forget to give a greeting at the discharge scene scheduled for the 10th.

Source:  Star News
English translation by 화니 at The Cloud
Additional editing by RLC team

Cube Entertainment which is supposed to represent Rain expressed on the 9th, "Rain will be discharged from the Defense Media Agency located in Seoul's Yongsan-gu on the morning of the 10th "

Considering Rain's first public appearance since the actual management status of entertainment soldiers recently came under controversy, crowds of reporters are expected to swarm the scene of the discharge.

According to the management company, Rain'll give a brief greeting to reporters and his fans, but there won't be any celebration and press interviews. This measure seems to be attributed to a recent controversy over the slack military discipline at the public information support services in which entertainment soldiers are serving.

Meanwhile, the Defense Ministry said that they would take decisive action after finishing up their inspections throughout the Defense Media Agency and the military public information support service this week, and that Rain would be discharged from military service as previously arranged.

Army colonel Wui Yong-Seop, the press officer of the Defense Ministry, said at a regular briefing last 5th, "The military has concluded that no disciplinary action will be taken against Rain in connection with the controversy, and that he'll be discharged from the army on the 10th as arranged."

Wui added, "After a concert at that time, Rain had dinner with military officials, not with other entertainment soldiers, and then he went back to the lodge to sleep." "Even though he drank at the dinner table, it is easy enough to see how it happened, in a sense of deriving encouragement under the supervision of the officers."  [Please see http://rainslittlecloud.blogspot.com/2013/07/rain-declared-innocent-of-any-violations.html ]

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