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2013.07.10 RAIN visits Mother's grave....

2013.07.10   ‘Discharge’ Rain visits Mother’s grave and meets Father at home

Source:  OSEN, Star Today
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Singer Rain who has concluded his compulsory military service visited his mother’s grave and had gone back home  that is situated in Samsung-dong. It was revealed that this is his first time meeting his father face-to-face after his discharge.

Discharged on July 10th with 100 local and foreign reporters waiting in front of the Department of Defense, Rain saluted and expressed his thoughts on his discharge, “I will do the best I can”.

He went straight to the memorial park to visit his mother’s grave. Rain gave a deep bow in front of her grave. He stood silently as he expressed his discharge news to his mother. Rain visited his mother’s grave on the day of entering the military in 2011 October 10th, and also on his discharge day.

After that, Rain went to Samsung-Dong to meet up with his family. During a teleconversation with Rain’s management company, Cube Entertainment told Star Today, “There isn’t any special schedule yet.  We will consider his activities after his break.”

In order to meet up with Rain after these long while, fans from Japan, China, Malaysia, Turkey and America as well as local fans of 700 came to the discharge venue. Some fans even followed Rain to the memorial park, as they took pictures of Rain.

10 or more fans even waited at Cube Entertainment, Cube Cafe. They wrote Rain’s name on placards as they wait for Rain’s uncertain arrival.

Meanwhile, Rain’s overseas activities that are expected to start in the second half of the year, have been moved to next year. He is currently excluded from official activities and is now spending time with his family.

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