Tuesday, 9 July 2013

RAIN Declared Innocent of Any Violations

Source:  Innolife

Rain will be discharged from military as planned on 10th… Ministry of National Defense would give him no punishment.

Among the controversy around the reality of the military services done by entertainment soldiers, the singer Rain (Jung Ji-Hoon) will be discharged from the military as previously arranged on coming 10th.

Colonel Wi Yong-Sup from Ministry of National Defense talked about the situation of the progression of the specialized investigation about the reality of entertainment soldiers’ military services which became the controversy through the recent report given by SBS ‘Site 21’, in the Cabinet meeting held in the briefing room of the Ministry of National Defense in Seoul, Yongsan-gu, on 5th. According to Ministry of National Defense, the soldier Jung Ji-Hoon has nothing related to the controversy surrounding the entertainment soldiers’ military services, and he will be discharged on 10th as previously arranged without punishment.

Rain had been in the center of controversy when SBS ‘Site 21’, which was broadcast on 25th of last month, reported the scene of him having meal and drinking alcohol outside after the performance of consolation for soldiers. About this, Ministry of National Defense said “Rain came back later after the consolation performance, and couldn’t have a meal with other soldiers. Therefore, after he had meal with the executives, he came back to his lodgings and went to sleep.” About the suspicion toward drinking alcohol, it was explained that “even if Rain had drunken alcohol, it was caused by the order given by the executive. The commanders could have offered him to drink in terms of encouragement.”

The result of other entertainment soldiers’ specialized investigation will be notified on next week. According to the Ministry of National Defense, the investigation of other entertainment soldiers, excluding Rain, and the commanders in charge of those will be proceeded as scheduled, and the investigation will be finished in next week, followed by strict action.

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