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[10-Jul-2013][Star]Rain gives a 20 second-long, concise, and clear greeting at the discharge scene.

Credit:  Star News
English translation by 화니 at The Cloud

Singer Rain greeting reporters after being discharged from the army on the 10th.

The site of the discharge was packed with masses of fans and reporters who had been waiting for him since early in the morning.

Singer Rain (aged 31, his real name is Jung Ji-Hoon) was discharged from the army on the 10th. He has been roiled by controversy since the actual status of the management of entertainment soldiers caused a stir, but his popularity and position as a "top star" have still been the same.

Completing 21months of active military service, Rain was discharged from the Defense Media Agency located in Seoul's Yongsan-gu at around 8am this morning.

More than 800 fans from home and abroad and more than 200 reporters gathered in the discharge site to see Rain being discharged from the army. And, police were even called to prevent possible accidents.

Particularly, it was a situation where there was an extreme amount of focus on what Rain would say as there was a recent controversy over the poor management of entertainment soldiers. After dashingly stepping out, he came to the salute in front of crowds of reporters, saying in a loud voice, "Loyalty!"

They could tell from his face that he was standing clearly with a stiff expression on his face, but he briefly greeted them soon after, "Thank you for coming here, and I'll always push myself to do my best." He got into the car that was waiting for him after making the statement. It was a discharge celebration which lasted only about 20 seconds.

There weren't any press interviews or celebration events. However, he asked the driver to pull over for a while and again appeared to his cheering fans on the scene to greet them. Some of his fans welcomed him warmly by holding placards saying '비의 제2막을 함께 하겠습니다' in their hands. ("We want to be with you who come back with a new second act" in English)

Fans who were there to meet Rain at the scene of his discharge on the 10th.

Meanwhile, actress Kim Tae-Hee who is openly considered as Rain's lover, didn't attend the discharge because of her busy schedules.

Rain who completed the short discharge, plans to spend time with his family for the time being after visiting his mother's grave at Byukje Memorial Park. He visited his mother's grave on 10 October 2011, one day before his enlistment.

Rain and Hong Seung-Sung, the representative of Cube Entertainment representing him, will discuss his future plans after having some quality time with his family.

During a phone call with Star News this day, an official from the company said, "Instead of beginning working right now with a renewed mind, he needs to consider various proposals, and to throw his future plans into shape."

Meanwhile, Rain was enlisted at 306 Supplement located in Uijeongbu City on 11 October 2011 and underwent basic military training for 5 weeks, and then he served as an assistant instructor at the 5th Division. In March last year, he had a change of assignment into an entertainment soldier by being transferred to the service support troop in the Defense Media Agency, part of the Defense Ministry.

Recently, SBS TV's June 25 current affairs TV show's in-depth coverage of entertainment soldiers neglecting their duties out of control, shocked a lot of people.

The Defense Ministry made an announcement at a regular briefing last 5th, "Rain'll be discharged from the army as previously arranged, and any disciplinary action won't be taken against him."  [NOTE: The Defense Ministry ruled that Rain violated no rules.  See  RLC]

Rain leaving the building of the Defense Media Agency after his discharge on the 10th.

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