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Fan Account of Consolatory Train Event 2013.04.04

Fan Account of Consolatory Train Event 2013.04.04 *

Brief English translation by 화니  at The Cloud
Source:  fan account

[Brief translation] :

'Consolatory Train' concert scheduled for April 3rd was going to take place in private, but with the help of my acquaintance who is the wife of an military officer, I was able to get a chance to attend the concert.

On the day, I was able to sit in the corner of the first row of the auditorium, but I stealthily moved to the middle of the first row shortly before Rain came out. When he finally appeared on stage, the audience including soldiers, their families, etc. went wild.

He has much better transparent and flawless skin than me who is a woman! Then, he came down the stairs to shake hands with them while performing and some lucky soldiers were able to catch his hand. I was only staring at him, being jostled by the big crowd.

To get his autograph after the concert, three of us went out to a chartered bus where he could be found, but a number of soldiers were already preventing people from entering the area. Just then, a military officer belonging to the Defense Media Agency was seen stepping down from the bus with two sheets of paper in hand, which were signed by him. We were looking at them with envious eyes. I promise to fully enjoy his concerts after he is discharged from the military.

*KFN Consolatory Train schedule only shows performances on April 2 and April 4.  There is no mention by KFN Consolatory Train staff of an event on April 3.  It is felt by RLC that this fan account is of the performance on April 4 and that she began preparation for it on April 3.

Japanese translation by Emik at The Cloud


[概要訳] :





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