Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Rain at Incheon Airport 2013.05.06

[07-May-13]Rain's fleeting presence at Incheon Airport.

Credit to Star Today Star Today
English translation by 화니 at The Cloud

Singer Rain in uniform is leaving for Washington, D.C. via Incheon International Airport on the morning of the 6th.

This event to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the alliance between Korea and the United States will be held at Warner Theatre in Washington, D.C on the 8th of this month, featuring Lee Soo-Young, Korea Art Dance Group, etc., including singer Rain and Mighty Mouth's member 'Sangchu'.

Additional pictures of Rain, Sergeant Jung Ji Hoon, at his departure from Incheon International Airport on 2013.05.06.  Credit as tagged.

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