Thursday, 9 May 2013

ENGLISH TRANS [Y-Star Video] Rain interview at the airport

Below is the English translation of the coverage and very brief interview of RAIN on 2013.05.06 at Incheon International Airport as he prepared to depart with his party to Washington, D.C.
English translation by RLC

Kim Tae Hee's boyfriend singer RAIN is leaving to USA today to attend Commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of the Alliance between Korea and USA.

This week at May 6th morning, we met RAIN at Incheon International airport before his departure.

- Hello?
* Hello.

- What is the occasion today?
* I'm sorry I ...
- Are you going to the States?
* Yes. Nice to meet you.

- What is your commitment in the States?
* Just going as part of the special envoy. Other than that, I don't know in detail.

[RAIN walked past the gate he was supposed to enter and Sangchu called to him.]

Soldier RAIN dressed properly as a soldier, from military boots to beret. RAIN also has nice posture. A well-trained soldier, Jung Ji Hoon. However, when a young fan is asking for his autograph, he is back as The World Star RAIN and sincerely signs for the fan.

But it is not easy to hear his voice especially on questions regarding Kim Tae Hee.

- Jihoon ssi, the good news was heard recently...
* I'm sorry, I'm a soldier. I cannot do interview, I'm sorry.

- Just a word, do you keep in touch with Miss Kim Tae Hee?

* I'm sorry. [bright smile]

- Are you doing well?

 I'm sorry [brighter smile] I'm sorry. [still smiling while looking away from the reporter]

And with a salute, RAIN left to the USA. RAIN is scheduled to attend the Arirang World Peace Festival on May 8th at Warner Theatre in Washington D.C.

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