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[Re-post from The Cloud] Interview with RAIN on Celestial Movie Channel (*ASTRO-Satelite TV)

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Dear RAIN Clouds…here’s sharing an article I just came across.
An 10Q  Interview with RAIN (courtesy of Celestial Movies)…
Our Prince RAIN’s replies are Sincere & right from the Heart…ENJOY


Reported in “thestarmobile” - Sunday, Sep 23 2012

South Korean SuperStar RAIN's final concert before embarking on military service was packed with Passion and Love. SOUTH Korean heartthrob RAIN has left millions of fans craving for his performance after putting aside his celebrity role for a stint in the military.
Malaysian fans are a lucky lot as they will be treated to RAIN:The Best Show tonight on Astro.
It is the world TV premiere of RAIN's farewell concert tour across Asia. Pouring Passion and Love into the show, RAIN’s explosive energy and amazing dance moves are not to be missed.

Here is an interview transcript with the SuperStar provided by Celestial Movies:

1.This is your last concert before military service. How do you feel?
Since this is my last concert before I embark on military service, I would like to communicate with the audience in a more interactive way. I put more emphasis on communicating with them instead of giving the usual performance-oriented show.

2.You broke into tears on stage. Fans were deeply moved by your sincerity.
I was really moved by the audience. I made my debut as a singer on April 24, 2002, and time passes so fast. I have a lot of pleasant flashback and I just couldn’t help breaking into tears.

3.Some artistes are afraid that they would lose their fans and audience after
military service. What is your view on that?
For me, serving the army is my solemn responsibility and it is an honour to be able to become part of the military. I am sure there is nothing I should be afraid of as long as I live with positive thinking.

4.What have you learnt in the army so far?
I always get to experience new stuff and am happy when I manage to overcome the challenges. I always consider my life as a singer from 2002 up to the moment I started military service as Act One, and army life is the second stage in my life. I look forward to Act Threewhich is when I get discharged from the Army.

5.Is there anything you would like to tell your loving fans?
I will let you cheat on me during the two years when I'm serving the Army. Just make sure you come back to me when I return on stage. 

6.Whats the highlight of this concert?
I had toured various cities in South Korea, namely, Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Daejeon, Gwangju and Jeju. Its the first time I presented my new song Busan Women on stage. I kicked off my concert tour in Busan, which went well with the title of my song Busan Women.  I composed the music and wrote the lyrics myself and hope they’ll like it.

7.How have you been doing recently? 
Any interesting episodes in the army you would like to share with your fans?
Recently, I have been appointed as jury member for the audition to pick talent for the programme, Be The Star, run by the military broadcast station. It is my honour to work with fellow singers KCM and Park Hyo-shin and exchange ideas.
Among the participants, one of them sang my song, 
Ways To Avoid The Sun. He sang really well but I felt he should have been more confident and not be too influenced by my style.

8.Your new film Soar Into The Sun was released last month in South Korea. 
Whats your character in the film?
I played a military officer at the air force and I was happy to act in this film because I experience life as an air force pilot.

8.Many people are talking about the kissing scenes between you and lead actress Shin Se-gyung. How was it?
I enjoyed the romantic scenes with her a lot but unfortunately, those scenes were deleted by the director.

9.Do you have any plans after your discharge?
I don’t have any particular plans at the moment. People may think army life is tough, but I enjoy it and am even thinking if I should continue working in the army after my two-year term.

10.Do you have a busy life in the army?
Apart from the daily duties, I am also appointed as the publicity ambassador of the Military Manpower Administration. Attending the orientation ceremonies for the newcomers has become part of my work.

RAIN- The Best Show premieres tonight (Sunday, Sep 23 2012) at 9pm on Celestial Movies (Astro Ch 322) and Celestial Movies HD (Astro Ch 309).

*Note: ASTRO is a Malaysian Based Satellite TV Company that broadcasts to some countries around the region. Channel number may slightly vary depending on the country you are in.

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