Tuesday, 25 October 2011

RAIN's 1st Letter for Clouds from Training Camp

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Our prince has written to us at the military cafe!!!!

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Chinese to English by: huhuhuhu

Hello, this is Division 12 Unit 2 No. 1 trainee soldier Jihoon.  Right now I have some time to write to you.  I read all your letters.  Thank you so much.  I gain great strength receiving letters from you here.  I get on well with my team mates.  There are things which I can't appreciate in the society but I could appreciate keenly here.  Therefore I am very grateful hehehe

The age difference between me and my team mates here is from 11 the youngest to 7 the oldest.  Therefore I have totally become their special counselor.  Anyway, I am now receiving education in master brand No. 5 infantry.  Although sometimes I feel lonely, exhausted, and sometimes cold and hungry, I feel happy living a simple life with occasional small joy in a different environment.  So please don't worry about me.

I read your letters, so please don't worry.  Oh, I have to receive training now so I will stop here.  My hand writing has always been bad so I hope you will excuse this.

2011.10.23. Jung Jihoon

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  1. I am so happy to read Ji Hoon's letter,I am glad to know he is ok,I always knew he would be ^^ cause he is that strong and because he is Jung Ji Hoon!thank you for translating @huhuhu