Saturday, 29 October 2011

Rain has army fans

By Syahida Kamarudin | From Cinema Online Exclusively for Yahoo! NewsroomThu, Oct 27, 2011

27 Oct – It has only been a month since Rain's enlistment in the military, but his army mates have been singing nothing but praises for the star, according to kpopfever.

Some of the letters sent home by the new army recruits who have undergone basic military training with Rain have been posted online.

A soldier wrote, "There are celebrities who take sick leave all the time, but Rain is different. He goes through all the training that he is told to do."

Other soldiers said "He is like a friendly neighbourhood brother. But a cool one", and "If we got 15 points in a week, we'd be allowed to make a 3 to 5 minute phone call; he earned almost all by himself."

There were also funny comments like "The food is terrible, but if a world star can eat it, I should too," and "I am the guy who spends every day beside Rain. I see him in the day and sleep beside him at night."

On 24 October, Rain posted on the recruit school blog that "the age gap between me and the others is seven years at the least and eleven years at the most. I've become a counsellor to the rest," suggesting a strong sense of brotherhood between him and the rest of his colleagues.


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