Tuesday, 25 October 2011

[English Translation] Papa Jung's 'advice' to RAIN's Cloud on Twitter

kichun jung
kichun jung

우리집 정원에 나무들이 불긋불긋 노릿노릿 물들었어요 감나무에 감들이 노랏게익어갑니다. 팬여러분 안녕하시죠? 지훈이가 군대간지2주가 지나갑니다 많이 걱정해주시고 .참으로 감사합니다 저도 많이좋아졌어요 걱정많이 했거든요 팬여러분들게 부탁드릴게 있어요
The leaves on the trees in our garden have turned yellow and red.

The persimmon tree is laden with persimmons getting mature.
All of Rain's fans, are you doing well?
It’s been about two weeks since my son 'Ji Hoony' (Rain) enlisted in the army.
Thank you for your concern and support, and I was really worried about him, but now I’m feeling a whole lot better. By the way, I wish to ask a favor of you.

kichun jung
kichun jung

열쇠부대카페에편지쓰는것은 조금만줄여주시고 손편지(사서함)를 해주시면 더 좋을것같아요 불편하고 시간이걸리지만 또 다른 재미도 있을것 같네요. 감사하고 또 감사함니다. - Rain's Father 정기춘.

I think you need cut down a little on the frequency of your letters on the unit Key cafe (blog) and it is better you write to him at the Army PO box address given.
It may take longer to write to him at the PO box than to post to the message board, but I think it'll be interesting in its own way.
Thank you always.
From Rain's father 'Jung Ki Choon'

English translation by rain bird.

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