Saturday, 22 October 2011

Letters and parcels to Rain

By huhuhuhu

For overseas fans who want to write letters to Rain, here is the address. (There were 2 versions given, both are the same – 8210 Army = No. 5 Division)

1. (486 -859)경기도 연천군 연천읍 상1리 사서함 106-16호 8210부대 3대대 12중대 2소대 1번 정지훈 훈련병
Phonetic address in English:

Gyeonggi-Do Yeoncheon-gun, Yeoncheon-eup, Sang1ri po box 106-16, 8210 budae 3 daedae 12 joongdae 2 sodae no.1 Jung JiHoon 486-859, South Korea

2. (486 -859) 경기도 연천군 연천읍 상1리 사서함 106-16호 5사단 35연대 3대대 12중대 2소대 1번 정지훈 훈련병
Phonetic address in English:
Gyeonggi-Do Yeoncheon-gun, Yeoncheon-eup, Sang1ri po box 106-16, 5sadan 35 yeondae 3daedae 12 joongdae 2sodae no.1 Jung JiHoon 486-859, South Korea

It seems that it is recommended that letters should be sent by ordinary airmail instead of via DHL or EMS (I guess to avoid the officers having to sign frequently on the courier envelopes as they expect many letters from fans…)

Food items or magazines should not be included in the letters. (Not sure if photographs are allowed. The advice is just letters to guarantee delivery.)

As we know, the training will be for 5 weeks (and 1 week has already past.) The above address is valid during this period. Afterwards the address will be different depending on which unit our prince will be assigned to. So if you want to send your letter to our prince, please do so without delay as delivery could take as long as 2 or 3 weeks to reach him.

There will be an extended training of 3 weeks for certain type of soldiers. We will not know if this will apply to our prince until his assignment has come out after the 5 weeks training.

The Army’s café has a letter section and registered members will be able to access the café and post their messages/letters to the recruits.

Unfortunately you have to register with either a Korean ID or an overseas residence ID. The café is heavily loaded with letters to our prince and this has probably created a lot of work for the officers. They have printed out 2 lots of letters already (for all recruits, but the bulk is addressed to our prince.)

If you cannot access the café, you could leave your message/letter at the Cloud Letter section at the Cloud: Letter

The Executive will coordinate to have these letters delivered to our prince.


Parcels of food and other supplies can be sent to our prince after his training (5 weeks or 8 weeks depending on the circumstances). It seems though that parcels from close relationships (family members, lovers, close friends etc.) may be allowed even during the training period, so let’s hope Hana’s parcel will reach our prince!

Many of us may wish to send our own items chosen specifically for our prince. However it may be advisable we do this in a coordinated way – to avoid our prince getting a lot of similar things all at the same time and then nothing at another time. It may be good to send in items not just for our prince but for his team members as well so that they could all share – and a group effort will allow us to buy more items.

If you want to form a group, or if you have a fan club that wishes to send in a parcel to our prince, Korean clouds will be able to help coordinate this. Please send me a message and I will follow up with you.

Photos of the No 2 unit, 12th Division

The officer of the unit has posted a number of photographs at their café but there is no photo of our prince… From the photos it looks like the recruits are doing well – and that’s the feedback Korean fans have gathered about our prince too. We hope very soon the army will decide to publish some photos of our prince!

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