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22 March Friendship Bridge Concert in Gyeryong

22 March Friendship Bridge concert in Gyeryong
English Translation by  huhuhuhu @ The Cloud

Korean fans waited outside the hall to wait for our Corporal Ji Hoon after the concert. There was an officer in charge so they chatted to him happily while waiting. Suddenly they heard a low, mellow voice: "Mr. Officer, you are leaving?" And then they saw our Rain walk out in big strides. Our Corporal held out his hands first to offer handshake to the fans, and said to them: "Don't waste your words with that officer. I am just kidding ^___^!" Our Rain even asked the fans to take care of their health as the weather is still quite chilly. He is such a warm-hearted, loving caring Corporal Jung Ji Hoon!

Romanian Translation by Benghi
22 Martie Friendship Bridge Concert in Gyeryong

Fanii coreeni l-au asteptat in afara salii pe al nostru Caporal Ji Hoon dupa concert.Era un ofiter de paza asa ca ei au stat de vorba cu el fericiti in timp ca asteptau.Deodata au auzit o voce joasa si blanda :"D-nule Ofiter,plecati?" si dupa aceea l-au vazut pe Rain al nostru mergand cu pasi mari.Caporalul nostru a intins mainile prima data pentu a oferi strangeri de mana cu fanii,si le-a spus:"Nu va irositi cuvintele cu acel ofiter.Eu doar glumesc ^____^!"Rain al nostru le-a cerut fanilor sa aibe grija de sanatatea lor pentru ca vremea este totusi destul de rece.El este atat de bun la suflet,iubitor,grijuliu Caporalul nostru Jung Ji Hoon!

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