Saturday, 3 November 2012

[RAIN-jihoon Notice] Rain The Best Show DVD Overseas Order Final Name List

Posted @ RAIN's Official Website by RainyEnt

Hello, this is Rainy Entertainment
Payment via Paypal has been completed. 
The following is the final name list of those who have completed their payment. 
(China, Hong Kong and Taiwan group orders were not in this list). 

大家好。這是 Rainy Entertainment 公司。
通過 Paypal 付款已完畢。以下是完成付款的最終名單。

Note: [USA] Dianne Haley
– payment received but we could not find your application email and have not received your response to our email. 
We will refund the amount you paid. Delivery will be made as soon as possible. 
We apologise about the confusion on paypal charges and we thank you for your patience and cooperation.

派送會儘快進行。對 paypal 手續費產生的混亂我們表示歉意,


Lista Final de Nombres para el pedido a nivel Internacional de el DVD Rain the Best Show
Hola, les escribe Rainy Entertainment
El pago a través de Paypal ha sido completado.
Lo que sigue a continuación es la lista final de nombres de aquellos que han completado su pago.
(Los grupos de China, Hong Kong y Taiwan no parecen en la lista).


El envio se realizará lo más pronto posible.
Les pedimos disculpas por la confusión respecto al pago por Paypal y los cargos y les agradecemos por su paciencia y cooperación.


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