Wednesday, 10 August 2011

[Fan Art] Instead of Saying Goodbye ~ I’d rather cherish the goodtime we shared

My ‘Rain Experience’ is limited compared to most of The Clouds out there.
On September 12th 2010, a bright Sunday, I pick up Full House for the first time…
Followed by Ninja Assassin and the rest is history.

A Love To Kill, is the second Rain’ drama I watch… it moves me even now..
What a great love KBG showed in there… his face following me everywhere,
long after the series is over…

I don’t want to say goodbye, I want to keep him alive.
And I start looking online for his picture on this drama.
This one catches my attention soon, really love his expression in the picture.
The angle of his face is not the easiest for me to capture.
But I have to do it.

Learn new things as I go slowly with my pencil, shaping his eyes, nose, lips…
Those are the 3 most essentials parts in my sketch.

So here is my sketch #2,

“Kang Bokgu “

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