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2-3 September Shanghai Mentholatum Event Fan Account

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2 September

When our prince came out to the arrival hall we all shouted loudly to welcome him.  I am sure he has put thought into his fashion.  Red is the colour of China, and he dressed with a touch of red and a pair of red shoes to Shanghai to see his fans.  Not only is his cool and handsome,  he is also very thoughtful .  This is our man!

He smiled and waved to us and was escorted to an exit gate to get to the car.  Many fans followed him but suddenly we were all stopped.  The second exit door could not open so our prince was trapped between the first and second exit door.  The securities had to make way for him to come out and get out from another exit gate.  Because of this “accident” many fans were able to see our prince for a bit longer, so we secretly thanked the broken door.^^  
Photo: our prince being trapped:

We all shouted with happiness after we saw him leave, but some passengers and airport staff were even more excited than us.  They exclaimed proudly “I saw Rain very closely.  He is tall and cool”^^
Photos taken by other passengers inside the airport:

3 September

My friends had breakfast in the hotel and after having been there for more than two hours, they saw our prince.  He had a late breakfast. 
We all lined up promptly at the hotel to get to the event hall and waited patiently for the event to start.   Many media people had set up their camera and they were right in front of us.  I remembered the discharge day and I hoped this time they would not block our sight.
Finally the MC introduced our prince, and he came out in white shirt, white jacket and dark trousers.  Needless to say, he was so so so handsome.  The MC asked him to say something to us, and when he said in Chinese “I missed you all” I felt very touched.  The way he said it, his voice just gave a warm current all over my body.  

The MC said his Chinese was very good, and asked him to say something more to us, in Korean or Chinese.  Quite unexpectedly, he said “fighting” in Chinese.  This was so funny I couldn’t help laughing,  and I saw  that our prince also laughed after he said this^^.    At the 2011 The Best Show  concert in Beijing, our prince also said “fighting fighting fighting ”in Chinese and then he laughed^^   The scene came back vividly to my mind. Our prince had not changed, he is still our lovely, cute prince!

We  watched the CF making film and the new CF at the event.  Our prince was awesome.   Afterwards there was a short Q&A and a photo time.  When the event was about to end, all the fans standing at the back rushed up to the front in order to have a good look at our prince.  The securities tried to stop us but at the end they gave up^^.  I think our prince was also happy to see us closer to him^^ He smiled and waved goodbye to us as he left the hall.

Some fans waited for him and followed him to his favourite xiao long bao (dumpling) restaurant., while many of us were waiting at the airport. We lined up in two opposite lines to make a passage for him.  I saw two male fans and they told me their unfortunate story. 
They were not able to apply for a ticket to attend the event.  So they went to the hotel early without lunch and hope they could find a way to get in.  As they went close to one of the doors to the event hall, the security staff told them only female fans were allowed to go in.  They tried all kinds of means to talk to the security people to allow them to get inside.  One male fan even almost had a fight with the security staff. Unfortunately they still could not get in at the end, and they could only get a glimpse of our prince whenever someone got in and out  of the door.  I felt so sorry for them.  In fact the event hall was very big, and we didn’t even fill up one third of the fans area, because the organizer limited the number of fans.
Photo: our passage and the 2 male fans^^:

We waited and waited and finally we saw our prince coming through the gate towards us. He walked very fast because his departure  time is imminent.  But still he waved to us before he entered the departure hall.  Our prince has this magnetic power, as soon as he appeared the passage way disappeared as fans tried to rush forward to follow him.  He waved to us inside, and when he was about at the immigration, he waved to us again.
Photo: waving 3 times to us^^

There were a lot of photos from passengers who travelled at about the same time as our prince.  They were all impressed and complimented our prince and eager to upload their photos.  Lucky travellers!
Photos: inside the airport by other passengers:

And I missed him already even before he disappeared inside the security check.  Even though this was a short visit, I am glad to know you managed to have your favourite dim sum and hope you enjoyed your trip!

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